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Aberdeen 2 - 3 Falkirk

HT Score: Aberdeen 1 - 2 Falkirk

Dewar Shield Final
Aberdeen scorers: Hay.
Falkirk scorers: McTavish, Kemp, McTavish

30/04/1910 | KO: 15:30

It was a poor response the public made on Saturday to see this handsome shield played for, and the chances are that it will be some time before the Dewar Shield Committee send the final to Aberdeen. Falkirk A being the contestants, we were sure of a good game, but the unfortunate thing was that Aberdeen had enough ado to get up a team to play through injuries and sickness. The reshuffling of the local team led to their play being scrappy throughout, the defence being specially weak. On the other hand, Falkirk were strongly represented, and made no secret of their desire to win the shield. With a strong wind behind them, Falkirk pressed from the start, some lively forward work being seen. Shots from all ranges were sent in to King, but the custodian was in rare form, stopping several hot ones in masterful style. A rather weak clearance by the backs led to the first goal, which should have been cleared, while the second one came from Kemp unexpectedly, and from quite long range. Aberdeen began to show up a bit after this, and a lovely cross from the outside left gave the Falkirk custodian some trouble. Edgar catching the rebound, shot hard, which Hay followed up and made sure. This was considered hardly good enough by the Falkirk to cross over with, and with a moderate bit of luck Aberdeen should have drawn level on the restart; but the defence stood up, and another clever goal by Kemp was thought to settle the destination of the shield. Another cross from the left ended in Gildea beating his own goalkeeper, and so Aberdeen had still a chance with ten minutes to go. Deliberate kicking out was resorted to by the visiting backs, a lot of time being wasted over this. However, Falkirk won by 3-2: but we think that had Aberdeen been able to play their full strength, the shield would not have left the city. At the conclusion, Baillie Taggart presented the shield to Falkirk, along with handsome gold badges to the players. Mr Nicol, Falkirk, accepted, and Mr Crook, Perth, proposed a vote of thanks to Baillie Taggart, and Mr Duncan proposed a similar compliment to the committee, and the proceedings terminated.

Source: Bon-Accord, 5th May 1910

Falkirk A were worthy winners in the Dewar Shield Final at Pittodrie on Saturday, for, with the exception of the last quarter of an hour's play, the visitors were superior to Aberdeen A in almost every department of the game. In the first half Falkirk led by 2 goals to 1, while after the change of ends the Stirlingshire men added a third goal, and appeared likely to win by a two goal margin until the local players rallied and obtained a second goal. Falkirk, however, kept their lead to the end, and won by 3-2.
That the shield went to the better side there was not the least doubt, for Aberdeen during the greater portion of the game were struggling against heavy odds. The greatest difference between the teams was noticeable in the play of the two forward lines. Considering that the Falkirk five were classed under the title of "reserves" the exhibition given by the front rank was remarkably good. There was a thorough understanding between the players, especially in the respective wing, the inside men feeding their partners most judiciously.
Brown and McTavish formed a strong combination on the left, the dashing runs of the first named being quite a feature of the game, while he frequently cut into goal in a most dangerous fashion. McTavish's shooting was generally on the mark, he scored two of the goals - while his passing was always well timed. Kemp scored a fine goal, and altogether played clever football, while Tildesley was good at outside right. Taylor worked hard in the centre, but was not up to the class of the other forwards.
Orrock, Gildea, and McMillan forms a strong half-back line, and all three played well to their forwards. Miller, left-back, was a bit "off" in the kicking, and was too fond of sending the ball out of play. Reid was the better back.
King gave a sound exhibition of goalkeeping - indeed, he was the prominent player on his side - and but for his clever saving, the defeat of Aberdeen would have been more pronounced. The absence of Hannah weakened the defence for McFarlane and Harper were frequently in difficulties, and did not inspire confidence. McFarlane, however, was the better of the two backs, and gave a satisfactory account of himself when he went into the half-back line. Henderson was the pick of the middle line, Moffat and Low being weak. The forwards never really got into their stride. Hay and Edgar were perhaps the pick. MacEchern seldom got away, and the game was well advanced ere he did anything noteworthy. Jaffrey opened well, several of his crosses being nicely judged, but latterly he was seldom in evidence. Nichol could not get settle down in the centre, and although he appeared anxious to do well, could make nothing of the opposing centre half.

