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Raith Rovers 2 - 3 Aberdeen

HT Score: Raith Rovers 2 - 1 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Raith Rovers scorers: Allison 15, Pigg 43
Aberdeen scorers: Yorston 32, Cheyne 60, McDermid 80.

20/08/1927 | KO:


The game at Stark's Park, Kirkcaldy, did not flatter either side. A poor display was served up to the 8000 spectators present. Combination was seldom seen in the game, and each goal scored, with exception of the winning one by Cheyne, was the outcome of individual play. That Aberdeen should secure both points was only fair, for they lasted the game better than their opponents, and had the Rovers' attack completely mastered in the last half-hour. Muir proved a good goalkeeper for the Fifers, but Aberdeen were ahead at back, where Jackson and Livingstone kicked with fine resolution. The half-backs did not take the eye on either side. The forwards came into the limelight most where Pigg and Allison for the home lot, and Cheyne, Yorston and McDermid for Aberdeen. The Rovers led at the interval by 2 goals to 1, and in the end the score was 3-2 in Aberdeen's favour. The scorers were Yorston, Cheyne and McDermid for Aberdeen. And Allison and Pigg for the Rovers.

Source: The Scotsman, 22nd August 1927

Aberdeen's victory by 3 goals to 2 over Raith Rovers at Kirkcaldy was well deserved, and the fact that it was accomplished after the team had been twice in arrears made their success all the more meritorious. There were 8000 spectators, and these saw a fluctuating and fast struggle in which the football was of a mixed order. At times attackers and defenders indulged in much aimless kicking, and at others the forwards, and especially those of Aberdeen, engaged in fast, close passing movements that bewildered defenders and thrilled the spectators. Raith Rovers, who had a slight breeze to assist them, were slightly superior in the first half, but after the interval Aberdeen turned the tables, and their superiority was even more pronounced than the one-goal margin would suggest. McSevich played exceedingly well throughout, and Jackson and Livingstone gave a capital and sound display at back. There was, too, a big improvement in the half-back play. Black was quietly effective, and Edward was a big factor in defence, while McLeod, after taking some time to settle down, gave a fine all-round exhibition. With the exception of Bruce, who did not appear to relish the outside left position, all the forwards worked harmoniously together, and the combination between Wilson, Cheyne, Yorston, and McDermid was a feature of the game. The right wing was particularly dangerous, and against it the Rovers' left defence had a trying time. Rovers were well served by Muir in goal, and Barton played finely at right back, but Jarvis, his partner, was weak, and could never hold the elusive Wilson. Pitcairn was the best of the Kirkcaldy half-backs, and in a set of forwards that fell away badly in the second half, Allison, Dorrans, and Reay were best.


Aberdeen attacked on the left at the outset, but Black slipped when he made to meet Bruce's centre, and gradually Rovers took up the offensive. from a free kick just outside the penalty area, Jarvis shot wildly over the Aberdeen goal, and in another Rovers' attack Pitcairn did the same thing. After clever play by Cheyne and Wilson, Barton conceded a corner, and there was a scrimmage until the danger was cleared. Following this, Cheyne burst through, but was foiled by Muir throwing himself on the ball. After 15 minutes, Rovers took the lead, Allison forcing the ball over the line as McSevich was at full stretch near the bottom of the upright in a desperate effort to deflect an oblique ground shot by Turner. For the next ten minutes Aberdeen were at sixes and sevens, and were distinctly fortunate not to fall further in arrears. Three times in quick succession McSevich fisted clear when beset by opponents, and Reay from a favourable position shot against the outside of the net. Jackson, Livingston, Edward, and McDermid, along with McSevich, put great work in defence at this stage, and they were ultimately able to put their side on attack. Wilson. who was ever ready for a dash along the right wing, brought relief and had Muir in action to a centre.


Aberdeen kept up a persistent attack for a time, and after Cheyne and McDermid had made shots, they were rewarded with the equaliser after 32 minutes' play. McLeod took a free kick near the touchline and lobbed the ball in front of goal for Yorston to run in and hook it cleverly past Muir. After McSevich had saved brilliantly from Reay, and Dorrans had just missed with a fierce shot, Wilson had a try deflected by Jarvis, and a brilliant shot was saved in grand style by Muir. Near the interval and when Aberdeen looked more likely to score, Rovers took the lead. Deuchars from long range let go a shot that must have gone for a bye, but the ball struck Pigg and was deflected into the net. Just before the whistle sounded for the interval, Wilson was injured and had to be assisted off, but he recovered' in the dressing room.


In the opening minutes of the second half, Rovers attacked, but they were rather easily thwarted. McSevich stopped a shot by Allison and Jackson cleared a centre by Reay, but otherwise the Aberdeen goal was not endangered. After clever play by McDermid and the Aberdeen right wing, Muir cleared from Cheyne at the second attempt. Then came a brief spell of Rovers' ascendancy. Miskicks by Aberdeen defenders were luckily retrieved, and after McSevich had conceded a corner through being dispossessed. Pigg ended a period of anxiety for Aberdeen by shooting high from close range. From this stage, Aberdeen took a grip of the game. After 15 minutes' play, McLeod gave the ball to Cheyne and the latter cleverly beat Pitcairn lifting the ball over the latter's head and finishing by sending in a terrific shot which found the net from fully 20 yards' range. Dorrans had a chance just afterwards of regaining the lead for Rovers, but he sent wide. Aberdeen took up the running and Cheyne, out on the right, shot against the crossbar, Yorston just missing the rebound as he rushed into the net. The Aberdeen right wing was combining beautifully, and Pitcairn averted a certain goal when Wilson slipped a ground pass along. In a break-away by Rovers, McSevich effected a brilliant save from Allison. All the effective forward play, however, was coming from Aberdeen, whose right wing bewildered Batchelor and Jarvis. Off a pass by Wilson, Cheyne just missed with a shot that Muir could not have saved.


Except for an occasional break-away, Rovers' attack was well held and it was no surprise when Aberdeen took the lead ten minutes from the close. Cheyne hustled Jarvis into kicking into corner, and from the flag kick, well placed by Wilson, McDermid headed the winning goal, the ball finding the net off the upright. Rovers after this made desperate efforts to rush the Aberdeen defence, and once they all but scored when Pigg met a rebound off McSevich to send inches wide of the goal. In the closing minutes Aberdeen easily held their lead. Wilson, Cheyne, and Yorston had shots blocked, and Muir effected a fine save off a great try by McDermid, whose team was attacking when time was called.

Source: Press & Journal, 22nd August 1927

Raith Rovers Teamsheet
Muir; Barton, Jarvis; Deuchars, Pitcairn, Batchelor; Reay, Dorrans, Pigg, Allison, Turner
Attendance: 8,500
Venue: Stark's Park, Kirkcaldy
Referee: C. Bilney, Glasgow
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27 Jul 2024 / 15:00 / Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen