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Aberdeen 3 - 1 Queens Park

HT Score: Aberdeen 1 - 0 Queens Park

Div 1 (Old)
Aberdeen scorers: Soye, MacEchern 38, Simpson 49.
Queens Park scorers: McColl 70

27/09/1909 | KO:

At Pittodrie yesterday, before 10,000 spectators. The first half was splendidly contested, both teams showing fine form. The Glasgow men opened with a spirited attack on the Aberdeen goal, which narrowly escaped downfall, Mutch saving a drive from the Queen's outside right. Aberdeen subsequently opened out the game on the right, Simpson leading a brilliant attack by the entire front rank. Near the interval McEchern picked up a cross from the left and scored a lovely goal. Half-time :- Aberdeen, one goal, Queen's Park, nothing.
In the second half, the game went greatly in favour of Aberdeen, Simpson adding a second goal five minutes after the interval. Keeping up the pressure, Aberdeen outplayed their opponents, and Soye put on a third goal. The match was now safe for Aberdeen, who slowed down, with the result that McColl raced past the backs and scored. The visitors tried hard to reduce the leeway, but failed to score again. Result :- Aberdeen, three goals; Queen's Park, one.

Source: The Scotsman, 29th September 1909

The Aberdeen Club had as their holiday attraction at Pittodrie yesterday Queen's Park, always a popular team the matter how and fortune is favouring the famous amateurs, but a strong card after the performance on Saturday, when they grew with Celtic. There was a big holiday crowd, the attendance being estimated at 10,000. The weather was ideal and the pitch in excellent condition. Teams:-

Aberdeen: Mutch; Colman, Hume; Davidson, Moffat, Miller; McEchern, Simpson, Soye, O'Hagan, Lennie.
Queens Park: Burnett; Young, Richmond; McAndrew, Murray, Craigie; Purcell, Bowie, Thomson, McColl, Hamilton.
Referee - D. Philip, Dunfermline.

In the Aberdeen team there were two changes from the eleven not conquered Hibs, McEchern for Murray, and Davidson for Wilson; and in the Queen's team two, Thomson for Skene, and Hamilton for Paul.
The match was late in starting, owing to the referee having lost his train connection, and both teams agreed to go on with are Brebner, Aberdeen, as wielder of the whistle.

Queen's won the toss, and played with their backs to the sea, with little, if any, wind advantage. Aberdeen had the first run, Queen's retaliated brilliantly. Burnett was the first to handle, stopping the ball off one of his own backs, and then holding a header from Soye. Queen's were clever forward on the right, and Purcell had a shot which Mutch might have let past, but handled, giving away a corner. Bowie sent in a teaser, which went over by an inch. Queen's were having the better of the exchange's, but were checked by a splendid defence. At the other end Burnett had difficulty with a long drive from Simpson. The Aberdeen spectators' hair rose when Purcell, getting round Hume, sent in are raking ball, which Mutch, on his knees, stopped, but could not get away. Colman completely missed his kick, and Davidson, coming to the rescue, cleared in the nick of time. Queen's were, so far, the better team, and would not be denied. Back the game, but the offside rule did for the Aberdeen players were failing to do, sent Queen's to the other end, where Lennie, in passing young, ran the ball over the line. O'Hagan was not doing well, and as a result, Lennie was not getting much of the ball. A spell of brilliant attacking by Aberdeen followed, the queen's goal having a marvellous escape. Lennie so a grand ball across to the right, and McEchern, on the run at top speed, flashed the ball into the Queen's goal, Burnett making a great save. In the ball was sent again, and Burnett, stretched full length on the ground, scraped it away. The goalkeeper had scarcely regained his feet, when he was completely beaten with a lightning shot from Simpson, which, to the chagrin of the crowd, struck the upright and rebounded into play. Burnett had to handle twice again before getting relief. Much to his discomfort, the relief was momentary. The eager, clever Aberdeen forwards, strongly supported by their half-backs, pressed hard. Lennie, running in, sent in a forcible shot, which glanced off the upright to O'Hagan, who drove hard in at close range, Burnett saving weakly. Luckily for the hard-pressed amateurs, Lennie missed his kick a yard from goal. In the melee, Burnett was injured. After a shortstop, play was resumed, Aberdeen again battering at the Queen's goal, where McEchern missed a pass from Miller close in. Soye then brought Burnett to the ground with the ball between his knees on the line. The official referee having arrived, took charge of the game, and with his appearance the run of play changed in favour of the Queen's, the Aberdeen goal having a narrow escape, a fast shot by Hamilton striking the upright, with Mutch beaten. Colman brought relief with a big kick, and the Queen's were again defending, Burnett giving away a corner from an overhead kick by Lennie. Purcell, getting the ball from Thomson, broke away, and shot past. Aberdeen again attacked, and a long-drawn-out "Oh!" From the crowd followed another escape of the Queen's goal. Lennie, working into the centre, drove hard for the off-corner of the net, and Burnett, throwing himself full length, just reached the ball, and pushed it away with the tips of his fingers. A corner succeeded corner of the Queen's goal, but into the net the ball would not go. At last, with 7 minutes to go, the long-deserved and hard-work-for goal came to Aberdeen. Lennie got the ball, and, dodging Young's forcible lunge, crossed beautifully. ? McEchern, and the outside right with a lightning shot low down found the net, Burnett being completely beaten by a ball which he never saw. Queen's, who had been active the picture since the start, now moved a bit, and a dangerous shot from Bowie across to goal was missed by Mutch, but luckily rolled past. Aberdeen returned to the bombardment, and Burnett saved for shots in quick succession, one being a particularly strong effort by Miller. Aberdeen were still pressing at half time when the score stood:-Aberdeen 1; Queen's Park 0.

