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Aberdeen 1 - 0 Partick Thistle

HT Score: Aberdeen 1 - 0 Partick Thistle

Div 1 (Old)
Aberdeen scorers: Wilson.

09/01/1909 | KO:

At Aberdeen, before 3000 spectators. The pitch was liberally covered with sand on account of the intense frost, foothold being always difficult for the players. Wilson scored for Aberdeen after twenty minutes' play. Aberdeen pressed through the greater part of the second half, but they could not get through Result :- Aberdeen, one goal; Partick Thistle, nothing.

Source: The Scotsman, 11th January 1909

N.B. It appears that Partick Thistle gave up home advantage as they were unable to use their Meadowside ground and Firhill would not be ready till the following season.
There was a fairly large attendance of spectators at Pittodrie on Saturday, when Partick Thistle met Aberdeen in a Scottish League engagement. The pitch was frost-bound in the morning, but the liberal supply of sand made it playable, and the pitch was in wonderfully good condition when Mister T. Dougray lined the teams up as follows:-

Partick Thistle: W. Eadie; McKenzie, Gray; Wilson, Lyle, Low; Ballantine, Macgregor, Kennedy, McPherson, F. Robertson.
To Aberdeen: Mutch; Colman, Hume; Davidson, Wilson, Low; Murray, Simpson, Dalgarno, Niblo, Lennie.

Partick were the first to take up aggressive work, and a corner soon came their way when Kennedy looked like finding the net. Colman relieved, however, and Simpson tried to make off, but encountered en route, and the tide was turned. A foul to Aberdeen looked bad for the strangers, but McKenzie caught up a pass to Niblo, and the situation was saved. The Thistle seemed bent on giving trouble, but the home defence played a clean, sound game, and gave the local left wing a chance. The payer carried the venue to Eadie's end, and Lennie ended by presenting Dalgarno with a great chance. The pivot was ready for it, and drove hard for goal, but his Ririe only brought the reward "hard lines." Aberdeen appeared to settle down to the attack now, and McKenzie and Gray had a terrific amount of work in keeping their lines clear. After Dalgarno had forced a fruitless corner, Kennedy led the Partick towards Mutch, where, after some trying work, Colman let his forwards away again. A severe pressure ensued, in which Eadie distinguished himself with a brilliant save from Davidson. A run up to the other end followed, and Kennedy and looked like getting through, when Hume came to the rescue. The Thistle men were bustling in their tactics, and the ball travelled rapidly from end to end. The home left-wingers were footing in some smart work, and Niblo had a rare shot from the left, dropping the ball just under the bar, where it was held out with difficulty by the Partick custodian. Judicious feeding from the middle line, backed by clever work on the Aberdeen left wing, brought the fight once more in front of Eadie. Lennie and Niblo circumvented the opposition, but McKenzie was penalised either for handling the sphere or trying for Lennie's legs. Hume was entrusted with the free kick, and tried to get the ball into the top corner of the net. His judgment was bad, however, and the sphere landed widely behind. The game was quiet and lacking in incident, and the only redeeming feature of interesting play was a great shot from Robertson on the Partick left. Aberdeen made several in cautions that looked dangerous, but some clearing misses were perpetrated. After and least three such ocher and since, Dalgarno and Lennie contrived to crown these performances with something worse. The pivot had the goal at his mercy and banged against the keeper, while Lennie caught the rebound, and drove wildly behind. A strong run down by the local lot in a body brought the much-sought-for leading point. Wilson shot while on the run, and a fine hard punt it was. The ball shot under the bar, and although VE got his hands on it, the sphere curled into the net. Partick made frequent invasions of the home territory, but all too little purpose. Aberdeen soon came down again on the right, when Gray brought Murray down rather unceremoniously. The foul gave Aberdeen no advantage, but they were not long in returning to the attack. Meantime, Wilson, at right half for Partick, came by an injury, and had to be assisted to the pavilion. After the resumption, Lennie made off on the left, and came straight in for goal. He pushed the ball into the centre, but McKenzie was on it first, and the lines were cleared temporarily. Simpson next had a try at goal with a lovely slanting shot, which Eadie fisted out. During a spell of pressing, Gray, Partick's left back, sustained a leg injury, and it was thought that he would have to join Wilson in the pavilion. Wilson reappeared at this minute, however, and Gray, thanks to skilful treatment from Trainer Simpson, was able to take the field again. The strangers played with renewed vigour, and some good attacks were made before the interval, but without avail.

