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Aberdeen 1 - 1 Hibernian

HT Score: Aberdeen 1 - 1 Hibernian

Div 1 (Old)
Aberdeen scorers: McIntosh.
Hibernian scorers: Callaghan

08/04/1911 | KO:

Aberdeen completed their home fixtures in the League by meeting the Hibernians before 7000 spectators. The game was a spirited one from start to finish. In its early stages the run of play favoured Aberdeen, and in seven minutes, following a foul given away by Paterson in trying to save his face, Soye placed the ball for McIntosh to head into the net. Keen end to end play followed, and both goalkeepers were kept busy, but half an hour elapsed before Callaghan scored for the Hibernians. Aberdeen thereafter had the better of the argument till half-time, but weakness in front of goal and ready kicking by the Hibernian defenders kept down the scoring to one all at the interval.
Aberdeen picked up their game immediately on restarting, and hammered away without achieving anything. Then the Hibernian halves got back into the game, and piling the work onto their forwards, they kept the Aberdeen goal under almost constant siege till the close. In their breaks-out the home side were dangerous, but like their opponents, they had to be content with the score they had and a game in which the honours lay with the defenders resulted in a draw - one goal each.

Source: The Scotsman, 10th April 1911

About 7000 spectators witnessed a disappointing game at Pittodrie on Saturday, when Aberdeen and Hibernians match resulted in a one goal draw. Mr. J. B. Stark had charge of the game, and the teams were:-

Aberdeen: King; Colman, Hume; Wilson, Wyllie, Davidson; Soye, McIntosh, W. D. Nichol, Travers, Lennie.
Hibs: W. Allan; Girdwood, S. Allan; Kerr, Paterson, O'Hara; Rae, D. Anderson, Dixon, Callaghan, Smith.

The opening exchanges were not very interesting, but ultimately McIntosh began to assert his powers, and made many opportunities. His movements were quick and full of danger, and it was from his work that the locals got the opening goal about 7 minutes from the start. Soye was led off, and, in trying to cross, Paterson was forced to handle. From the resultant free kick by Soye, McIntosh was in rare position to finish with a header, and Hibs' custodian had no chance. This reverse was the signal for a reawakening of the strangers, and, after harassing the defence, the file was conceded. It was a dangerous situation, but when Paterson tried for goal he shot wide. Nichol was not shining in the centre-forward position, and thus a good effort by McIntosh was lost. The inside man next drove across to the left, where Lennie and Travers made more use of the ball, for Lennie ended with a drop-shot, which McIntosh just bounced over with his head. Again the weakness of Nichol was brought out in clearing fashion, for a clear goal was in front of him when Soye crossed, and the soldier, with plenty of time, lifted the sphere high over the bar. Hibs, had not done a great deal so far, but they were ever keen, and on the outlook for a chance. One of these snaps gave them the equalizer, for Anderson presented Callaghan with a difficult ball, and the Irishman had it in the net before King knew what was happening. Hibs, were beginning to assert themselves no, and the home defence was never at rest. Dixon and Anderson had shots blocked by sheer accident, and then while Wyllie was off being attended for a slight injury to the head Rae drove in twice from the margin. With the approach of half-time there was a deal of hard work, but few fine movements were seen. The half was not an entertaining one.

When the teams resumed it seemed that Aberdeen were determined to carry all before them. Right away and in full force they swept down on the Irish defenders, and a cheer that was stifled by a grown arose when Nichol was seen to drive at the ball when he had the goal at his mercy. It was a clear chance thrown away. Even yet the Hibs could not shake off the tenacious attack of the front line, reinforced by the middle trio. A brilliant save under the bar was affected by the visiting keeper, after a fine try by Wilson. The locals were far and away superior at this stage, but they were up against a dour defence. Gradually the attack was beaten off, and in their first front movement Hibs nearly got a goal. Colman was not quick enough to stop Smith, who raced down on the left, but the winger was forced to drive a long shot, coz Hume was tearing across to intercept. The final effort was a good one, but a trifle off the mark, and the crowd were relieved to see it go past the uprights. In the next moment Lennie was racing up, and a pass to McIntosh let the latter send in a fine ball. For a period Allan was kept busy fielding and returning, but in the intervening moments Aberdeen were not allowed to breathe freely. Rae circumvented Hume neatly, and got in a square cross which King allowed to travel past. The result was a hot the siege, which Wilson raised rather luckily. From this stage right on to time there was any amount of hard work, Hibs working strenuously and always lashing the ball forward, while Aberdeen tried to work in combination, only to have their movements smashed. It was a remarkably open game, with first one and then the other side threatening, but for all the pace there was little of interest.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 10th April 1911

Hibernian Teamsheet
W. Allan; Girdwood, S. Allan; Kerr, Paterson, O'Hara; Rae, D. Anderson, Dixon, Callaghan, Smith
Attendance: 7,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. J. B. Stark, Airdrie