A review of the first half can be done in two words dash "Queen's nowhere." Aberdeen had the worst luck ever seen at Pittodrie, and on play should have led by three goals.

Burnett got a cheer on taking up his position in the west goal. Aberdeen were well set on a fine combined run when Soye was given offside with three players in front of him - a palpable blunder by the referee. Mutch was called upon to handle at the other end. Cool, but brainy, played by Moffat was responsible for maintaining a keen Aberdeen attack, Lennie showing clever touches on the left. Four minutes from the interval the queen's colours were again lowered, and easy-looking shot by Simpson sailing into the net, being badly misjudged by Burnett. Poor, indeed, was the play of the Queen's, wild kicking and following up being their policy. Arthur Murray was the best of their halves. Some of the amateurs were showing signs of temper, Lennie was off with young in attendance, when the Queen's Park back gave him a wild lunge, bringing the little winger violently down. It was dangerously near the penalty line. Richmond cleared from the free kick. Simpson, by grand individual work, the Soye a chance, and the centre's shot was stopped by Burnett dropping on the ball on the line. Another goal for Aberdeen was bound to come, and this one came in a peculiar way. McEchern shot in, and Burnett ran out. The goalkeeper got the ball as sorry charge them, the collision sending both players to the grass, while the ball rolled slowly into the empty goal. Soye was winded, and Burnett had also been injured, and a short stoppage was called until the players came round. Queen's now showed some better play, and got a goal after 25 minutes of the second half. McColl tricked Colman, I and, with a fast, low shot, lashed the ball into the net. Mutch threw himself at full length, but failed. Aberdeen forced two corners, I and, closely hampered, O'Hagan shot rather weakly. Mutch saved from Hamilton. Delightfully clever play was seen on the Aberdeen right wing, Simpson's trapping and slipping being smart and masterly. McEchern forced a corner off Arthur Murray, after Burnett had fisted out a high shot from Soye. Queen's now had a look in, as Aberdeen slackened in their efforts, but they could not pass the Aberdeen backs. Lennie gave Burnett have long shot to hold, and then, from a corner, McEchern struck the outside of the bar with are a raking shot. Burnett fisted away a cross from McEchern at the critical moment, and then, as a slight variation, Queen's had a visit to the Aberdeen end of the field, but all the defenders were found at home. McEchern again caused Burnett to clumsily caress the ball. Colman was displaying great form, and meeting man and ball every time in irresistible style. Mutch saved a deadly shot from McColl, offside being given.

The gate was estimated at £260.


