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Aberdeen 1 - 2 Dundee

HT Score: Aberdeen 0 - 1 Dundee

High Cup
Aberdeen scorers: Robertson.
Dundee scorers: Dorward, McKenzie

07/05/1906 | KO:

The High Cup goes to Dundee.

Dundee placed great confidence in the drawing powers of this Cup, but it has disappointed them, I am sure. At Dundee there was no great gate, and for a holiday the crowd was far less than if it had been an ordinary friendly. There has been a suspicion that the competition lacked the hallmark of any of the other subsidiary Leaguers, at least, that is how I account for the paucity of spectators on Monday. with a mixed team Aberdeen practically courted defeat, as it is no use opposing Dundee unless at full strength, and this could not be done with the East of Scotland Cup hanging in the balance. The play was robust enough, but lacking in the finer points that were exhibited on Saturday. With a strong wind Dundee only got past Fordyce once, and a soft one it was, though I do not blame the East Ender for being a trifle nervous in such a game. Aberdeen lost lots of chances through being too eager. When Edgar equalised Aberdeen were giving every hope of pulling the game out of the fire, but it was not to be, àç Henderson put on a second, and Dundee, playing safety, won by the odd goal - two to one.

Source: Bon-Accord, 10th May 1906

For the sixth time this season, the Aberdeen and Dundee football teams faced each other yesterday. On the previous five matches Dundee had won three and drawn two, so that the holiday crowd of about 3000 spectators which assembled at Pittodrie expected to see a determined tussle between the rivals for the cockship of the north. The meeting of Dundee and Aberdeen was to decide the destination of the newly inaugurated High Cup, the conditions governing which is a home and home between Dundee and Aberdeen, goals to count in the event of both teams winning a match. Dundee won at Dundee by 1 goal to 0, so that the Aberdeen required to win by two goals yesterday to secure the cup. The prospects of a win yesterday for Aberdeen were not a toll promising, owing to the fact that the directors had to place to first teams in the field. The club occupies an honourable position in the East of Scotland League, and a win at Leith against Leith Athletic might mean the championship, as the Heart of Midlothian, even if they win all their remaining fixtures, can do no more and draw level with Aberdeen. So much being at stake at Leith, the directors of the Pittodrie Club sent the way the following team to do duty:- Macfarlane; Boyle, Brebner; Halkett, Simpson, W. Low; Robertson, Mackie, Brown, Mcaulay, Lennie. Consequently the team doing Duthie against Dundee was on the weak side. It consisted of:- Fordyce; Willox, Gault; Davidson, Strang, Robertson; Simpson, ward, H. Low, Cruikshank, Edgar.
The Dundee team, also on the strength, was: Muir; McKenzie, Jeffray; Henderson, Dainty, McDiarmid; Webb, Macfarlane, Dorward, McKenzie, Fraser.

Mr. Tom Robertson, Queen's Park, was referee.


The weather was ideal, and the pitch was in first rate condition - dry and fast. Dundee won the toss, and Aberdeen kicked off towards the west with sun and wind against them. Dundee were the first to make headway after some scrambling midfield play, Willox relieving with a punt. Some exciting play followed in Dundee territory, by the half-backs and backs managed to get the ball up the field. Dundee went to the other end, where a long shot was returned by the Aberdeen goalkeeper. Dundee were not yet shaken off, and Fordyce had again to handle, his kick up the field bringing relief. McKenzie, at the other end, had to kicking to touch to take the ball from Edgar. Ward picked up the cross with his head, and sent the ball into goal, Muir having no difficulty in clearing. Dundee then made off to the other end, where Fraser tried a long, low, slanting shot. Willox missed, and the ball darted across the goal. The Dundee inside right made a lunge, but missed just as the whistle blew for offside. Dainty was proving too much for H. Low, and he stopped the Aberdeen centre when he was making towards Muir. Aberdeen still maintained the upper hand, but the forwards were well held in check by the Dundee half-backs, who were playing a great game. McKenzie punted away from H. Low, and the ball went to Gault, who was penalized for fouling Webb. The free cake resulted in the ball being sent back to the Dundee end of the field, where Low got round dainty, but Jeffrey cleared. An exciting piece of play followed within the Dundee penalty line. A cross by Edgar was cleared with difficulty, the ball going to Simpson, who neatly kicked overhead to Ward. A scrimmage followed, Muir having to handle twice in succession. Dundee then carried play to the other end.


