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Aberdeen 3 - 3 St. Mirren

HT Score: Aberdeen 2 - 2 St. Mirren

Div 1 (Old)
Aberdeen scorers: Hickie, Yorston 1, Yorston 46.
St. Mirren scorers: Gebbie 16, Connor, Legge (o.g.)

22/03/1930 | KO: 15:00


Aberdeen and St Mirren shared six goals in an exciting match at Pittodrie, which was marred by an unfortunate incident in which Miller and Cheyne figured. Cheyne fouled the St Mirren left half, and after the whistle had sounded for the infringement Miller struck Cheyne on the face. The Aberdeen player collapsed, and required attention from the trainer. The referee consulted both linesmen, and then took Miller aside and talked to him. When play was resumed a number of spectators threw snowballs which landed among the players, and the referee stopped the game and spoke to an Aberdeen director and an official, who in turn spoke to the police. Play after the interval was on somewhat robust lines.
The result did neither team an injustice. Yorston opened the scoring in the first minute of the game, and Gebbie took advantage of slackness on the part of the home defence to get the equaliser fifteen minutes later. Yorston again put Aberdeen in the lead in the first minute of the second half, and Connor levelled matters with a shot which Yuill brought down, but the ball went over the line. The visitors went ahead through a soft shot by Gebbie, and for a spell looked like increasing their lead. It seemed as if Aberdeen?s home record was to go, but Dickie saved the day by scoring from a Yorston pass.
St Mirren were easily superior in defence, Lilley being outstanding. Of three good Aberdeen half-backs, Hill and McLaren were best, while Walker was the pick of the St Mirren trio. Yorston and Cheyne were prominent in the home attack, and Connor and Rankine were the best wing on the field.

Source: Glasgow Herald, 24th March 1930

Aberdeen are one of the few teams that have kept their home record intact this season. That they came near losing this coveted distinction on Saturday there is no doubt, and, in fact, the Dons were a trifle lucky to divide six goals with St Mirren.
Fifteen thousand spectators witnessed one of the tousiest tussles served up at the East Merkland Road ground for some time.
So ruffled did tempers become that near the interval a most regrettable scene was enacted. The Aberdeen public have a splendid sporting reputation; but this was somewhat marred by the incident.

Irate Spectators.

Cheyne, Aberdeen's international inside right, who had been pursuing Miller, the Saints' left half, in attempt to get the ball, accidentally kicked the Love Street player. The latter is alleged to have turned round and struck Cheyne in the face in the heat of the moment. The Aberdeen player dropped, but after attention quickly recovered.
Referee Holborn evidently did not see the incident, but after consulting his linesman warned Miller.
The matter did not end there, however, as immediately after play had been resumed a section of the crowd demonstrated their disapproval in a rather unsportsmanlike manner, pelting the St Mirren player with snowballs. This continued for about ten minutes, when the referee was forced to go off the field and make a request for police assistance. Fortunately the snowballing ceased without the police having to intervene.

Aberdeen Fortunate.

As has already been mentioned, Aberdeen were fortunate to save a point, but if they had played their usual game the probability is they would have retired victorious.
St Mirren were a hefty side, and when they trooped on to the field at the start they looked more like a rugby pack than a soccer eleven. The game had a sensational opening, Yorston, the Dons will-o'-the-wisp centre forward, weaving his way through the Saints' defence to score a brilliant goal.

The Equaliser.

This upset the Love Street team for a few minutes, but only a few, as they quickly showed they were opponents worthy of Aberdeen's steel.
The famous Rankine-Connor left wing soon had Cooper and Legge dashing about, but sixteen minutes had gone before the equaliser came.
Stewart accepted a pass from the extreme winger, and before Yuill could grasp the ball it had gone to Gebbie, who coolly placed it in the untenanted goal.
The visitors' forwards were a fast-moving quintette, who kept the ball swinging about, but Black and Hill, the home wing-halves, were in great fettle. Despite fine work by the Aberdeen defence Yuill was in action, and showed something like his old confidence in dealing with shots from McCrae and Stewart.
Aberdeen rallied their forces, and the men in front, adopting close-passing tactics, quickly became the aggressors. The St Mirren defence, in which Lilley was outstanding, put up a solid resistance, although Fotheringham saved from Hickie, Hill, and Yorston.
It was at this stage that the Miller-Cheyne incident occurred.
The second period was only a minute resumed when Yorston repeated his first half performance by bewildering the Saints' defence and netting a grand second goal.
The Love Street eleven quickly demonstrated their fighting qualities, and a miskick by Cooper allowed Connor, who was ever dangerous, to equalise. Play after this became of a very mediocre standard, the general rule being, 'Get the man, never mind the ball. '

Defensive Blunder.

The Dons' hopes of a victory crashed when Legge in attempting to clear a simple shot, put the ball past the unsuspecting Yuill. It was at this time that Aberdeen wavered, and were kept on the defensive by an eager and vigorous St Mirren side.
With their home record crumbling away, the Dons towards the close strove desperately to pull the brand from the burning.
In this they were successful. Yorston started off on one of his unexpected bursts, and cleverly drawing the Saints' defence, gave to Hickie, who did his one good deed for the day, by notching the all-important goal.

Source: Press & Journal, 24th March 1930

Aberdeen Teamsheet
Yuill, Cooper, Legge, Black, McLaren, Hill, Love, Cheyne, Yorston, McDermid, Hickie.
St. Mirren Teamsheet
Fotheringham; Kay, Lilley; Colquhoun, Walker, Miller; Stewart, Gebbie, McCrae, Rankine, Connor

Bookings:  Miller
Attendance: 14,500
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: W. G. Holborn, Glasgow
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