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Aberdeen 1 - 1 Partick Thistle

HT Score: Aberdeen 1 - 1 Partick Thistle

Div 1 (Old)
Aberdeen scorers: Lennie.
Partick Thistle scorers: Allan

01/04/1911 | KO:

Played at Pittodrie Park, Aberdeen, before 7000. In the first half, the game was exceptionally fast, play all over being of a high order. The Thistle scored after fifteen minutes' play through Allan, who caught a lovely cross from Callaghan and beat King. Aberdeen equalised within a minute. A long pass from Travers to Lennie was followed by a low shot by the outside left, the ball beating Campbell quite easily. Up to half-time the pace was well maintained, but there was no further scoring, and the teams crossed over level - one goal each.
In the second half, the football was poor in comparison with the opening period. Aberdeen had most of the game but they could not beat the Thistle defence. Near the close Callaghan almost scored for the Thistle, when King dropped the ball on the goal-line, but he recovered in the nick of time. Taken as a whole the result was just value for the game. Result:- Aberdeen, one goal; Thistle, one.

Source: The Scotsman, 3rd April 1911

By only drawing with Partick Thistle at home on Saturday, Aberdeen dropped a point which may prove fatal to their chances of winning the league championship. About 9000 people witnessed a game, which was played under ideal conditions. The teams were:-

Aberdeen: King; Hannah, Hume; Wilson, Wyllie, Millar; Soye, McIntosh, W. D. Nichol, Travers, Lennie.
Partick Thistle: Campbell; McKenzie, Bulloch; McDonald, Raisbeck, McGregor; Callaghan, King, Allan, Elmore, Branscombe.
The referee - Mr. Dougary, Nitshill.

The visitors had the sun in their rear in the opening half, but Aberdeen were first to threatened danger. Miller worked well into position, but was robbed by Raisbeck when about to drive. Then Lennie sailed down the wing, and, on the run, had a great shot, which went slightly wide. A good return by Raisbeck enabled the Thistle to make headway, and King cleared a ground shot from Allan. Subsequently good defensive play was seen on both sides. The Thistle backs, however, had been more scope for their kicking, and with the Aberdeen halves and forwards mistiming their passes, the visitors' back division, ably assisted by Raisbeck, experienced little difficulty and repelling the home attacks. On the other hand, Hannah and Hume were continually harassed, and in consequence, although they tackled well, their parting with the ball did not help their side as it ought to have done. Nichol had one characteristic burst, but, hampered by Bulloch, he missed his kick at the crucial moment. Aberdeen had two flag kicks, but neither of these brought any material advantage. As the result of initiating work by Raisbeck, Partick played up well after this, and after a period of harmonious working, Allan opened the scoring from a pass from the right. Aberdeen equalized immediately. Travers let Lennie away from the kick-off, and the winger finished up a brilliant run by completely beating Campbell with a low shot. After another try by Lennie, the visitors forced two corners, which brought nothing. Lennie again worked himself into the picture with a lovely shot which Campbell tipped past the upright. The crowd rightly clamoured for a flag kick, but as Mr. Dougary did not observe the keeper touch the ball, he gave the Thistle a goal kick. There was great excitement when Nichol shot with great force from close range. The ball struck the outstretched Campbell, however, and before the Aberdeen centre could follow up, Bulloch had cleared. Subsequently Aberdeen forced matters, but the finishing was wretched. McIntosh and Lennie had drives which lacked true direction. Near the interval Aberdeen attacked strongly, Raisbeck three times blocked hard drives, but it is questionable if any of these we have found their billet.

Muddling between Travers and Nichol lost a chance for Aberdeen on the restart, and Mackenzie cleared. Wilson followed up some good individual play in several creditable tries, but all of these went wide, and Campbell cleared from Travers, who worked hard but unsuccessfully. Callaghan dashed along the visitors right and had two clever centres, the second of which King fielded smartly. For a time Aberdeen were outplayed, and King had to deal with long shots by Callaghan, Raisbeck, and Bulloch. On one occasion Hannah missed badly, but Hume dashed across and cleared. Obtaining the ball near midfield Lennie raised the hopes of the crowd by a good dash down the wing, and it seemed as if McIntosh would convert his pass when Campbell threw himself at the ball and saved for a corner. A spell of pressure by Aberdeen followed, but Mackenzie, Bulloch, and Raisbeck in particular played their spoiling game to perfection, with the result that the homesters passes nearly always went to the feet of opponents. Travers wormed his way over to the right, but tried to score from an impossible angle called and then Campbell cleared a snap drive from Lennie. The Aberdeen citadel almost fell next minute. King bungled a lofty drive from Callaghan, and the ball appeared to be rolling over the line when the custodian recovered, and, how rest by Allan, threw the ball behind. In the Thistle attack Raisbeck was hard, but recovered. King, inside right, hart in the first half, changed places with Branscombe, but even under this handicap Thistle played up well. They did not press and nearly so much as did Aberdeen, but they are occasional bursts carried with them by far the more danger. Branscombe had a lovely drive which went inches high, and Soye shot wretchedly from a good position at the other end. Near the close Aberdeen forced a corner, but thistle packed a goal and cleared. On play the point won by Thistle was well deserved, it had Aberdeen finished better it might easily have won. The game was brimful of misjudgments, and Aberdeen gave their worst display at home this season. Indivisible gate was £200.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 3rd April 1911

Aberdeen Teamsheet
King, Hannah, Hume, Wilson, Wyllie, Millar, Soye, McIntosh, Nichol, Travers, Lennie.
Partick Thistle Teamsheet
Campbell; McKenzie, Bulloch; McDonald, Raisbeck, McGregor; Callaghan, King, Allan, Elmore, Branscombe
Attendance: 9,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. Dougaray, Nitshill