Fraser, in one of the Dundee rates, sent the ball across to Dorward, the Dundee centre, who beat the Aberdeen goalkeeper some what easily with a header, thus scoring the first goal for Dundee. Nettled by this reverse, the Aberdeen team played up with determination from the kick-off, and swept down upon Mackenzie and Jeffray, who were quite equal to the attack. From a long kick by Jeffray the ball went to the other end, where Willox kicked out of play in order to get the ball away from Fraser. Dundee maintained the stiff pressure, in a fast shot from Dorward being just a trifle wide. Dorward was given off side when about to rush down on Fordyce. A foul against Dainty and Dundee territory lead Aberdeen in, Muir rushing out of his goal and fisting away the ball from Edgar's head. Low was penalised for a foul against Dainty in the Dundee penalty area, the free kick bringing relief to the Dundee defence. Dorward and Macfarlane, who were playing well together, were almost through, but Gault stepped in in time. Edgar was somewhat roughly handled by Henderson, when he was set on a run with a clear line for goal. Neat dribbling by Webb was finished by a pass-out to Dorward, who was off side. In a strong attack on the Dundee goal, Low was penalised for shoving behind, and much needed relief to Dundee resulted. Back again came the Aberdeen forwards, and neat header to Simpson unfortunately going into touch. The ball was swung into the centre, where Low from 30 yards out drove a long shot, which went past. Good work by Ward with his head enabled Edgar to have a shot at Muir, but MacKenzie intervened with his head, the ball going over at the expense of a corner. Aberdeen still forced the game in Dundee quarters, a foul at last opening out the play. Henry Low tried another wrong shot at Muir with no result. Dainty then swung the ball two Fraser, who rushed past Willox, Dorward driving for the Aberdeen goal. The goalkeeper, however, easily picked up the ball and cleared. A long shot from Webb gave Gault some trouble, the back giving away a corner. The referee did not please the crowd when he gave Henry Low offside in a good position near the goal. Willox cleared from the Dundee inside right close in on Fordyce. So far the game was of rather a robust character, and lacked the fine points. Muir gave away a corner, and from the kick he fisted out, Ward just grazing the cross-bar with a tricky upward shot. Cruikshank muddled across in a good position for scoring, the ball being taken away from him before he could get turned. A pass from Strang to Simpson was taken by the Dundee left back. Strang worked hard, and was responsible for another dangerous attack on the Dundee goal, and bye resulting. McDiarmid was penalized for elbowing Ward on the back. A powerful return by Gault landed the ball twelve yards from you are, but Low and Ward were both late, and could not pick up. Gault took the ball from Dorward after Fraser and McKenzie had beaten Willox. At the other end Dainty gave away a corner, and in the scrimmage which followed, Strang fouled. Away to the other end went Fraser, who finished with a dangerous cross. Luckily none of the other Dundee forwards were up, and Gault cleared. The Dundee right back illegitimately brought down Edgar, but the free kick did not help Aberdeen much. Webb broke away on the right, but finished by shooting wide. Dundee then exercised some keen pressure, the ball ultimately going over the Aberdeen line. So far, the run of the game had been fairly equal, the Aberdeen forwards being kept well in hand by the strong Dundee defence. Fraser had an opportunity of adding to Dundee's score, but his shot was too high. Low was rushing in to the Dundee goal, when he was roughly brought down within the penalty line by the Dundee backs, who "sandwiched" him. The referee, however, did not penalise, as Low was contributory to the collision. Aberdeen forwards were again bearing down on Muir, when the whistle blew at half time.

During the interval, "Roose," the clever acrobat performing this week at the Palace Theatre, gave a very amusing display. He was attired in football guard, and he tumbled about the field as if he were made of indiarubber. His feats were loudly cheered, and the afforded much amusement to the spectators.


