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Hamilton 2 - 3 Aberdeen

HT Score: Hamilton 2 - 1 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Hamilton scorers: Watson 5, Watson 8
Aberdeen scorers: Yorston 10, Yorston 50, Love 87.

01/10/1927 | KO:


Hamilton Academicals scored first, Watson early in the game beating McSevich. Three minutes later the same player scored again, but Yorston reduced Aberdeen's leeway. After changing ends Yorston and Love scored for the visitors.

Source: The Scotsman, 3rd October 1927

Aberdeen gave a clever display at Hamilton, where they beat the Academicals by 3 goals to 2, and registered their third successive League victory. Their performance was all the more noteworthy because they found themselves two goals in arrears after only seven minutes' play. This would be expected to take the heart from most teams, but Aberdeen played with grim determination, and they were distinctly unfortunate to be still a goal in arrears at half-time. After the Interval, their superiority was marked. They quickly got on level terms, and although the winning goal was only obtained three minutes from the close, the success was overdue. The good form recently shown by the half-backs and forwards was maintained in this game, The defence began none too well, and it was lapses on their part that lost the two early goals that fell to the Academicals. Afterwards they recovered finely and not only excelled as destroyers, but gave their invaluable assistance. The Academical were well served in goal and at back, but their half-backs were weak and their forwards never approached the Aberdeen quintette for combination and individual smartness on the ball. Following heavy rains, the pitch was in a sodden state, and Aberdeen adapted themselves better to the conditions than did the losers.


Falrly busy in the first half, McSevich was not seriously tested in the second, although during a rally by the Academicals ten minutes from the close he had several times to handle in quick succession. Jackson was the better back, and Black was outstanding at half-back, where McDermid too, did well after having taken some time to settle down. All the forwards played brilliantly and from wing to wing the line was better balanced than in any previous game this season. Yorston, who scored the first two goals for his side, brought his total for the last four games up to seven. Watson, a centre half operating at centre forward, was the most effective attacker for the Academicals and scored both his team's goals. Moffat, too, played finely, but the others were easily stopped. Moreland was the best half-back and while they kicked strongly, Johnstone and Hunter at back were not very successful tacklers. The game attracted only about 3000 spectators.


In the first minute, Watson got through to deliver a point-blank shot, which McSevich saved cleverly. Black let Love away for Aberdeen, and from the winger's cross Yorston had a shot cleared on the goal-line by Hunter. The home right again attacked, and from Dick's centre, Watson just missed with his head. After five minutes Watson gathered a cross by Howe, and resisting challenges by McDermid and Muir, drove hard into the net. At the other end. Love centred behind, and later Yorston fell when he ran in to meet a cross from the right winger. Academicals again attacked on the right, and after Moffat had centred, Watson, who was unmarked, took deliberate aim and put on a second goal for his side. Love again showed the way for Aberdeen, and Yorston just missed the goal when he met a centre from the right winger. After ten minutes Smith ran in to beat Johnstone and square, and Yorston netted with a fast ground shot. Cheyne almost equalised immediately when he sent the ball just wide of the goal from Love's centre. Subsequently Love and Smith were both high with efforts at shooting, and Yorston and Smith just failed to get their heads to a lobbed free kick by Black. Following a corner forced by Love, Hunt cleared, and in a raid by the Academicals Jackson headed over his own goal, McDermid clearing from the flag kick. In another home attack, McSevich ran out and fielded the ball from Watson's head. Clever play by Black put Aberdeen back on attack, Love shooting just high, and Smith had Gilmour in action from near the touch-line. The home goalkeeper again distinguished himself when he held a stinging shot by Bruce. Following a free kick for a foul on Howe, Watson shot wide for the Academicals, and later a claim for a penalty was turned down, when from a shot by Tolland the ball struck Muir and was deflected for a corner. Aberdeen again came away, and Smith had Gilmour in action twice in quick succession. The goalkeeper only knocked out the second shot, but Johnstone below the bar kicked clear from Bruce. Just on the interval a great shot by Hunt was deflected against the crossbar by McSevich, and at half-time Aberdeen were still a goal behind.


The Academicals were first to press after the interval, McSevich saving from Watson, and later, Moffat just missed the goal with a shot that would have beaten the Aberdeen keeper. On their first raid, after five minutes' play, Aberdeen equalised. Bruce punted the ball to the left, and Smith, after running on and beating Johnstone, passed accurately to Yorston, who steadied himself and shot hard into the net. Once on level terms, Aberdeen played delightfully fast and nippy football, and repeatedly they had the Academicals' defence bewildered. The passing of the forwards was exceptionally accurate, and but for players slipping on the greasy surface when they went to meet crosses from the wings, they must have gone on the lead earlier. Following a free kick against McDermid, McSevich saved from Hunt, and this preceded a period of futile pressure by the Academicals. Following a run and cross by Love, Gilmour, Yorston, and Smith all missed the ball, and from another centre by the right winger, Smith just failed to catch on before the ball swerved behind, and later Yorston shot wide from 25 yards out. A shot on the run by Smith was tipped away by Gilmour, and Love just failed to reach the ball, with the goalkeeper on the ground. A fine effort by Love was saved by Gilmour, and another try by the winger resulted in Smith sending the ball against the outside of the net. At this stage Aberdeen were over-running the home defence, and it was amazing how they failed to take the lead. An overhead kick by Yorston was saved by Gilmour, and a desperate tackle by Hunter saved the situation when the centre forward was left with only Gilmour in front. After having been on the defensive for fully half an hour, Academicals got back on attack, and McSevich had to save in quick succession from Tolland, and Moffat. A great individual effort by Yorston almost gave Aberdeen the lead, but from his shot that beat Gilmour the ball swerved just wide of the goal. In another attack by Aberdeen, Love shot hard into Gilmour's hands, but three minutes from the close the Aberdeen right winger met a rebound from a defender, to crash the ball into the roof of the net and snatch a well-deserved victory for his side.

Source: Press & Journal, 3rd October 1927

Hamilton Teamsheet
Gilmour (Coalburn Juniors); Johnston, Hunter; Moreland, Hunt, Strain; Dick, Moffat, Watson, Tolland, Howe
Attendance: 3,000
Venue: Douglas Park, Hamilton
Referee: M. Quinn, Bellshill
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27 Jul 2024 / 15:00 / Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen