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Aberdeen 3 - 0 Falkirk

Div 1 (Old)
Aberdeen scorers: Cheyne 33, Cheyne 55, Love 80.

15/01/1927 | KO: 14:30


Aberdeen's victory over Falkirk by three clear goals was undoubtedly deserved, though the visitors to Pittodrie Park were unfortunate in making a gift of one of those goals through Scott, the right-back, miskicking in strenuous effort to save. There was some reason for miskicking, and it was fairly common throughout the match on each side owing to the hard nature of the ground and the keen frost prevailing. Cheyne, while responsible for a couple of Aberdeen's goals, missed more than two good chances, and, indeed, in the first part of the match, was the most disappointing in the whole front line. Love on the left wing did well when he shot directly and when he gave capital opportunities in deftly swinging the ball towards the centre. It was unfortunate that in the last minute he was hurt and had to be carried off. Hunter, Falkirk's inside left, was, on play, the best forward on the field. There were times when he gave the Aberdeen defence a very anxious time. The crowd of about 17,000 looked for great things from "Patsy" Gallagher, the transferred Celtic player, but were disappointed. He was well watched, but the hard ground appeared to suit him least of any Ross who took the place of indisposed Aberdeen Captain Maclachlan, at left half-back, played a steady game. Ferguson, the Falkirk custodian, could scarcely be blamed for not holding any of the shots which found their way past him into the net.

Source: The Scotsman, 17th January 1927

Aberdeen gave bright display at Pittodrie, where they defeated Falkirk by 3 goals to 0. It was a splendidly contested game which delighted 14,000 spectators. The ground was frost-bound, but though hard, the surface was not so treacherous as it appeared. The result represents one of the Aberdeen team's best performances off the season, as in recent weeks Falkirk had been enjoying a run of success, and form made them out to be one of the strongest teams in the competition. Aberdeen's 3-0 victory is all the more creditable because, owing to a groin injury, MacLachlan, the team's enthusiastic captain and left half had to stand down for the first time this season. His place was taken by Ross, an ex-Mugiemoss junior, who made a capable deputy, and on his first appearance in the League eleven made a very favourable impression.
From a game that was marked by much good play, Aberdeen emerged worthy winners. There were, of course, periods when "Jack was as good as his master,' but for the greater part Aberdeen held the whip hand. There was not a great deal to choose from between the respective defences, but Aberdeen were much superior in attack, and not only did they play better but they were more dangerous finishers. McSevich in the home goal had little to do, so well was he protected by Edward, Jackson, and Bruce (D.). The centre-half gave one his best defensive displays for the club. At wing half Spencer and Ross executed much clever work in conjunction with their forwards. All the latter acquitted themselves exceedingly well, but pride of place must be given to Cheyne, who not only scored two good goals but dribbled and passed with great success. McDermid, who was captain for the day, got through a tremendous amount of effective spade-work, and Bruce (R.) was a worrying centre-forward, whose harassing tactics did much to unsettle the Falkirk defence.
For the losers, Ferguson in goal brought off exceptionally clever saves. Scott was the better of two strong-kicking and sound backs, and Ritchie was the best in the intermediate division. Hunter was easily the most outstanding of the visiting forwards, among whom Gallagher, the noted Irish internationalist, was seldom much in evidence.


Kicking off, Falkirk, immediately attacked and Edward took the eye with good breaking-up work when Hunter and Gallagher tried to let Kennedy (R.) through. Maintaining the offensive, Falkirk attacked on the right, Mason centring behind. Subsequently the home van got going and the Falkirk defence had to deal with centres by Love and Spencer. Combining cleverly, the home right kept the visitors' rear divisions busy, and Bruce (R.) forced a corner which was cleared. Play continued on fast lines, but the players were finding ball control difficult. Bruce (R.) at one end, and Hunter the other, shot high from fairly long range. For a time the Falkirk star was in the ascendancy. Hunter playing brilliantly on the left, and it was only sterling work by Jackson and Edward that kept McSevich from being tested. Following a free kick, well placed by Spencer, Love just missed with what, up to that stage, was the best attempt at scoring. Gradually Aberdeen asserted superiority. Bruce (R.) shot inches high from the penalty line, and at the other end, Bruce (D.) blocked a surprise effort by Gallagher. The fast Aberdeen forwards were giving a clever display and Ferguson had to fist clear from Cheyne. Later, after Reid had crossed, Scott got in the line of a shot by Love. Later the Falkirk goalkeeper saved from Love and McDermid, clearing with difficulty on both occasions, while harassed by the home centre-forward. Love gave the latter a great chance to open the scoring, but with only the goalkeeper in front, he lifted the ball into the air. A raid by the visitors' right brought a corner which Spencer cleared and then Cheyne, after sending wide with a fine shot from long range, skied badly when in favourable position.


A fierce shot by was cleverly saved by McSevich, and then after 33 minutes play Aberdeen took the lead. Reid, Bruce (R.) and Cheyne participated in the movement which concluded with Cheyne following up a pass down the centre and giving Ferguson no chance with a fierce rising shot delivered from 14 yards range. Falkirk retaliated and McSevich had to save from Kennedy (J.) at the foot of the post. The Aberdeen goal had a narrow escape after this. McSevich left his charge to intercept a pass back by Bruce (D.), but the ball eluded him and was rolling into the untenanted goal when the keeper made a wonderful recovery and kicked clear from below the bar. Towards the interval each aide attacked in turn, but apart from Ferguson having to save from Bruce's head after Reid had crossed, the goalkeepers were not troubled.
The exchanges when play resumed favoured Aberdeen, and Bruce (R.) shot one from 20 yards. Following this Cheyne dribbled through to repeat the performance and later the same player shot wide after Love had centred.


Subsequent to this, the game developed into a duel between the Aberdeen attack and the Falkirk defence, and after ten minutes Cheyne cleverly beat McIlwaine with an oblique low shot delivered from the 18 yards' line. After the second success, Aberdeen slackened off for a time and following a free kick by Kennedy (J.) McSevich had to leave his charge and fist clear. The home forwards subsequently returned to the attack and after Ferguson had fisted clear from Love, Spencer sent a terrific shot against Ferguson's left hand upright. Aberdeen were active on both sides of the field and Ferguson distinguished himself by deflecting a wonderful cross shot by Reid. In making the save the goalkeeper was hurt but quickly recovered, as did Bruce (R.) who also sustained injury shortly afterwards.


A fierce free kick by Spencer was cleared by Ferguson at the second attempt. After 35 minutes play Aberdeen obtained a third goal. Spencer centred and Ferguson left his goal in order to intercept. He missed the ball, however, and it went to Love who shot for the empty goal, and just as the ball had crossed the line, Scott made a desperate effort to clear but only managed to crash the ball into the roof of the net. After this, play tended to become one-sided. Falkirk made several raids but failed to find contact with McSevich, while Bruce (R.) and Love made good shots for Aberdeen. Near the close, Love sustained a leg injury when rather roughly tackled by a defender and had to be carried off, Aberdeen finishing with ten men. As the result of the incident, the Falkirk defender who figured in it, and referee apparently treated happening as an accident and did not penalise him, were subjected to a hostile vocal demonstration, but apart from this nothing untoward occurred.

Source: Press & Journal, 17th January 1927

Falkirk Teamsheet
Ferguson; Scott, Thomson; Kennedy (J.), McIlwaine, Ritchie; Mason, Gallagher, Kennedy (R.), Hunter, Paterson
Attendance: 14,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: W. Bell, Motherwell
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