Source: Evening Express, 2nd May 1910

The season at Pittodrie closed on Saturday with the final tie for the Dewar Shield, Aberdeen A, the holders, meeting Falkirk's second string. There was a gusty wind, which spoiled play, but otherwise the conditions were good for the game. There was an attendance of about 2000 when the teams turned out as follows:-

Aberdeen A: King; Macfarlane, Harper; Low, Moffat, Henderson; E. V. A. McEchern, Hay, W. D. Nichol, Edgar, Jaffrey.
Falkirk A: Hunter; Reid, Miller; Orrock, Gildea, McMillan; Tivelsey, Kemp, Taylor, McTavish, Brown.

To playing with the wind, Falkirk got off at once, when tries came from both wings. McEchern beat Miller beautifully, and squared to the centre. Nichol failed to take the chance, and Jaffrey unaccountably let the ball run to the touch-line. The Bairns showed bewildering combination, and had the Pittodrie men constantly on the defence. King had several hot shots to hold from Gildea and then Kemp. A brief attack by the locals allowed a Jaffrey to square, but Hunter fielded well, and cleared. Falkirk's movements were bound to bring a goal, and it came soon. King fisted out, but the lines were not cleared, and in the ensuing melee McTavish headed into the net. A minute later Aberdeen were at the other end, where Nichol looked like scoring when he was fouled. It was only a burst, however, and in a trice the Falkirk sailed back again. Their manoeuvres were too much for Aberdeen, and a lovely long drive from Kent Fairlie beat King. Aberdeen rushed a surprise on Falkirk, to reduce the leeway. Edgar let Jaffrey away with a neat back heel touch, and the winger crossed accurately. Hay headed in, and the ball came off the crossbar. Edgar received it, and while Hunter partially cleared, the ball was over the line, but Hay made sure by putting the leather into the net. Aberdeen improved, but Falkirk were still superior. The visitors were taking full advantage of the wind, and King had to deal with several long, dangerous-looking shots. Falkirk beat their men every time, and were by far the smarter lot. Great shots from kemp and Reid were splendidly fielded by the home keeper. Nichol had a burst through, but in attempting to lift the ball over Hunters head the direction was too high.

Immediately on resuming, Aberdeen had a try for the equaliser, Edgar sending in a long punt, which just skimmed the bar. For now against the wind, Falkirk had a share of the pressing, and following upon a corner King's charge had a miraculous escape, a hard-driven ball being blocked by Taylor, who had fallen on the goal line. For a spell there was nothing of note, the game consisting of a series of touches and corners. Falkirk's defence was sound, and that was all that they need to care for. The increased the lead, however, and it came as the result of a breakaway on the left. Ground's centred, and McTavish, who was in the pivots position, made sure with a straight drive at close range. Another point came the way of Aberdeen, and while it was got as the result of pressure, the point was scored by Gildea, who placed in his own goal by mistake. Falkirk got a fright, and we're obviously afraid for the equaliser. The resorted to kicking out for a time, but ultimately resumed their pressure. Falkirk were well worth their win, but had Aberdeen played up earlier to the standard that they displayed in the later stages, the result might have been different. On the whole, Falkirk were easily masters in every department.

At the close, the shield was presented to Mr. Nichol, manager of the Falkirk team, by Baillie Taggart, who congratulated the winners, and said they all agreed that the best team had won. Aberdeen had lost the trophy, but they hoped to bring it back soon. (Applause.) Cheers were given for both teams.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 2nd May 1910

Falkirk Teamsheet
Hunter; Reid, Miller; Orrock, Gildea, McMillan; Tivelsey, Kemp, Taylor, McTavish, Brown
Attendance: 2,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen