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Aberdeen 4 - 0 Forfar Athletic

HT Score: Aberdeen 1 - 0 Forfar Athletic

Northern League
Aberdeen scorers: Simpson, McKenzie, Henderson, Simpson.

21/08/1909 | KO:

The season's competitions at Pittodrie started on Saturday, when a northern league much was engaged in, the A team meeting Forfar Athletic. The attendance of spectators was small, the weather being somewhat showery, but otherwise favourable. But teams were:- To Aberdeen A: King; Hannah, Harper; Henderson, JJ Simpson, Macfarlane; Hay, Towns, McKenzie, R. Simpson, Jaffrey.
Forfar Athletic: Don; Skene, Gibb; Duff, Matthew, Leighton; Dalgetty, Walker, Drewitt, Anderson, Petrie.
Referee - Mister J. Kirkland, Dundee.

Both sides showed signs of rustiness at the opening, but a foul to Aberdeen gave McKenzie a fine chance, which he failed to accept. The Forfar forwards were bustling a bit, but off-side spoiled their efforts. Jaffrey, on Aberdeen's left, showed some of Lennie's trickiness, and his career towards goal was only stopped by a rather nasty foul perpetrated by one of the visiting halves. So far Forfar had not got within range of King, but Petrie got a nice cross from the right, and rattled the side net. This was followed by the first bit of real excitement in the game, Jaffrey making a rare sprint down the margin. Beating all opposition in the run, the winger crossed beautifully, but Simpson, McKenzie, and Towns were all late for the pass, and when Hay centred again, the pressure was relieved by an inevitable off-side ruling. The brothers Simpson were putting in some great work, the amateur being easily the leading half on the field. Forfar were not hard worked, but the game was almost entirely in their half, and Skene and Gibb had need to be sound in their defence. Bobby Simpson tried a grounder on Don without effect, and then the Forfar left wing made progress. Petrie gave Anderson a chance to close in. The latter did not put sting into his shot, and the keeper cleared. Once more Jaffrey sped down on the left, but he ran the ball too far in, and his final delivery landed the ball in the side net. Aberdeen put the screw on for a brief spell, and Gibb almost let his side down when he failed to hold Towns. Mackenzie manoeuvred across nicely, and got in a strong, low shot, which Duff deserves credit for clearing. Aberdeen have reason to congratulate themselves when two of their captures at least in Mackenzie and Harper. The latter is not above trying a pot at goal, and a great long punt from his foot gave Don as severe a test as he could wish for. Petrie made valiant efforts to get the way, and was the trickiest forward in the Forfar line, but Hannah pulled him up. Harper was cheered for good tackling, and then McKenzie distributed the ball among his wings. Good combination were shown at both sides, and but for a lucky blocking of the ball by Skene, the effort must have borne fruit. A couple of corners fell to the strangers, and from the clearance McKenzie let Jaffrey away, but the wing man finished weakly. At last the merited goal came to Aberdeen, and it was a pretty piece of work. Hay had a dazzling run, and flashed the ball across the goalmouth. Simpson pounced upon it, and in a trice headed in the net, giving Don no earthly chance to save. A minute later Aberdeen were down again, and a terrific shot from McKenzie shook the bar. Jaffrey made a good try for number two, accepting across and dashing the ball against the upright. On the whole, Aberdeen were well worth their lead at the interval.

The second period started in a downpour of rain, and the driving sheets seemed to have a disconcerting effect on the players. Hannah made a bad clearance with his head, which almost let Drewitt in, Simpson having to concede a corner. Nothing resulted, and Aberdeen McKenzie narrowly missed walking the ball into the net. The drenching rain rendered the turf treacherous, and the players were constantly coming down. Good work on the Aberdeen right resulted in the pivot having a chance, but while he got into the net himself he failed to carry the sphere with him. Harper was cheered again for smart tackling, and he followed this up by dribbling well in and parting to Jaffrey. The winger made a sad mess of it, however, collapsing on top of the ball. The pressure was not relieved, and after a bit of manoeuvring on the right, McKenzie was presented with an easy chance which he accepted, finishing with a short drive at close range. Meantime the rain continued without abatement, and the players movements were characteristic of those of novices on roller skates. There was little in the play from a scientific point of view. Forfar did practically nothing in the attack, and Aberdeen were only a little better. Bob Simpson had a good try, and then a surprise goal to the homesters practically decided the game. Aberdeen got a corner, and from the flag kick Henderson got his head on the ball and scored number three. Yet another came. Jaffrey centred with fine judgment, and after McKenzie failed to get at the ball, Simpson stepped forward, and, with a hard low shot, placed the ball past Don. The remainder of the game so Aberdeen maintaining the attack, and with only occasional invasions by the visitors, who could not get too close quarters.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 23rd August 1909

Forfar Athletic Teamsheet
Don; Skene, Gibb; Duff, Matthew, Leighton; Dalgetty, Walker, Drewitt, Anderson, Petrie
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr J. Kirkland, Dundee