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St. Mirren 0 - 1 Aberdeen

HT Score: St. Mirren 0 - 1 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
St. Mirren scorers: Robertson; Hay, Arnott; Morrison, Walker, McDonald (W.); Morgan, Gebbie, McCrae, Clark, McDonald (J.)
Aberdeen scorers: McDermid.

26/11/1927 | KO:

ABERDEEN GET A WIN AT LAST. McDermid's Winning Goal.

Few anticipated that Aberdeen wold take the points at Paisley, and it was very questionable whether or not they were entitled to the victory on play. The goal that won the game was notched inside the opening five minutes, and from the till the end a stern struggle ensued. McDermid was the scorer of Aberdeen's valuable counter, when he cut in and picked up a ball which Hay, the St Mirren back, had failed to clear. It was unfortunate for Hay, who was taking the place of Findlay, St Mirren's regular defender. The "Dons" were masters of the situation in the first half, but in the second there was no doubt about the superiority of St Mirren. They forced the pace throughout, but luck was against them. They gave the impression that they would score every minute, but something or other always turned up to hold them out. The Aberdeen half-backs proved the backbone of the team, and they gave their forwards every assistance, but only Smith and McDermid responded. The attendance was 8000.

Source: The Scotsman, 28th November 1927

Until Saturday, when they beat St Mirren by 1-0 at Paisley, Aberdeen had not scored a goal nor saved a point since overcoming Celtic at Pittodrie on October 22. In the circumstances the victory at Love Street was as welcome as it was unexpected, and should do much to revive enthusiasm in the club's doings. On the run of play Aberdeen were a little fortunate to take both points, but as the Pittodrie team has not been a favourite of the "fickle jade" this season, few would grudge them the little bit of luck enjoyed. St Mirren accounted for more of the attacking work, but Aberdeen in their many sallies were always more dangerous, and several times came within an ace of increasing their lead. Aberdeen owed their victory primarily to the dourness of their defence, which, if not brilliant and often in difficulties, covered up better than in the four preceding games. Blackwell gave an excellent display in goal, and Jackson was in his brightest mood at back; in fact he was the best defender on the field. There was a big improvement at half-back, where Cosgrove, McHale, and Lawson excelled at breaking up tactics, and gave each other every support. Aberdeen were handicapped in the second half, when McDermid and Bruce (R.) played while suffering from injuries, Bruce changing places with Cheyne. In this division McDermid was outstanding, and it was fitting that he should have scored the all-important goal. Not only did he general the attack, but he took a big part in defence, and there were two occasions at least when his intervention saved Blackwell's charge. Smith was sprightly in the first half, but fell away later, and Yorston, who distributed the ball judiciously, was next best to McDermid in the Pittodrie attack.
The form of St Mirren disappointed their supporters. Robertson was at fault in leaving his charge when the winning goal was scored, and the backs, Hay and Arnott, were none too reliable under pressure. Walker was the best of the half-backs, and forward Gebbie and McCrae were outstanding in line that lost several good chances by wild shooting. There were about 6000 spectators.


Aberdeen attacked at the start, and Bruce (R.) worked through to shoot wide, following which Lawson repeated the movement from Iong range. On St Mirren's first serious attack McDonald (J.) hit the Aberdeen crossbar with a terrific shot, and later Gebbie headed over with Blackwell out of his goal. Aberdeen returned to the attack, and when Hay missed his kick, McDermid fastened on to find the net with a ground shot from a difficult angle. Following this. St Mirren attacked in spirited fashion, and McDonald (J.) headed over. The Aberdeen defence continued to be hard pressed, and Blackwell saved off Gebbie's head. Following a breakaway and a centre by Smith, Cheyne had a chance, but missed the ball. Play was soon back at Blackwell's end where Bruce (D.) stopped Gebbie in the act of shooting, and later the Aberdeen goalkeeper saved a dangerous header from McCrae. Following another run and cross by Smith Cheyne had a chance, but and sent high. Robertson saved from Bruce (R.), and later Cheyne had a great shot that swerved across the home goal, and went for a bye. McCrae raised St Mirren hopes with a brilliant run and shot which Blackwell negatived in fine style, and at the other end Bruce (R.) just missed the home goal with an express shot. After a free kick close in had been disposed of by McHale, clever play by Cheyne put Aberdeen again on attack, but Smith shot wildly. McDermid and Gebbie required attention, but were able to carry on, and play ruled from end to end at a great pace. After Robertson had dropped a ball from Smith, Yorston obtained possession to return in front of goal, and the Aberdeen left winger headed just high of the crossbar. After several attacks by the home forwards had been repelled, Cheyne had a header deflected by Hay, and a grand shot by Yorston was cleverly saved by Robertson.


Cheyne and Brace (R.) changed places in the Aberdeen attack in the second half. St Mirren hotly assailed the Aberdeen goal at the outset, and Blackwell had difficulty in punching clear after McHale had miskicked. Following this, Cheyne had a great burst through the centre, but was shouldered off before he could shoot. Subsequently the home forwards again forced the game, and Blackwell was several times in action. He saved finely from McDonald (J.) and McCrae flashed the ball just wide of the goal. Later, after Morgan had centred, McCrae just missed with a header. The Aberdeen defence continued to put up a stubborn resistance. Blackwell fielded a lightning cross, and Jackson cleared after the ball had several times been blocked in front of Blackwell, and a shot by McCrae was stopped almost below the bar by McDermid. In a breakaway by Aberdeen Robertson only saved from Yorston at the second attempt, and a free kick by Smith went inches high of the home goal. After Blackwell had saved from Gebbie, Aberdeen forced two successive corners, and following upon Bruce having a shot blocked Smith sent wide. A terrific drive by McDonald (.T.) was saved by Blackwell, who in quick succession stopped shots by McCrae, Gebbie, Morgan, and Clark. They were often hard put to it, but the Aberdeen defence held out to the last and carried off the honours in a gruelling encounter.

Source: Press & Journal, 28th November 1927

St. Mirren Teamsheet
Attendance: 6,000
Venue: St Mirren Park (Love Street), Paisley
Referee: A. H. Leishman, Falkirk
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