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Aberdeen 1 - 2 Dundee

HT Score: Aberdeen 1 - 1 Dundee

Northern League
Aberdeen scorers: Shiach.
Dundee scorers: Brown, Wilson

10/09/1904 | KO: 15:30

Defeat follows Defeat

It was very gratifying to see such a good crowd at Pittodrie on Saturday when the Aberdeen A met their namesakes from Dundee in their first home fixture of the Northern League competition. A strong north-westerly wind blew across the field of play when the teams lined up. The homesters having lost the toss, Cruickshank kicked off, but Dundee got possession, and McHardy made tracks for the home citadel, but the sphere went behind. The wind was troubling the Aberdeen's front rank, and even the halves found it difficult to gauge the wind correctly. The home goal underwent a severe onslaught for a time, and latterly Barrett saved at the expense of a corner. McHardy planted the sphere in a grand position, but Thomson missed a splendid opportunity by kicking over the bar. The Whites now took up the running, and Johnstone gave his partner Shiach a nice chance to open the scoring. The inside left took the opportunity, and beat Reilly with a good shot ten minutes after the start. After some play of a most ragged description, Johnstone and Shiach had some lively runs along the wing, but their play went for nothing owing to the centre's ineffectiveness. Dundee made a raid, and Brown had a grand try, which was equally well saved by Barrett at full length on the ground. Just on half-time Brown equalised for the visitors from a scrimmage.

On resuming, with the wind and sun in their favour, things looked busy for the locals, but the wind was very fluky, and Dundee were managing to gauge it exceedingly well. The visitors at once settled down to some nice passing, and did not take long to put on the leading point - Wilson being the scorer. This unexpected reverse put the Whites on their mettle, the forwards, backed up by the halves, trying hard for the equaliser. A fine centre from McKay was muddled by Shiach shooting past. Thomson, at centre half, was working hard and keeping his forwards well supplied with the ball, besides having a shot which almost took effect, but nothing came of the chances. The whistle sounded time up with the homesters still pressing. Dundee A 2, Aberdeen A 1.

Points from Pittodrie

There was a very fair crowd at Pittodrie to witness the opening game of the reserves. £48 won't do the club or the directors any harm.
Dundee, besides using feet and weight, used their brains to win the game.
The homesters ought to have reserved their wind and strength until the second period, and played defence during the first portion of the game. As it was, they were fairly fagged out after crossing over.
In Reilly the Dundonians have a really class keeper, whose clearing on Saturday was both sound and safe.
McNaught and McKenzie are a pair of hard and clean kickers, but slightly deficient in speed and in tackling.
The halves were the real mainstay of the visitors? side, and, as a trio, played excellently.
Their shooting was marked by accuracy.
Wilson was the best and hardest worker of the quintette. Brown made a fairly creditable first appearance in the "missing link" position for Dundee.
McHardy had some good sprints, but that was all, while Thomson, at outside left, showed a rather nasty temper.
It was a great pity that the home team lost, as on play they were certainly value for a draw. Barrett's one mistake cost his side a goal and a point, but otherwise his display was good.
Both backs played well, but the palm must be given to Murray, who tackled and recovered in perfect fashion. Brebner never impressed one with the idea of safety, but gave a good display.
The home centre half and captain - Thomson - was about the best half on the field. He worked like the proverbial Trojan, and it was certainly not his fault that the team lost.
Ritchie was poor, but Robertson kept McHardy well in hand.
The left wing were easily the best of the five forward players and were always trying to make headway.
Cruickshank lacks experience, with the result that good forward work was lost for want of a good man in centre.
Robertson showed a slight improvement, but did not seem to work well with McKay.
Three matches played and no points does not look at all well but we can hope for points even yet if the reserves will only persevere.
Mr McArthur refereed the game all right.

