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Hibernian 1 - 2 Aberdeen

HT Score: Hibernian 0 - 1 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Hibernian scorers: Smith
Aberdeen scorers: O'Hagan, Murray.

18/04/1910 | KO:

Return match, at Easter Road, Edinburgh, before 1500 spectators. With the wind behind them in the first half, the visitors did most of the attacking, and dangerous shots were sent in by Soye, Murray, and Simpson. Eventually the Aberdeen forwards got on the lead, O'Hagan, the inside left, being the marksman, W Allan throwing himself to the ground in an endeavour to save. The Hibernians opened out, but at all points they were held. Half-time :- Aberdeen, one goal; Hibernians, nothing. Lennie, on resuming, kept the Hibernian defence busy, driving with great force, the ball missing by inches. Rain then came down in torrents, making the pitch almost unplayable. The home team with the elements as an advantage, gradually settled down to a strong bustling game, combination being out of the question. The equaliser was directly due to O'Hara, Mutch catching the ball on the goal line, but failing to hold it. Smith rushed in and netted. Aberdeen were quickly at the other end. A cross shot from the right tempted Allan to run out to clear. The custodian missed the ball entirely, and Murray, who was well placed, put on the visitors' second goal. The game throughout did not reach a high standard. Result :- Aberdeen, two goals; Hibernians, one goal.

Source: The Scotsman, 19th April 1910

On Monday Aberdeen finished their southern tour by meeting the Hibernians at Easter Road in the return League fixture. The weather had not improved much from that experienced in Glasgow on Saturday, and the crowd was consequently not so large as is usual at a holiday fixture. Getting into their stride, Aberdeen more than held their own, the forwards showing up better than for a few weeks back. Well through the first period O'Hagan scored with a good shot, and though they had many good tries, the teams crossed with the score 1-0 in favour of Aberdeen. The Hibs with the elements behind them made things hum for a bit, an ineffective clearance by Mutch was rushed in. Tom Murray put his side on the lead, a good game ending 2-1 in favour of Aberdeen.

Source: Bon-Accord, 21st April 1910

At Easter Road, Edinburgh, yesterday, in dull, showery weather, Aberdeen met Hibs in a League fixture. Teams:-

Hibs: Allan; Paterson, S. Allan; Duguid, O'Hara, Lamb; Sharp, Logan, Peggie, Callaghan, Smith.
Aberdeen: Mutch; Colman, Hume; Davidson, Wilson, Millar; Soye, Simpson, T. Murray, O'Hagan, Lennie.
Referee - Mr. Dougray, Nitshill.

Hibs kicked off, and at once attacked, Peggie getting through Aberdeen's defence, but too far behind the ball to be effective against Mutch. Tom Murray was in early prominent for the visitors, I and, with Simpson, operated well on the sticky ground. Soye tried a screw from the corner. Lennie slipped up the wing and centred well to Murray. the pivot slipped in getting in. However, it was all Aberdeen's game so far, with the halves and even the backs attacking. Allan had to handle a lovely drooping shot from Davidson. Smith had a fine sprint for the Hibs, and forced a fruitless corner. Aberdeen returned, and Simpson delivered a couple of rare shots to Allan. Soye was cheered for a similar effort. Following an exciting tussle at the Aberdeen end, Lennie carried the invasion to the other end, where Murray failed to force a passage. He gave to O'Hagan, who was off side, and a great chance was lost. Aberdeen, with the wind advantage, pressed hard, and played superior football, having hard lines repeatedly. Simpson was the best forward so far, and did great work. Lamb was strong, and let Smith away nicely, but Colman was ever ready. Lennie got round Paterson beautifully and centred. Although Murray failed, he made amends a minute later with a hot shot at Allan. Aberdeen were worth a point, and at last it came through O'Hagan. Lennie crossed, and inside man, after eluding Paterson, delivered a fast, slanting shot, which landed in the far corner of the net beyond the custodians reach. Hibs made two surprise rushes, which almost brought the equaliser. The visitors soon recovered. O'Hagan just failed to rush the ball through after a fruitless corner. Hibs made progress on the right, and Peggie lost a great opportunity by miskicking. The Hibs were occasionally smart, but the bulk of the aggressive work was by Aberdeen. Mutch had a difficult shots to deal with from Sharp, fisting out a hot, high ball. In an attack by Aberdeen's left O'Hagan got hurt, but after a brief sojourn on the touchline he resumed. Play was quiet for a spell, but to wards the interval excitement rolled at Allan's end. Lennie tried, and from the rebound Simpson troubled the keeper, who ran out to the touch-line. Aberdeen were easily the better lot in the first half.

