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Aberdeen 3 - 2 Dundee

HT Score: Aberdeen 2 - 2 Dundee

Benefit Match
Willie Lennie's Benefit
Aberdeen scorers: McKay, McKay, Simpson.
Dundee scorers: Hall, Graydon

04/01/1910 | KO:

This fixture was played off at Pittodrie Park yesterday, in presence of 5000 spectators. Both teams were short of several of their regular players. Dundee opened in fine style, and for fully a quarter of an hour kept Aberdeen on the defence. Hall caught up a pass from the left, and headed the first goal for Dundee. Five minutes later Graydon added a second goal for the visitors. Aberdeen improved as the game went on, and at the end of half an hour's play Mackay opened the scoring for the home team. Previous to the interval Mackay got a second goal for Aberdeen, and the teams crossed over level - two goals each. Play during the second half was lacking in interest until fifteen minutes from the finish, when Dundee gave a bright exhibition of football. They failed to score, however, and just on time Simpson got the winning goal for Aberdeen, who played with ten men during the greater part of the second half, Henderson being off through an injury to his face. Result :- Aberdeen, three goals, Dundee, two goals.

Source: The Scotsman, 5th January 1910.

If there, was any doubt as to Lennie's popularity as a player, it was easily dispelled by the enthusiastic crowd that assembled at Pittodrie on Tuesday to do honour to the clever left-winger, who has completed five years' service with the club. Coming to Aberdeen after a season with Fulham, he early won favour with the crowd, and has retained that confidence against all-comers. He got an enthusiastic reception on stepping out to the field of play on Tuesday, when his opponents were Dundee, with whom he played prior to going to England. Dundee paid him the compliment of playing as strong a team as they could command, and though the play was sometimes a bit dull, there were some capital passages which amply rewarded the spectators'. The visitors were early on the job and had the ball in the net twice inside five minutes before the home crowd had time to realise that the game had well begun.
A new centre in the Aberdeen attack was being eagerly watched, and he came out of his shell with honours. The manner in which he scored the first goal was quite a treat, demonstrating that he knew where the space was to receive the ball. On registering a second one, and equalising the game, he had more work to do, cleverly outwitting Lee and McEwan, and then scoring with a high shot, which fairly put the spectators in good humour. The second period was poor in comparison with the first, the players having taken a good deal out of themselves in the opening stage. Lennie almost put his side on the lead, but Simpson had the honour with a high shot which went over the goalkeeper's arm. Aberdeen won an interesting game by 3-2. It is expected that, with tickets sold and the gate money, the guarantee of £150 will be realised, and Lennie will be the richer for his season's work to that extent.

Source: Bon-Accord, 6th January 1910

The holiday football fixture at Pittodrie yesterday afternoon was particularly attractive, inasmuch as it brought these keen rivals, Aberdeen and Dundee, together; while the match was that set aside for the benefit of Willie Lennie, the clever outside left forward of the Aberdeen team. The sum guaranteed to Lennie by the directors of the Aberdeen football club is £150, and this sum was expected to be exceeded, as a large number of tickets had been sold before-hand to admirers of the Aberdeen's international outside left. Neither team wasn't anything like full First Division strength, in numerous holiday fixtures, and the League matches on Saturday next, making it necessary for the directors of both clubs to give several of their first players arrest. The attendance at the start did not number more than 3000, and before the finish there would've been 1500 or 2000 more. The atmosphere was dull and hazy, but there was no wind, and the ground was dry and fast. Teams:-

Aberdeen: Mutch; Colman, Hume; Davidson, Moffat, Henderson; Simpson, Soye, H Mackay, Edgar, Lennie.
Dundee: Robertson; Neil, Neal, McEwan; Lawson, Lee, Mair; Bellamy, Hunter, Hall, Graydon, Fraser.
Referee - Mr. Stark, Airdrie.