Immediately on resuming Aberdeen set up a pressure, and numerous chances were presented to Dalgarno, who missed passes from both wings, the second one from Lennie giving the pivot an open goal. Partick then had a turn, and after some business-like rushes on Mutch, McKenzie spoiled the siege by banging wildly behind. Aberdeen made off on the right, and although Murray had seldom proved himself equal to Gray, the winger so worried the burly back on this occasion that the latter had to grant a corner. The same wing came to the attack again, and Murray, after beating the defence, flashed in a pretty delivery, which Eadie had to fist away. The attack on the Partick citadel was now general and strong, and how the goal was kept intact was a marvel. McKenzie got in the way of a sound drive from Niblo, and a second later the same thing happened when Lennie tried for goal. In vain the strangers tried to get the ball away. The local halves tackled beautifully, and plied their forwards with the sphere continuously. Davidson's stop and attempted movement westward by the Partick front line, and then, running in, drove hard for the top of the net. Eadie was alert, however, and managed to divert the shot over the bar. The corner only lead to a continuation of the pressure round Eadie, and although nearly all the Aberdeen men tried for a point, luck seemed to be with Partick. It was a case of part-shooting by Aberdeen, and all the luck with Partick. Wilson was working hard, as usual, tackling and shooting, but the combined assault by the forwards and halves was of no avail. At last the siege was raised, and Partick made a fine swinging rush up towards Mutch. The visitors were playing the correct game, and Robertson came near getting the equalising point with a great slanting shot from the margin. Mutch threw himself on the ball, and with Kennedy in close attendance, it was all that the custodian could do to get his lines cleared. Simpson and Murray came up on the right again, but it was a brief attack, a fruitless corner leading up to a struggle in midfield. A foul against Aberdeen allowed Ballantyne to make off, and Hume had to concede a corner. Partick were doing a lot of pressing, which gave promise of a goal, but the defence dealt skilfully with shots from all directions, although the goal had a rather lucky escape when Ballantyne flashed in are rare ball, which ran dangerously across the goal-line and went behind. The strangers' pressure was worthy of reward while it lasted, but hard work by the home halves relieved ultimately, and there was a renewal of the earlier struggle in front of Eadie. Wilson, Murray, and Niblo all had good tries, and then Simpson took matters in hand. He banged hard at Eadie, and after catching the rebound tried another hot shot, which, however, went high. Eadie held his charge brilliantly for a spell, and then in the closing minutes Partick made a desperate effort to snatch a share of the points. The backs were strong and sure, however, and the game ended in the Partick end.


Aberdeen, all over, were well worth more than a one-goal victory. Eadie saved Partick from a heavy defeat, and was well assisted by the backs. The middle line was mediocre, and of the forwards, Kennedy was most effective. Robertson and Ballantyne on the wings were also good. For Aberdeen, Colman and Hume were strong, and the trio of halves were hard-working and effective. The home van missed opportunities, but they played a hard, had a sing game, and Lennie and Niblo in particular were troublesome to the opposition. The drawings amounted to £99 7s 9d.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 11th January 1909

