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Aberdeen 4 - 0 Third Lanark

Div 1 (Old)
Aberdeen scorers: Love, Yorston, Cheyne, Yorston.

01/01/1929 | KO: 11:00

Aberdeen's Big Win Under Handicap.

Aberdeen continued their upward march yesterday when at Pittodrie they beat Third Lanark by 4 goals to 0. The victory was enhanced by the fact that in the second half, Love and Cheyne were injured and the team actually finished the game with nine men and scored the last goal while thus handicapped. There were 12,000 spectators. At the start Lanark were first to be dangerous, and Haliday just missed the home goal with a first-time shot. Aberdeen responded in fine style, and Yorston looked to have the goal at his mercy when Jamieson chipped in and cleared. Play favoured Aberdeen, and after Smith sent behind, Stevenson deflected a cross by Love. The Aberdeen attack continued in the limelight, and Stevenson had a wonderful full-length save at the foot of the post from Smith. Yorston netted, but was adjudged offside. Aberdeen took the lead in fourteen minutes, Yorston accepted a McDermid pass to work his way through, and passing out to Love, the latter let go a terrific shot which gave the Warriors' 'keeper no chance. This success was hailed with delight by the home crowd, and looked to be a good omen for the Dons in the New Year. After this both attacks were active, and Yuill and Stevenson were in action. Smith crossed accurately for Love to deliver a great shot which found Stevenson in line. At the other end Yuill dropped a ball from McColgan, but made a grand recovery, and later the Aberdeen 'keeper saved a point-blank shot from the Warriors' centre-forward. Following this Aberdeen held the advantage, hut Stevenson was not seriously tested. Smith and Love both sent behind, and Yuill had to clear from Perry before McColgan sent over. McLeod was the shining light in the home half line, and his passes to Smith were a feature. From a movement that originated with McLeod, Smith centred, and Love forced a corner off which Cheyne centred against the crossbar. More Aberdeen pressure saw McDermid have a shot blocked, and a ball from Smith pass across Stevenson's goal to go behind, with Yorston a fraction late. Thirds, as behoved "Warriors," did not take things lying down. Yuill had to field from Perry, and later Hamill sent over a lightning cross which Halliday and McColgan both just failed to reach. Thirds were having more of the game than the home crowd relished. Yuill saved from Hamill, and Livingstone took the eye with clever tackling and clearing. Aberdeen were not often attacking, but they did they were always dangerous. At half-time Aberdeen retained a lead which was deserved on their superiority during the first twenty minutes, but latterly Thirds held their own.

More for Aberdeen.

The Aberdeen attack was lively on the resumption, and Cheyne shot over. Mid-field play followed, and in a sharp tackle with Perry, Jackson was winded, but quickly came round. Play ruled from end to end, and on the hard ground ball control became an art. This was emphasised on numerous occasions, and Livingstone exploited it with great judgment. Thirds continued to be as good as their opponents, but in twelve minutes Yorston, from a suspiciously off-side position went in to beat Stevenson from close range. After this, Thirds were all out on attack, and Yuill had his work cut out. He brilliantly saved a free-kick from Allan, and had to run out and clear from both wingers. Love was injured and had to be carried off. While Aberdeen battled with ten men, Yuill showed his mettle. He was peppered with shots from Leonard and Perry, but was the essence of safety and confidence. For over 20 minutes Thirds had the better of the argument, but as often happens, the unexpected happened. Love resumed and Aberdeen again took up the attack. A free kick by McLeod went to Cheyne, who crashed the ball into the net. Three on the lead, Aberdeen did not relax their efforts. Aberdeen became handicapped when Love retired. He had been limping since he resumed, but with his side three ahead, the handicap did not appear so severe. Thirds attacked for a time, and their prospects improved when Cheyne was hurt and had to be assisted off.

Reduced to Nine.

With nine men Aberdeen battled on, and nearly increased the lead, Yorston being checked in the nick of time. After an absence of five minutes, Cheyne resumed in a limping state at outside-right. He was only back a minute or two when had to retire, and Aberdeen were again with nine, Black playing the right wing on his own. With their depleted ranks Aberdeen concentrated on defence, but were ready to jump at a chance to attack. This was emphasised when Yorston got away in his own half of the field and ran right in to score a brilliant goal. Aberdeen continued to play finely, but were forced on defence, and Yuill saved well from McColgan and Hamill. Even with nine men Aberdeen held their own, and Stevenson had difficulty in dealing with a free kick from Jackson. The game provided a happy New Year to Aberdeen, with the result reading?Aberdeen, 4; Third Lanark 0.

Source: Press & Journal, 2nd January 1929

Third Lanark Teamsheet
Stevenson; Allan, Jamieson; Moreland, Mitchell, Muir; Leonard, McColgan, Hamill, Perry
Attendance: 12,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: H. Watson, Glasgow
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