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Aberdeen 4 - 2 Dundee

HT Score: Aberdeen 0 - 1 Dundee

Benefit Match
Donald Colman Benefit Match
Aberdeen scorers: Walker 48, Wood 70, Wood 80, Walker 87.
Dundee scorers: Hamilton 12, Wyllie 65.

03/01/1912 | KO: 14:30

Aberdeen Beat Dundee in a Friendly

Ideal weather prevailed at Pittodrie yesterday when the much talked of complementary match to the popular Aberdeen captain, Donald Colman, to place. Entertainment was provided by the Aberdeen club's Dundee rivals. Colman, who has seen five years' service at Pittodrie, was guaranteed £200 by the club, and in view of the large attendance and the number of tickets sold, it is fully anticipated the sum will be realized. The result of the game was a win for Aberdeen by 4 goals to 2.

Aberdeen kicked off, but the visitors got pressing, and King was early called upon to handle. Within 5 minutes Dundee gained a corner, but it was badly placed, and the ball went behind. Hamilton had a splendid shot, which King saved beautifully. Wilson was serving his front rank well, and Aberdeen relieved the pressure. McIntosh made a good attempt to adopt a pass from low, but Lawson robbed him.
Aberdeen again pressed, and walker had a fine low shot, which brought Lyall to full length. Lyle was once more called on, and held a beauty from MacEachern, which elicited much applause. Play at this stage was fairly even, both teams having a run.
A bright run down by Dundee, after 20 minutes' play, culminated in a corner kick, which was quickly converted by Hamilton. Aberdeen were determined to score, and they were playing very well, but had hard lines. MacEachern had a good try, but Lyle sent the leather well out. Dundee came away again, and several times brought King into trouble. Only the sterling defence of Colman and Millar at this stage averted another catastrophe. Martin had a try at King, but he proved that the loser. The Dundee boys still pressed, but their efforts proved unavailing, the forwards shooting wide on several occasions. Lindsay and Lawson were having their tasks cut out for them, but by dint of sheer hard work, saved their end. The Aberdeen forwards now shone, and McIntosh had a long-distance shot, which Lyall held well.
Dundee had a good run down by their right wing, but Low was the cause of their defeat. Still only pressed, and on the left wing this time they looked dangerous. Aberdeen no changed the aspect of things, and were showing determination, and Wood, when at close quarters, was almost through, but Wilson got in the way. We'll Aberdeen broke away in fine style, and Lennie got in a good position, but failed to score. Aberdeen were doing the pressing no, but their repeated efforts were unavailing. McIntosh passed to Lennie, but he was stopped. Walker, however, took a fine pass from Lennie, and shot hard. While saved, but that the expense of a corner, which was well placed by MacEachern. Walker, however, was unfortunate enough to send it over the cross-bar. Dundee began to press just as the whistle blew half-time.

Dundee rushed right away, but King saved. Again the visitors pressed, but King again thwarted their efforts, and within 3 minutes of the re-start walker scored the equalizer with an open goal. Aberdeen now seem to improve, and Walker had another good attempt, but with no success. They were all over the visitors no, and repeated efforts were made to beat Lyall.
Dundee were, however, not to take to feed, and soon they were seeking the leader, but Colman saved his side, and sent well up. MacEachern forced a corner, which was well cleared by Lindsay.
Hamilton was getting lively, and on several occasions beat Low. Although play was of a fast order, it was up and down, till a penalty was awarded Aberdeen. Colman took the kick, but sent behind. Dundee came down with a fine rush, and Langlands shot, but King had to give away a corner. The result was that Wyllie got in the leading goal after about 20 minutes play. Aberdeen were no incensed, and after several hard and unsuccessful attempts, Wood secure the equaliser, amid much excitement, after 25 minutes' play. Aberdeen were now are proving themselves the faster team, especially in the forward line, and gave Lyall a hot time for several minutes. Occasionally Dundee got down towards King, but Davidson was a stumbling block. Dundee came down in smart style, but Colman drew him up. Aberdeen were doing their best to secure the leading goal, and 10 minutes before the finish wood was successful in attaining that object. Aberdeen again forced a corner, but nothing came of it, and Dundee had a visits to King. Aberdeen, however, achieved a brilliant run up, and walker ended the effort but footing on the fourth goal about 3 minutes from time. The play was in Dundee's quarter when the whistle blew.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 4th January 1912

Dundee Teamsheet
Lyall, Lawson, Lindsay, Ferguson, Aitken, Comrie, Hamilton, Langlands, Martin, McKnight, Wyllie.
Attendance: 6,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. W. Ross, Aberdeen