There was only a moderate attendance at Pittodrie on Saturday to witness the return League game between Aberdeen and Partick Thistle. Evidently the surfeit of football during the holidays had its effect on the "gate," and the fact that Aberdeen were considered to be under strength led many to think the game would not be a good one. In this last surmise those who shared it were not far wrong, but the play was all right if the weather had been a little more considerate of the surface of the pitch, which was far from safe. Sand had been used to give the players footing, but even then the "going " was a bit treacherous. Aberdeen were without Halkett and McIntodsh in the middle line, Davidson and Wilson filling the gaps there. The players had evidently got instructions to take care of themselves, for they took little risks, and play was seriously interfered with by the turns which the ball took on the curves left by the frost. Both goals run narrow escapee at the start, and with surer foothold something more tangible would have been seen. It was really difficult to say how the game would go, for though Aberdeen did the bulk of pressing, the Thistle came along with dangerous rushes towards Mutch. After good attempts by Lennie, Niblo, and Dalgarno, Wilson got into good position, and, putting some pith behind a high shot, it struck the crossbar and glanced into the net. It was a fine effort, capitally judged, and beat Eadie all the way. There were several good tries after this, but, prior to what we have mentioned, we should have drawn attention to the penalty which Hume tried to convert. The spectators were anxious to see how the left back would shape, as he had got a reputation for this department through a fine job he made against the Pilgrims. There was nobody more dismayed than Hume to see the ball going high over the bar, for he had calculated on doing the trick to a nicety. Half-time arrived when Aberdeen looked like Scoring another.

The second period was notable for the amount of work which the Thistle defence put in. Eadie performed marvels between the sticks, and altogether he saved his side from a trouncing. On play, Aberdeen deserved to score several times and it is indeed fortunate that they got the goal in the first half, for it would have been hard lines to have divided the points on the run of the game, which ended 1-0 in favour of Aberdeen.

Play and Players.

The Thistle made a good appearance, for they did not seem to find the ground so treacherous as the home side. Eadie and the two backs got most to do, and did it well; while the middle line checked many dangerou rushes. Kennedy took our fancy most in the front line, the others being too well kept in hand. On the home side, Mutch got very little to do, and was none too confident at that. Coleman and Hume were great, neither being better than the other. Low was the best of the middle line, Wilson being inclined to roam a bit, and we prefer to see him on the wing to anywhere. Davidson has not got the polish of Halkett, but he stuck in well, and only needs experience to be a fine player. The left wing had the lion's share of work thrust on them, while the right wing were too often neglected. Dalgarno showed plenty of dash in centre, and with a little less anxiety should do well.

Chatty Bits.

Aberdeen have finished their account with Partick Thistle, and are four points to the good.
The management had another anxious time last week-end, the renewed storm causing them no end of money.
Nothing definite could be done till late on Friday, when the frost had set in, and then it was decided to put sand all over the pitch.
Mr Dougray, the referee, arrived early on Saturday to examine the grounds, and declared the pitoh playable.
Though the pitch may have been playable, it was decidedly dangerous in some parts. Referees, however, have not to be too fastidious if a game can be played at all.
The players realised there was some bad bits about and traded the surface warily. There was a want of dash sometimes, and too much the next, when they could not pull themselves up.
Had Lennie been able to, keep his feet properly, he had two sure goals in the first half. As it was he only missed by inches, and the game may be said of Dalgarno.
We hear glowing accounts of Macpherson's goalkeeping at Breohin. He saved his side from defeat.
It would be well to have such a player signed as you never know what may happen in the way of accidents.
The Reserves were quite delighted at taking away a point from Brechin. In the opinion of some of them they should have taken two.
Halkett, Macintosh, and O'Hagan were interested spectators at Saturday's match. They would have all preferred to have been playing.
O'Hagan returned frome Ireland last week, and has started training in view of the cup ties.
Dundee having won top place on the table, mean to remain there for some time. On present form they fancy their chance of being champions rosier than ever it has been.
From now till the end of the season there will be some keen battles for supremacy. The Celts have the better average, if they do not make more slips.

Source: Bon-Accord, 14th January 1909

Partick Thistle Teamsheet
W. Eadie; McKenzie, Gray; Wilson, Lyle, Low; Ballantyne, Macgregor, Kennedy, McPherson, F. Robertson
Attendance: 4,500
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr T. Dougray
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