Source: Bon-Accord September 15, 1904

Aberdeen A played off their first home fixture under the auspices of the Northern League, when Dundee A visited Pittodrie. The visitors were strongly represented. T. Brown, the new centre forward recently signed on by the Dundee club, being included in the front rank. With the exception that Cruickshank took up the centre forward position instead of a new player who was expected from Glasgow, but did not come north, the Aberdeen team played as selected. The teams were:- Aberdeen A: Barrett; Murray, Brebner; R. Ritchie, Thomson, Robertson; Robertson, McKay, Cruickshank, Shiach, Johnstone. Dundee A; Reilly; McNaught, McKenzie; Taylor, Fenton, Potter; McHardy, Wilson, T. Brown, Smith, Thomson. Referee ? Mr. McArthur, Stirling.

Aberdeen A kicked off against a strong north-westerly wind, which to a great extent spoiled the play throughout the afternoon. Dundee A were soon in the vicinity of the Aberdeen goal, but a couple of free kicks to the Whites gave them temporary relief. Barrett, however, was early called upon to stop a long shot from Fenton, at centre-half. Immediately thereafter the Dundee left wing missed an easy chance a few yards from goal, and in the subsequent play Murray was prominent at back for Aberdeen, stopping several dangerous rushes by the Dundee left wing. Judicious kicking by Murray enabled the Aberdeen right wing to get away. Aberdeen were now having more of the game, and Johnstone and Shiach on the left wing got clear of the opposing half-backs, the latter ultimately beating Reilly with a shot which the goalkeeper made little or no effort to save. Thus the Aberdeen team assumed the lead 15 minutes from the kick-off. Dundee tried hard to get on level terms, and almost succeeded. Murray and Brebner, however, were very safe, the first named in particular being cheered for a splendid bit of tackling, outwitting three of the Dundee forwards, and ultimately transferring the play to the other end of the field. The players, however, had great difficulty in controlling the ball owing to the high wind. Dundee were awarded a foul, and then a corner fell to their lot, but on each occasion the Aberdeen backs got the ball away. Johnstone and Shiach were often dangerous with speedy runs on the left, but were somewhat erratic near goal. An exciting melee in front of the Aberdeen goal ended in Barrett clearing from a crowd of players. Dundee lost numerous chances of equalizing through wild kicking. The Brown almost beat Barrett with a fast shot along the ground, the goalkeeper just reaching the ball when lying full out at the goalmouth. It was a splendid effort on the part of Barrett, and was deservedly cheered. Johnstone transferred the play towards Reilly, but the ball was sent out of play. Shiach next took up the running, and looked like increasing the Aberdeen score when he was tripped by one of the backs. Reilly cleared twice from Johnstone, and then Ritchie had a capital try from half-back. McHardy got away on the Dundee right, and, passing to the centre, the whole front rank dashed in on Barrett, who was beaten by Brown, thus equalizing the game. No further incident of note occurred up till half-time, which arrived with the game standing - Aberdeen A 1 goal, Dundee A 1.

The Aberdeen players had now the wind in their favour, but all over their display was inferior to their exhibition in the opening stages of the game. Although Dundee were kept on the defensive for a considerable time, the local team very seldom troubled Reilly. The Dundee backs were equal to the occasion, McNaught?s kicking being a feature of the visitors' play. McHardy made an attempt to place his side in the ascendency, but clever tackling by Thomson spoiled Dundee's chances of gaining the lead. The visitors, however, were playing better against the wind than was the case when they had the elements in their favour in the first half, and a long shot by one of their half-backs was caught by Barrett. For some reason or another, however, the Aberdeen goalkeeper let the ball slip from his hands, with the result that Wilson was presented with a rare opportunity of placing his side a goal ahead. The inside right was not slow to take advantage of the goalkeeper's mistake, and promptly banged the ball into the net. The Aberdeen players were now urged on by their supporters to equalize matters, but Dundee were playing a winning game. Try as they could the Whites were unable to get the ball past Reilly, who received splendid support from the two backs in front of him. Brebner and then McKay tried to lower Reilly's colours, but the goalkeeper was equal to all demands, and the game ended - Dundee A 2 goals, Aberdeen A 1 goal. The gate amounted to £48.

Dundee Teamsheet
Reilly; McNaught, McKenzie; Taylor, Fenton, Potter; McHardy, Wilson, T. Brown, Smith, Thomson
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. J. McArthur, Stirling
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