Aberdeen kicked off, and the game opened quietly. The ground team forced a corner on the left, but nothing resulted. Dundee, by clever passing, worked eastward, and Hall headed past Mutch after five minutes' play, the opening goal for Dundee being received by the crowd in silence. Dundee were far cleverer outfield, and had little difficulty in beating the Aberdeen defence, Graydon scoring Dundee's second goal with a low shot, which beat Mutch all the way. Dundee two goals up after 10 minutes' play looked bad for Aberdeen. Dundee continued to show the better combination, and a miss by Moffat almost lead to a third goal for the visitors, the shot going past. Fine footwork by Dundee kept the visitors in Aberdeen Territory, and Mutch was cheered for two great saves - one low and other high, sent in with terrific force. Aberdeen were all at sixes and sevens, while Dundee had a perfect understanding, they're slipping and passing being a treat to watch. At last Soye passed out to Simpson, who raced off, I and, tackled by McEwan, crossed with a fine effort. Mackay was too short to get the pass, but it went to Edgar, who grazed the post with a rocket shot. Not satisfied with the Aberdeen's progress, Colman came up and gave Robertson a hot one to hold. Aberdeen were now more in the picture, and a high shot from Lennie was fumbled by Robertson, who led the ball slipped over his shoulder. With an empty goal Mackay headed past, but he could not be blamed, as he had no time to make calculations. Once more Dundee applied pressure, and they were getting into dangerous quarters when Davidson relieved. Neal fouled Lennie, and the kick was well negotiated, Soye back-healing to Mackay, who ran in, tricked an opponent, and shot hard and true, beating Robertson all the way. Lennie forced a corner, and the Dundee goal was in danger. Fine play by Edgar, Mackay, and Lennie troubled the Dundee defence, until Mair by a lofty header cleared. Dundee broke away, and by quick passing bore down on Mutch, Hunter finishing with a skier when he had only the goalkeeper to beat. Play was now interesting, smart touches being seen on both sides. Aberdeen equalised as the result of clever play on the left. Lennie was tackled by Mair, who passed weekly back to Neal. The Dundee back was vigorously tackled by mackaye, who, helped by Lennie, worked into position, and banged into the net, Robertson failing to reach the ball. Two goals for Aberdeen's new centre was not bad for a young player. With the score equal, played became very fast. Colman was cheered for clever tackled of Fraser. Mackay was again promising with a good header try from a pass by Simpson, the ball going over. Aberdeen again attacked, Lennie lifting high over the top of the net. Aberdeen were now continuously at the Dundee end. After Lennie had cleverly tricked the opposition, Edgar shot, Robertson saving on the post. Soye was a great success at inside right, and for dribbling past several opponents and slipping out to Simpson he got a great cheer. Simpson, however, finished badly, being yards wide. Fraser broke away on the Dundee left, and sent across a bar-scraper, which Mutch tipped to the side, Hume bringing relief with the mighty punt. A second or two later Mutch saved a hard drive from far out. Aberdeen again attacked briskly, and Mackay, trapping a pass by Simpson, almost reached the net again with a quick drive. Dundee made a bad finish at the other end after Bellamy had taken the ball down, Graydon banging high over the bar. Dundee again got down, the ball going past. Return league, they forced a corner on the right, and Bellamy had just kicked over when the whistle sounded.

The game was resumed without the players leaving the field. Dundee got into Aberdeen territory by neat combination, Davidson, Moffat, and Henderson all doing good work in defence. If Aberdeen then worked down, but did not stay long. Fraser was off on the touch line, and crossed, Hall missing with his head close in. Hunter eventually banged over the bar. Back came the Dundee forwards, and it took Mutch the full stretch of his arms and body along the ground to turn a shot from Hall round the post. Mackay got the full force of a hard drive and was winded, but after or rub from Peter Simpson he came round. Lennie and Edgar delighted the crowd by clever dodging, and only fouling by the Dundee defence kept them out. A spell of Aberdeen pressure was ended by Simpson banging past. Hume beat Bellamy in a race, and found touch handy. Colman had the owners in a stiff bout with Fraser. The game was now are somewhat dull and uninteresting, neither side stretching themselves. Soye raised some excitement by a dashing run, which gave Simpson a long shot, the outside right sending into Robertson's hands. Then Lennie got round the opposition, and crossed, offside stopping further progress. Henderson received an injury to his nose, and had to go to the pavilion. With 10 men, Aberdeen continued to attack, and Soye, who had gone outside right, after a speedy run, sent across a ball, which Lennie could have walked through, but drove past instead - an easy chance lost. Dundee were then dangerous, Stuart Davidson turning out a hard drive. Robertson held a low shot from Lennie, Mackay being penalised for fouling the goalkeeper. Moffat was playing a sound game for Aberdeen. Simpson forced a corner for Aberdeen, and then missed narrowly with a lightning drive. Bellamy was cheered for a solo effort, in which he beat Colman and missed by inches with his parting shot. At the other end Mackay sent into Robertson's hands from far out. At the teams were not straining themselves to score was evident in the Aberdeen goalmouth, when Bellamy, but he should have shot, did some clever sound-dancing, finally sending across to Fraser, from whose cross Mutch scraped the ball out. Missing and miskicking by the Aberdeen defence looked inviting, but the Dundonians refrain from bustling. Mutch made a trip down the field for a kick, and Colman was none too well-pleased at being robbed of the ball by the custodian. Graydon could have scored, or at least tried Mutch; but he preferred to run out and give the ball to Fraser. Soye, at the other end, shook the upright with a great shot taken on the run. The players on neither side were taking the game as seriously as they would a cup tie, and the result was disjointed play. Aberdeen got on the lead through Robertson fumbling a shot by Simpson, the goalkeeper losing the ball after he had eight in his grip. Dundee seemed determined to get the equaliser, and played with more purpose. Lennie, even without his partner, was giving the opposition some trouble. Robertson saved from Lennie.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 5th January 1910

Dundee Teamsheet
Robertson; Neil, Neal, McEwan; Lawson, Lee, Mair; Bellamy, Hunter, Hall, Graydon, Fraser
Attendance: 5,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. Stark, Airdrie
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