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Aberdeen 6 - 0 Banff

HT Score: Aberdeen 2 - 0 Banff

Aberdeenshire Cup Third Round
Aberdeen scorers: McKay, Towns, McKay, Henderson, Moffat, McKay.

25/12/1909 | KO: 14:15

Before a small attendance at Pittodrie on Saturday. Teams:-

Aberdeen A: King; Hannah, Harper; Moffat, Macfarlane, Henderson; Hay, Towns, Mackay, Edgar, Jaffrey.
Banff: Crawford; Grant, Torry; Bremner, Murray, Watt; Reid, Cormack, Anderson, Donald, Ellis.

Aberdeen assumed the aggressive from the start, but Jaffrey found the hearts of this treacherous when he had a good opportunity. Three successive corners at the Banff end kept Crawford lively, but he came out of the ordeal well, saving twice, the for Mackay kicked over. After Banff had had an invasion, Aberdeen again made up towards Crawford, where Hay had a good try. The pressure continued, and between Mackay and Towns the ball was forced into the net somewhat luckily. Banff seldom got past the Aberdeen defence, and had a good deal to do in keeping out the local attack. Moffat had a great shot which just missed the mark. Continued pressure by Aberdeen brought a further point, on this occasion well merited. Jaffrey initiated a pressure with a nice centre, and, while the ball was in the air, Towns jumped at it and scored with a header. The Banff men showed little combination, and were slow in front of goal. This lost and many chances, but there was little excuse for Reid losing a great opportunity presented by Ellis, the ball running square across the line in front of King. During the remainder of the half Aberdeen did all the pressing, Banff's efforts being ragged and lacking in cohesion.

Immediately on resuming, the local men were at Crawford's end, and in numerous chances went a-begging until Towns sent in a grand shot, which the keeper cleared effectively. It was only a temporary relief, however, Aberdeen maintained the pressure, but did not seem to take the game seriously. Aberdeen's third point came in humorous fashion. Towns sent in a soft cross, which the keeper came out to meet, and attempted to kick. Crawford missed and the ball rolled over the line, where Mackay walked in and kicked it against the net. After Banff's had had a try, Hay carried the ball down, and Henderson got the fourth point. Yet another came. Moffat sent in a long screw shot from the left, and the ball curled into the net from the crossbar. For some time Aberdeen confined Banff's within their own half, and, from a high a cross, Mackay brought off a lovely header, which placed the ball beyond Crawford's reach. From start to finish the visitors showed up poorly against Aberdeen, Crawford in goal doing much to keep down the goal register.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 27th December 1909

Banff at Pittodrie.

Dear Bert,
Just a line, my buck, to wish you the compliments of the season. Here we've been having said season served up in meteorological samples - all brands and deggrees of weather, alternate rain and frost, with a taste of both on Saturday. Funny, isn't it? Why, when I went out to Pittodrie in the afternoon, I found the pitch better suited to a display of trick skating than football, and this after a damp and muggy morning too. It was rather a pity, for what might at least have been an interesting game was completely spoiled as a test 'twas valueless, and at times farcical.
The "A's" had, as their guests, representatives from the Royal Burgh of Banff, and a fairly good, thoroughly impartial, and good-hunioured crowd, turned out to see the fun. If the Deveronmouth, boys failed to make much of a show, small blame to them, say I; where all concerned had, to "go easy," but natural that the more seasoned and expert tacticians on the home side, should experience little difficulty in holdinig them in. Evidences of speed were not awanting, though, and I fancy that, under normal ground conditions thi might have proved their strongest asset; as it was, the short, cute passing of the Aberdonians kept them on the defensive tack nearly all the second half.
Six goals to nix may not appear startling: yet it must be owned, dear boy, that it might have been more, for two or three terrific shots - the best of the match - took the posts and crossbar and went for naught. Up to a certain point, Crawford in goal did remarkably well; and had he maintained his form till the end, he could easily have accounted for several of the scoring shots. Of course, the precarious footing entirely precluded the possibility of judging the capabilities of the forwards, but I received the imprpssion that Anderson and Cormack might have shown up well; while at back, Grant looked a thorough trier and fearless tackler. They were all keeen, and worked hard for a goal, just missing a dead certainty on one occasion through Cormack being a fraction of a second too late in meeting a lovely cross from the left.
On the home side, I was glad to see Archie Harper once more in uniform; he still looks far from fit, however. By the way I have noticed that since joining the second team (temporarrily I hooe), Joe Moffat has been developing quite a mania for goalscoring. Indeed, if he goes on as he is doing, Bobbie Simpson will have to stretch himself if he means to maintain his record as a waterproof lifter. Some of Joe's demoniac pots on Saturday almost knocked over the show. I am keeping an interested eye on Joe - and the waterproofs! I hope he'll scoop one; they're handy this weather. Well, ta-ta. old man - a Happy New Year to you!

Source: Bon-Accord, 30th December 1909

Banff Teamsheet
Crawford; Grant, Torry; Bremner, Murray, Watt; Reid, Cormack, Anderson, Donald, Ellis
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen