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Dundee 3 - 2 Aberdeen

HT Score: Dundee 1 - 0 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Dundee scorers: Smith, Smith 65, Godfrey
Aberdeen scorers: Bruce, Bruce 87.

15/10/1927 | KO:

EXCITING FINISH AT DENS PARK. Aberdeen's Costly Mistakes.

Aberdeen had their succession of victories brought to an end at Dens Park when Dundee played strongly for the greater part of the game and finished worthy winners by three goals to two. Dundee were much the superior side until late in the second half, when the Dons got up a gallop and secured a couple of goals. The visitors were weak at half-back, while the front line was seldom to the fore as a combined force. Nevertheless the Dons proved themselves to be dangerous raiders in the latter part of the game. Dundee showed much improved form and deserved the points although there is room for further improvement on the part of the forwards. Dundee opened the scoring ten minutes after the start, McSevich declining to jump to a high ball which bounced against the bar, leaving the way clear for Smith to head through from the rebound. Thirteen minutes after the resumption McSevich was again at fault when he bent back in saving a shot from Smith, and the referee adjudged the ball to be over the line. Ten minutes later Godfrey put on Dundee's third goal, but a minute afterwards Bruce reduced the Dundee lead with a shot which Marsh never saw owing to his view being obscured by a crowd of players. Three minutes from the end, Bruce again counted with a grand shot. Best for Dundee were Marsh, Brown, Gilmour, Thomson, Smith, O'Hare, and Godfrey, and for Aberdeen, Jackson, Black, Cheyne, Bruce, and Smith. The spectators numbered 10,000.

Source: The Scotsman, 17th October 1927

The Aberdeen team's sun of success was checked at Dens Park, where, in the 41st league encounter between the clubs, Dundee won, after an exciting finish, by 3 goals to 2. Consequent upon failures of the home team, enthusiasm in Dundee was at rather low ebb, and this would account for the smallness of the crowd (10,000), which was far below the usual for a northern "derby."
Play never touched a high standard, and it was a drab contest until the last few minutes, when Aberdeen rallied in great style, and came within ace of saving the game. In the first half Aberdeen were mostly on the defensive, and it was largely due to the poor finishing of the home forwards that Dundee did not lead by more than the only goal at the interval. There was an improvement in Aberdeen in the second half, but it was not until the closing stages that they really showed the form of which they are capable.


The Pittodrie defence came very badly out of the game. All three goals scored by Dundee were in the nature of "gifts." McSevich's judgment was at fault with the first two, and the third came as the result of a weak clearance by him. The backs and half-backs, too, were below form, and it was more by luck than good guidance that more goals were not conceded, especially in the first half. The forwards suffered from the weakness of colleagues in rear, but even so, were not seen at their best. The Dundee defence, if better than that of Aberdeen, was not at all reliable under pressure, and despite the scoring of three goals, the forwards were not a bright lot. On the whole, it was a disappointing game, which pointed to the mediocrity of both teams.


With a breeze in their favour Dundee attacked at the start, and after Jackson had dallied on the ball, O'Hare shot wide with only McSevich in front. Following this, Aberdeen got up to attack, and after Love had centred on the top of the net, he had Marsh in action to a fine shot taken on the run. Dundee retaliated on the left, and following clever play by Cook, McSevich saved a terrific drive by O'Hare. At the other end, Yorston from a difficult angle shot high. Following a period of midfield play, Dundee took the lead. McNab lobbed forward a high ball, which McSevich anticipated would drop behind the goal. Instead, it caught the crossbar and rebounded O'Hare, who headed into the net. After this reverse Aberdeen made a spirited reply, and Yorston worked through to crash the ball against the crossbar. Subsequently play again turned in favour of Dundee, and after McSevich had failed to fist clear from a corner kick, Smith, the home centre forward, rolled the ball wide of an empty goal. Play for a time after this ruled in front of the Aberdeen goal, and several chances were wasted because the Dundee forwards were slow to shoot. O'Hare, Cook, Smith, and Townrow all had chances, but they hovered on the ball until they either lost possession, or had their shots charged down. Love and Smith led dashes for Aberdeen, but their centres were cleared by Thomson, and after further Dundee pressure, O'Hare just missed with a great drive. Following a run and cross by Smith, Yorston dashed in between the home backs to shoot hard, and Marsh brought off a capital save. A flag kick by Cook was wasted, the ball going behind, and later the Dundee left winger, with the goal practically his mercy, sent outside the post. Following a free kick taken Brown, McSevich at full length scraped the ball round the post after O'Hare had shot. The Dundee players claimed that a goal had been scored, but the referee rightly turned down the appeal. After this, Smith again led Aberdeen to the attack, and after Marsh had gathered his centre the Aberdeen left winger returned to send in a terrific shot which Marsh threw himself at to effect a spectacular save. Yorston ultimately got possession, and he spun round to just miss the goal with a surprise shot. The Aberdeen goal had another narrow escape after this when McSevich missed a lob forward by McNab, and the ball glanced off the upright to Cook, who was taken by surprise, and sent it weakly behind. Later, a free kick by Brown from 30 yards out was tipped over the bar by the Aberdeen goalkeeper. Towards the interval Aberdeen came away with spasmodic rushes, and Marsh was several times called upon to dispose of the ball when it had over-reached the Pittodrie attackers, but Dundee retained their solitary goal lead at the interval.


Aberdeen had the wind in their favour in the second half, but play was even for a time, each end in turn being raided. Following a corner conceded by Jackson, McSevich fisted clear, and at the other end Aberdeen's Smith also forced a flag kick for Marsh to clear with difficulty. Following this the Dundee goal had a narrow escape. Smith wormed his way through, and as Marsh left his charge to intercept, the Aberdeen left winger lifted the ball over his head only miss the untenanted goal by inches. In a Dundee attack, Smith headed just wide of McSevich's goal, and O'Hare had a fierce shot that went past high. Bruce came into prominence for Aberdeen, and after clever individual play he sent in a terrific shot which Marsh disposed of at the second attempt. Following this, the Dundee goalkeeper got down to a long range ground shot by Cheyne.


After 20 minutes' play, Dundee went further ahead. Smith, the centre-forward, essayed a hard shot which McSevich knocked up, and the ball descended behind him over the goal line. He promptly gathered it and cleared, but the referee awarded a goal, a decision which appeared to be quite justified, although certain of the Aberdeen players protested at the time. Following this the Aberdeen attack rallied in determined fashion, and for a time it seemed that the Dundee defence would be overwhelmed. Bruce, Smith, and Love all raided the home lines, but desperate tackling by Dundee defenders prevented Marsh from being seriously troubled, on one occasion, however, he effected a daring save when he dived to intercept a pass from Smith to Yorston. Just when Aberdeen looked like making up some leeway, they fell further into arrears. McSevich, in advance of his goal, hit out a shot by Smith, and the ball went to Godfrey, who simply shot straight into the net.


Within a minute Aberdeen got a goal. Love took a corner kick, and Bruce, fastening on to a headed clearance by Thomson, shot into the net from well outside the penalty area. This success encouraged Aberdeen to renewed efforts in attack, and Marsh had frequently to go to the assistance of his backs. Bruce shot high, and then sent wide following individual runs, and Yorston twice was baulked when he went in to meet centres by Smith. Dundee, if less frequently attacking, were still dangerous. McSevich was cheered when he tipped the ball over the bar from a lightning shot by Cook The last three minutes was the hectic period of the game. Dundee defenders failed to clear a ball from the Aberdeen right, and Bruce dashing in, shot a brilliant second goal. They were back on attack immediately, and Smith worked down on the left to flash the ball across like lightning. Yorston made a cat-like spring only to head It inches wide of the goal with Marsh beaten. Just on time Cook, when unmarked, gathered a cross from Godfrey to crash the ball against the Aberdeen crossbar, and the game ended amid great excitement with Dundee retaining the lead by the odd goal in five.

Dundee Teamsheet
Marsh; Brown, Gilmour; McNab, Thomson, Crawford; Godfrey, Townrow, Smith, O'Hare, Cook
Aberdeen Teamsheet
McSevich, Jackson, Muir, Black, Edward, Lawson, Love, Cheyne, Yorston, Bruce, Smith.
Attendance: 10,000
Venue: Dens Park, Dundee
Referee: A. Allan, Glasgow
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