When play was resumed, Gault brought up Webb, but Henderson returned. Gault was beaten by Webb, who crossed. Davidson intercepted, and headed out. Gault then cleared a fast shot from Dainty. H. Low at the other end was cheered for a fast shot which happened to be a yard wide. The Aberdeen forwards had a smart run down, due to a pass from Ward to Edgar, but the Dundee backs were too much for the outside left. During a raid into Dundee territory, H. Low tried Muir with a surprise shot from the left, but Muir had plenty of time to clear. The Aberdeen goal had a marvellous escape. Willox headed the ball, but was short, the leather slipping out to Webb, who sent in a low cross six feet from goal. Two of the Dundee forwards missed the cross, and the ball went to Fraser. Before the Dundee outside left got turned into shooting position, Gault stepped in and cleared. The Dundee forwards were all over the Aberdeen half-backs, and another likely run was in progress when Webb was pulled up for offside. Dorward was knocked off the ball by Willox when about to shoot from the penalty line, Gault clearing. The game continued to be of a scrambling nature, with Dundee superior. The Aberdeen goal had anther miraculous escape. Fraser sent in a terrific grounder. Fordyce threw himself full length, and pushed the ball out about 15 feet to Webb. Webb drove hard for the goal, and the ball struck the Aberdeen goalkeeper's chest as he was rising from the ground. The ball slipped out to the left, but Gault managed to get his kick in. A few minutes later the Dundee forward line was coming sweeping down on the Aberdeen goal when Gault neatly robbed MacKenzie. The Aberdeen forwards swiftly went to the other end, where Low tried a shot at Muir, the goalkeeper rushing out and falling in clearing.


Aberdeen secured the equaliser through a brilliant effort by "Gowie" Robertson. The left half received a high pass from the Aberdeen right wing, and he shot with great force into the corner of the net, completely beating Muir, who had no chance of saving. Robertson was loudly cheered for his splendid effort. The Aberdeen now took the game in hand, and some rather rough play was witnessed. Muir had again to leave his goal to clear his lines. After some exceedingly interesting play in the Dundee half of the field, the Dundee forwards broke away, Gault clearing from Fraser's cross and punting the ball well down the field.


A miskick by Gault let Webb away with a clear field. The ball was swung across to the left where McKenzie, who had now taken to the outside right position, got it. Steadying himself, he ran in a short distance, and drove hard into the net well out of Fordyce's reach. Dundee were now frequently dangerous, and Fordyce had to kick out, after a miskick by Willox. The local forwards could make no headway, and were completely mastered by the opposing half-backs, the Dundee backs hardly ever being seriously troubled. Fordyce had to handle an easy shot from Dorward, and Aberdeen had all the appearance of a beaten team. H. Low tried to break away, and when tackled passed to Simpson. The outside right, however, could make nothing of the cross, as the Dundee left back reached the ball before him. A very pretty bit of play by Ward led to a raid on the Dundee goal. Ward slipped the ball into the centre and Low jumped up and let it pass. Edgar was now in good position, with nobody to beat but Muir, and he let drive, his shot striking the top of the net. The Dundee forwards again worked themselves into the Aberdeen penalty area, where some more neat passing was seen. Webb placed the ball accurately to Fraser, but the latter was robbed in easy fashion by Willox. Another run by the Dundee forwards looked promising, Dorward being ruled offside when about to make his final effort. With about ten minutes to go, the Dundee men, knowing that they had the game well in hand, did not trouble themselves very much. After continued pressure by Dundee, the Aberdeen right wing had a run down, Simpson finishing with a long shot, which went over. Aberdeen, having got into Dundee territory, were not easily shaken off, Ward and Simpson again being responsible for an attempt at an equaliser. Towards the close Davidson was hurt, and had to retire.

The divisible gate money amounted to £80.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 8th May 1906

Dundee Teamsheet
Muir; McKenzie, Jeffray; Henderson, Dainty, McDiarmid; Webb, Macfarlane, Dorward, McKenzie, Fraser
Attendance: 3,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. Tom Robertson, Glasgow
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