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Aberdeen 1 - 1 Hibernian

HT Score: Aberdeen 0 - 0 Hibernian

Div 1 (Old)
Aberdeen scorers: Grieve (OG).
Hibernian scorers: McNeill

06/05/1907 | KO: 12:15

The holiday football attractions at Pittodrie yesterday were a Scottish League match between Aberdeen and Hibernians and a Northern League fixture between Aberdeen A and East Fife.

The match with the Hibernians was Aberdeen's concluding Scottish League fixture, and it is an interesting coincidence that Aberdeen opened their League season with Hibs at Edinburgh. The first match yesterday was advertised to commence at 12:15, but it was late in starting. The crowd at the kick-off numbered between 5000 and 6000. The teams were:-

Aberdeen: Macfarlane; Boyle, Strang; Davidson, Wilfred Low, Gowie Robertson; Macdonald, Simpson, Wilson, O'Hagan, Lennie.
Hibernians: Rennie, Grieve, Divet; Callaghan, Govan, Laurie; Forrest, McNeill, Morton, Finlay, McLean.
Referee - Mr. W. Muir, Crosshill.

Hibs pressed at the start, and a mis-kick by Strang was covered by Boyle, Macfarlane picking up and clearing. A bye brought relief to Aberdeen, but the ball was twice driven in from long range, Macfarlane throwing out. A foul against Boyle close in looked dangerous, but Strang cleared. Hibs pressed determinedly, and Gowie Robertson and Wilfred Low with punts transfer to play to the other end, where Macdonald was stopped when on the run. O'Hagan kicked into the Hibs' goal, Divet clearing. Aberdeen next attacked, and Rennie's charge had a narrow escape. O'Hagan and Wilson by strong tactics worried Grieve, and the ball going to Wilfred Low, the Aberdeen centre half sent past. Boyle hopping in with his high kicking, twice checked the Hibs' right, and then McLean was given off side in an unmarked position. Hibs pressed, Strang relieving with a punt into touch. Boyle miskicking, McLean had a clear line to Macfarlane, but he said passed in the near post. Wilfred Low was cheered for a timely kick when Hibs were busy in Mcfarlane's vicinity. Strang at back was not clearing so freely as was necessary in the face of keen forwards. At the other end Aberdeen forced a corner, Wilfred Low heading over. Wilson was cheered for a clever bit of play. Diddling into position, despite the close attention of opponents, the Aberdeen centre shot fast and low with great force, Rennie saving on the line in characteristic style. The Hibs were playing the need for football, but were well held by the Aberdeen half-backs. Worrying tactics by Simpson and Wilson ended in the ball going to O'Hagan, who, from 20 yards out, gave Rennie a hard drive to hold, the Hibs' goalkeeper having difficulty in negotiating at the first handling. Macdonald returned, and Rennie sent far up the field with a big punt. O'Hagan overdid the fancy work, and was several times robbed of the ball. Macfarlane fisted out rather straight, and Finlay, fastening onto the ball, drove hard about afoot too high over the bar. McLean for Hibs was always on the alert, troubled Boyle - who, with Strang, put in some big kicks. An amusing tussle between Macdonald and Divet, with the former on the ground, resulted in a free kick being given against the Aberdeen forward. Rennie cleared a long, drooping shot from Stuart Davidson. Hibs were still superior in their open play, but Aberdeen had the dash. Wilson had two shots close in, one of which was stopped by Grieve, the other striking the outside of the net. Strang's heading straight up a few yards in front of Macfarlane looked dangerous, but the goalkeeper relieve the tension by clearing from Morton. A weak header by Strang gave the ball to Forrest, who shot over, and was jeered that by the crowd for his mistake. A period of keen pressure again found Rennie unbeatable, the Hibs' goalkeeper clearing a hard drive by Wilson. Then Lennie missed by inches, the ball flashing over the bar. Hibs attacked, Strang and Boyle sandwiching Morton, and spoiling a likely run. Boyle had to kicking to touch to defeat the Hibs' right wing after Strang had been beaten. Gowie Robertson, who was playing well, repeatedly got the better of Forrest. The game degenerated into something after the kick-and-Russian style, each end being visited in turn. A bad kick by Boyle let in the Hibs, Strang coming to the rescue. Strang showed some neat touches within the penalty area, beating three opponents by his footwork. A cross by McLean went to Forrest, who banged for goal, missing narrowly. Even had he netted, his effort would have gone for nothing, as he was wrongly given offside. Wilson lost a chance by banging against a back at the other end. Morton burst through and gave Macfarlane a hot shot to hold, the Aberdeen goalkeeper clearing with three Hibs' forwards within a couple of yards. Lennie missed an easy chance with a pot shot at Rennie, the ball going wide.

The Aberdeen pressed at the start of the second half, and within three minutes, grieve, the Hibs'right back kicked into his own goal. It was a very stupid mistake, as are was not an Aberdeen player within five yards off him, and he was out near the penalty line. Encouraged by this present of our goal, Aberdeen played up and Rennie saved from Wilfred Low. Within 5 minutes the Hibs' centre got away with a clear field and netted the ball, but a previous infringement deprived the Hibs of the goal. The centre-forward had pushed Boyle with his hands. Aberdeen kept up the pressure, and Rennie saved a long shot from Wilfred Low. A period of hot pressure by Aberdeen was momentarily up relieved by Wilfred Low shooting past. Lennie got a nasty kick well manoeuvring through several opponents. Forcing work by Boyle and Wilfred Low resulted in a pass to Macdonald, who made a feeble attempt to cross, the ball going over the line. For the first time in ten minutes the Hibs got over the middle lined, but their stay was not a long one. Hibs burst away on the left, and Wilfred Low had to kick into touch to stop the outside man. Aberdeen men had a swift dash down the field, and bye resulting. O'Hagan's work was unprofitable, as he was too closely watched. Rennie saved a long, easy shot. O'Hagan and Lennie became very lively, and some feeling was manifested by the Hibs' defenders. Clever and determined work by Aberdeen upset the Edinburgh defence, and that they did not score was due to the grand saving by Rennie. Lennie, after clever dribbling with his partner, run into the centre and shot with terrific force for goal. Rennie was late, but the ball was a few inches high, and went over. Rennie was at the top of his form, and followed play down the field. The hero of the game was Rennie. He cleared when out of his goal. Simpson got the ball and crossed to Lenny, who sent in a terrific low drive. Rennie threw himself full length, and saved on the line, pushing the ball round the post just in time. Hibs had a great chance, Morton getting away at midfield with a clear run to goal. Macfarlane run out, and Morton shot, the ball rolling over the line a few yards wide. Rennie was again conspicuous. With the mighty fist, he sent the ball to midfield, and a few minutes later he saved a long shot. Hibs could not get on the run, the Aberdeen half-backs presenting a stubborn barrier. McLean was the only forward who could get a move on, and he was invariably checkmated by Wilfred Low, who was too big and strong for the forward. Macdonald was twice fouled inside the penalty line by Divet, and forced a corner, the referee giving a goal-kick. McLean carried play to the Aberdeen end, where he shot past. Aberdeen again attacked, and Rennie saved a shot from Simpson under the bar. Rennie again saved from a long return by Boyle. Lennie and O'Hagan beat grieve, Lennie's shot rebounding over off the crossbar. Rennie saved the Hibs from a big defeat. A shot from Wilfred Low was held by Rennie. In the last minute, McNeill equalized for Hibs in a spirited rally, in which the Aberdeen defence was completely beaten.

The amount drawn at the gate was £86; and the stands realized £14.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 7th May 1907

Hibernian Teamsheet
Rennie, Grieve, Divet; Callaghan, Govan, Laurie; Forrest, McNeill, Morton, Finlay, McLean
Attendance: 5,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. W. Muir, Crosshill
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