Aberdeen opened the second half with an invasion. Soye manoeuvred on the right, and crossed to O'Hagan. Lennie got the ball, and drove hard and true. The direction was correct, but Paterson's body intervened, and the leather glanced past off the post. Wilson was forced to concede a corner, and the pressure by the Hibs was relieved by a foul. Hibs looked business-like, and good work by the front line was spoiled by offside. Soye initiated tremendous pressure on Allan, which created excitement. O'Hagan and Lennie had repeated pot shots. By a series of flux, the line was kept clear till Sam Allen got in a huge punt. A sudden turn of the tide so a similar state of matters at the Aberdeen end, and had Peggie not misjudged his header, a goal was certain. Back again went Aberdeen. O'Hagan was slow in accepting a pass from Lennie, but Simpson stepped in, and his shot was stopped under the bar by Allan. In a hurricane of wind and rain, the Hibs attacked in force, and a great, long shot from Sharp almost brought the equaliser, the ball striking the underside of the bar and the custodian's fists with terrific force. Hibs were combining with effect, and only nipped 1/2-back work and a solid defence enabled Aberdeen to hold out to the attack. O'Hara had a ripping shot, but Mutch saved brilliantly as the crowd cheered in anticipation of a goal. Logon failed to take the chance of an open goal, and then Callaghan headed past. Aberdeen were by no means out of the running, and Wilson gave Alan a teaser to hold.


The rain storm was terrific, but the game was continued with unabated vigour and exciting exchanges, which held that drenched crowd round the barricades. Both goalkeepers were getting plenty to do. Murray shot smartly, and Allan made a wonderful save. Then the Hibs crowded on all sail, and bore down on the Aberdeen citadel. The passing was clean and sharp, and the Wasps' defence wavered. The ball was swung out to the left, and an Aberdeen back only partially stopped the re-cross. Coming in at full speed, the Hibs' centre was on the ball in a trice. Mutch made a gallant and almost successful effort to save, but Smith sprang in to Peggie's aid, and the ball was lashed into the net. On level terms the teams toiled on in a deluge of rain. First one goal and then the other was assailed, and the excitement was high. O'Hara almost gave the Hibs the lead with a great shot, which Colman blocked. In reply to this Aberdeen attacked strongly, fairly breaking down the Hibs defence, and from a melee in front of W. Allen, Tom Murray hooked the ball into the net. Play never slackened, continuing very fast to the end, each goal being visited in turn. Aberdeen, however, were the clever are side, and, against the wind, worked well.


Aberdeen were value for their win. They did by far the larger share of the pressing, but did not make the most of the chances. Mutch was safe and cool, and the backs very firm. The half-backs were worn a little towards the close, and Wilson was the best. In a spasmodic ban, Simpson was the leading light, with O'Hagan and Murray next. For a fag end of the season game, it was a good one, exciting throughout, and fiercely contested.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 19th April 1910

Hibernian Teamsheet
Allan; Paterson, S. Allan; Duguid, O'Hara, Lamb; Sharp, Logan, Peggie, Callaghan, Smith
Attendance: 1,500
Venue: Easter Road, Edinburgh
Referee: Mr. Dougray, Nithshill
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