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Aberdeen 1 - 0 Airdrie

HT Score: Aberdeen 0 - 0 Airdrie

Scottish Cup Second Round
Aberdeen scorers: McIntosh.

11/02/1911 | KO:

Twelve thousand spectators attended this match at Aberdeen. In the first half Aberdeen did nearly all the pressing, but the Airdrie defence stood up brilliantly to the repeated attacks of the home forwards. Ewart saved almost certain goals from shots sent in by Lennie, Millar, Davidson, and Travers, while King was never tested. The play was always hard, but very one-sided, the visitors depending mainly on their defence. Fifteen minutes after the re-start McIntosh scored for Aberdeen, after Mackie had failed to clear away a shot from Lennie. The quality of the play fell away after this, but Aberdeen were always the better side. Near the close S. Young struck the side of the net with a fast drive, but that was the only likely effort for Airdrie. Aberdeen were worthy winners. Result:- Aberdeen, one goal; Airdrieonians, nothing.

Source: The Scotsman, 13th February 1911

There were 15,000 spectators present at Pittodrie on Saturday to witness the Scottish cup-tie between Aberdeen and Airdrie for admission to the third round of the competition. After a hard game, which the home team was easily the superior side, Airdrie were defeated by 1-0. The drawings amounted to over £300. Teams:-

Aberdeen: King; Colman, Hume; Davidson, Wyllie, Millar; Soye, McIntosh, Wilson, Travers, Lennie.

Airdrieonians: Ewart; Hill, Mackie; Williams, Duff, J. Young; Allan, Thomson, S. Young, Donaldson, Neilson.

Referee - Mister W. Humphries, Glasgow.

Aberdeen lost the toss, had to face a strong sun, and, with this disadvantage, Airdrie at once bustled down on the defence. In the first minute King had to gather are rolling ball from Allan, on the right. It was apparent that the Airdrie did not mean to all of the local attack to settle down, and they're rushing movements somewhat surprised the middle line. Williams fouled Lennie, and this left Aberdeen off on their first raid of Airdrie territory, but, when Soye and McIntosh pressed, a hard punt by Hill rebounded from McIntosh and went behind. The crop cheered as the Aberdeen front line began to develop something like the old form, Lennie diddled round Williams and Hill and got in a fine centre, which McIntosh almost breasted through. Soye was next prominent with a screw shot from near the corner flag, his effort just dropping the ball in front of the crossbar. The visiting defenders were big, and they needed all their weight, for they were having more to do and they could comfortably cope with. Wilson was not distributing play so well as Murray, but he was always trying, and he gave Ewart a couple of warm balls to hold, the first being a high, drooping shot and the next a rocket drive. The Aberdeen halves were playing a strong game, and Millar was always prominent with clean tackling and judicious placing, while he also had tries for goal. For a time there was a monotonous spell of hard work in midfield, broken by McIntosh, who cutely slipped the ball to his partner and allowed Soye to drop in a great shot, which Ewart gathered well. This was the beginning of a hot pressure, and the Airdrie defenders could make nothing of the attack as the ball swung across from wing to wing. Mackie came to the rescue, however, with a rare header, but a second later Aberdeen were back, and relief only came when McIntosh headed over. Meantime the strangers' frontline were doing little, their game being almost entirely a defensive one. Donaldson and Neilson occasionally got away, but they were never allowed to get within shooting range. Miller had a great try, a trifle high, and then Wilson booted in a terrific ball. Aberdeen were all over Airdrie no, and Soye and Davidson both had attempts at goal. Ewart was in great form, and although repeatedly called upon, he did his work well. Travers gave the keeper a test, and then Soye punted hard in, the custodian having to clear with McIntosh in close attendance. Just on the interval a cross by Soye gave Aberdeen of their chance, but Wilson was too eager, and got in Lennie's way, when the winger had a certain opening. As it was the little man almost got the point, the hook shot landing on the top of the bar. Ewart was constantly on the alert, and saved his side repeatedly.

On the resumption, Hume and Thomson had a collision, in which both were slightly hurt. Easy kicking by the home defence so play transferred to Ewart's end, but the Airdrie's tall defenders got the sphere out of danger. Nielsen was making progress when Davidson brought him down, and was penalised, the winger subsequently hoping the ball into the side net. The Airdrie were showing a little more in attack no, and the left wing men we're responsible. Pressing upon the defence, the homesters looked like getting in from the left, but Hill nipped the ball from the point of Travers's boot. Great pressure was brought to bear on the Airdrie citadel, and from all points shots rained in on the Ewart. The custodian had need to be sound. In the thick of the melee he repeatedly pushed the ball out, ultimately clearing a warm drive from Soye. It seemed easy for the locals to net the Airdrie attack and to harass the defence, but they could not score. Soye did are rare bit of dribbling, and gave his partner a chance, but McIntosh shot wide. A quarter of an hour from the resumption, however, saw Aberdeen get the point which the so much deserved. There was an attack on the left, and Wilson up slipped the ball across to McIntosh, who was uncovered. The inside man had a clear goal, and he hooked the ball into the net, giving Ewart no chance to save. A minute later Wilson had the ball and again, but it was after an offside ruling, and the point did not count. Though now leading and pretty secure of the game, Aberdeen continued to work hard for goals. Lennie had a stiff bout with Mackie, and finished with an overhead hook shot, which the keeper just caught in time. Then came Soye with a grand solo effort on the margin. The winger refused to be held, and after working down to the corner, he delivered a great fall. Ewart was constantly called upon, and time and again saved his charge. Airdrie, about a quarter of an hour from time, relieved the monotony by sweeping down in a body on the local defence. Allan was cutting in, when Donald Colman did a rare bit of tackling, which effectually stopped the invasion. Donaldson and Neilson were the next to try, but the former was pulled up for offside. After Lennie had got a fruitless corner, the visitors' left again raced up, and Neilson finished with a hard drive against the outside of the goal. A minute later a similar movement ended in the winger being hustled on the run and forced to place behind. Airdrie were rallying in the closing minutes, and trying hard for the equaliser, but the home defence never wavered, and the attacking force were quickly thrown back on their defence. King had to gather several balls, but his task was easy, and Ewart was called upon to do more serious work. Aberdeen were easily the better lot, and the run of the play was by no means reflected in the score.


A large excursion train arrived in Aberdeen on Saturday afternoon from Airdrie in connection with the second round tie for the Scottish cup at Pittodrie.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 13th February 1911

Airdrie Teamsheet
Ewart; Hill, Mackie; Williams, Duff, J. Young; Allan, Thomson, S. Young, Donaldson, Neilson
Attendance: 15,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. W. Humphries, Glasgow