There was a much larger crowd on Monday than there was on Saturday to see Queen's Park and Aberdeen play for League points. Not so very long ago holiday fixtures were generally relegated to "friendlies" but now the people who stay at home must have some thing worth staying for, and nothing but points or a cup tie will satisfy them. The attendance was gratifying to the management, and the spectators got splendid value for their money. There was a bit of a hitch at the start when the offical referee failed to put in appearance, and Mr R. Bremner, a local was requisitionedtill Mr Philip, of Dunfermline, arrived, who wired that his train connection had failed him owing to holiday "specials."
The teams lined up, and when it was seen that R. S. McColl was on the Queen's side there was a general feeling that something worth would be seen. Aberdeen had two changes from Saturday, C. V. A. McEchern taking Bert Murray's place at outside right and Davidson Wilson's place at right half. Play was fast at the start, the visitors having the intention of getting a snatch goal to begin with, but their scheme entirely failed against the stubborn defence of Colman and Mume. Lennie raced along on the touchline, and his cross all but took effect. Burnett got several teasing shots to hold, one from Simpson deserving to count.
The amateur custodian continued to disilday some grand work, Aberdeen pressing the defence to such purpose that goals were bound to come. Bad luck seemed to dog the home forwards, who were doing everything but score, their work in the open being beyond reproach. When it was thought that the period was to be a barren one, Lennie sent over a splendid cros fast as lightning, which MacEchern snapped up beautifully and made no mistake in beating Burnett. In fact, it would have beaten any goalkeeper.
One goal up at half-time did not by any means represent the run of the play, for Aberdeen were so clearly the better side that Queen's very seldom got dangerous. Nor was the second period long begun ere Simpson pounced on a rising ball, which he sent wide of the custodian, the effort being loundly applauded. Then when Soye added the third goal the spectators went into raptures. The Queen's were not lying down altogether though, and were always ready to snap up a weak return or take advantage of any mistake that would let them in. Just on the close a misundersinding arose in the defence, and R. S. McColl was too cute to let it pass, beating Mutch with a good shot. Aberdeen thus added to their laurels by defeating the amateurs by 3 goals to 1.


Burnett's brilliant goalkeeping, with a finished. display at back by Richmond, and centre-half Murray keeping a watchful eye on Soye, saved Queen's Park from a tremendous beating. McColl was the artiste forward, but he could not get the other to move with him; Aberdeen's middle line doing most effective checking work.
Aberdeen were seen to much better advantage in this game than they were on Saturday, every one playing in great form, and it would be unwise to say that one was better than the others. Each performed the part allotted to him in a way that disarms criticism, and they richly deserve the highest praise for their work. The middle line were also very effective, but we thouht Millar put in a lot of extra work on this occasion, and Moffat and Davidson were not far behind. Coleman and Hume were aiso in great form, Donald excelling in every way on his Saturday's display; while Mutch got very little to do, but was ever on the alert for emergencies.


Saturday is the third round of the Qualifying Cup competitions.
Harp and University have both to face the music in this round.
Lsst week Elgin City and Peterhead met to decide their tie in the second round, and a draw of 4 goals resulted.

Peterlbead are earning notoriety for draws. If it pays them it is all right.
Rangers now wait the Celts or Queen's Park for the final of the Glasgow Cup, which is due on Saturday week.
Once the Glasgow Cup is finished the League will occupy sole attention till after the New Year.
The North-Eastern competition, however, will drag on albit on account of Leith being unable to play Falkirk.
On Saturday Dundee and hearts played a drawn game at Tynecastle, and the replay will take place on Monday.
So far, Aberdeen have been fortunate with regard to accidents, nothing serious having occurred as yet.
The grounds for this year's International - England v Wales are to be let to the club who give the best terms. Offers have to be in by Saturday.
For sound, stubborn defence, that possessed by the Hibs has not been excelled in Pittodrie Park this season.
Aberdeen had some trouble in the erection of the stand on the unreserved side. The town's officials put obstacles in the way, but eventually common sense prevailed, and the stand is to go on.
It is expected it will he ready for the public this week. One thing it will do, and that is to obscure the gratis view from the gardens.
Could not something be done to prevent the view from Spion Kop on the Gallowhill?
With the opening of the University next week the Rugby code will he in full swing, while the association teamh will have to play a cup tie this Saturday.
We hear that John Jamess Simpson is to assist the 'Varsity in their Qualifying ties. Good luck to him!
St Mirren will have a strong team north on Saturday, and they mean to have revenge for last year's defeat.
How many times have Aberdeen put a check on victorions teams in the League? We recollect the Hearts coming up undefeated, and going away pointless, then tthe Celts, and Hibs got theirs on Saturday. Are there any more?

Source: Bon-Accord, 30th September 1909

Queens Park Teamsheet
Burnett; Young, Richmond; McAndrew, Murray, Craigie; Purcell, Bowie, Thomson, McColl, Hamilton
Attendance: 10,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. D. Philip, Dunfermline
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