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Celtic 0 - 0 Aberdeen

HT Score: Celtic 0 - 0 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)

29/04/1911 | KO:

At Glasgow, before a small attendance. Celtic attacked at the start, and following several exciting incidents round King's charge, Quinn sent in a splendid shot which the Aberdeen custodian had some difficulty in clearing. When the visitors' forwards got away they were very difficult to hold, and it was at times fortunate for the Celts that their backs were so safe, McGregor particularly getting in some clever work. So far the Aberdeen forwards were the more dangerous at goal, and Soye on one occasion almost beat Adams after a fine bit of play. Lennie next beat the backs and shot with telling effect, but Adams was on the spot and saved. Hamilton of the Celts and Lennie of Aberdeen were both injured and left the field, and the game until the interval ran on even line, and, save for a fine try by Travers, the shooting was poor. At the interval neither side had scored.
Hamilton did not return in the second half, and the Celtic played throughout with ten men. Both sets of forwards were active, and both defences were kept busy, but so successful were they that neither goalkeeper was seriously troubled. A slip by Hume almost got the Celtic a goal, but King managed to tip McAtee's shot over the bar. Till the finish the game ran on even lines, both defences being superior to the opposing attacks. Result:- No scoring.

Source: The Scotsman, 24th April 1911

A goalless draw was the result of the Scottish League game between Celtic and Aberdeen at Parkhead, Glasgow, on Saturday. The teams were:-

Celtic: Adams; McNair, McGregor; Young, Dodds, Hay, McAtee, Johnston, Kivlachan, Quinn, Hamilton.
Aberdeen: King; Colman, Hume; Wilson, Wyllie, Millar; Soye, Murray, McIntosh, Travers, Lennie.
Referee - Mr. JD stark, Airdrie.

It was at times fortunate for the home side that the backs were safe, and to the supporters of the club it must have been pleasing that McGregor, their young defender, repeatedly robbed the opposing forwards of the ball when they were dangerously near Adams. So far there was not much between the teams, but, with the exception of Quinn's shot earlier in the game, the visiting forwards were more dangerous at goal. Soye on one occasion almost beat Adams with a shot following a grand bit of play. Until this stage - 15 minutes from the start - the game was a most interesting one, and the PLAYE of both sides did not indicate in the least that the last league game of the season was being played. For about 10 minutes after this the Celtic played without Hamilton, who had to retire owing to a leg injury. Notwithstanding this, the home side were much the more aggressive, although the visitors had several opportunities, of which there centre might have made more use. On the return of the Celtic outside left, the Parkhead side were more dangerous than ever. They got one great fright, however, when from a well-judged pass by Murray, Lennie beat McNair and shot with telling effect into goal. Fortunately for his side, Adams was on the spot and saved. And the other end Johnstone broke away, and beating all opposition made straight for goal. He, however, made the mistake of shooting too soon, and his parting shot gave King no trouble. Both goals after this were in succession in great danger of falling. From a return by Hay, Kivlichan fastened on, and passing the backs he had no one but King to beat. He shot well and strongly, but the custodian the effected a great save. The second or two later the visitors were in front of Adams, where Travers with a fast low shot seemed to have Adams beaten, but with wonderful alacrity the custodian reached the ball and scooped it hasn't seemed going for the net. In collision with an opponent Lennie, of the visitors, was injured, and had to leave the field. The succeeding play for some time was largely in favour of Aberdeen, whose forwards and half-backs played with fine understanding, and bewildered the home defence. 6 minutes from the interval Hamilton, who was of no use through his injury, again left the field, and as he did so Lennie returned. In the closing minutes of the half Celtic pressed severely, and one great cross by Quinn was almost clinched by Kivlichan, whose shot, however, was splendidly saved by King.

On the resumption it was seen at Celtic were still without Hamilton, and that Quinn and Kivlichan had exchanged places, the former appearing in his old position. In the first minute of this half, Quinn had one break-away, and a great shot, but challenged by Colman his effort went widely past. Both sets of forwards were very active, and the respective defences were kept busy, but so successful were they that the goalkeepers had a comparatively idle period. There was a spell of life was played by the forwards on both sides, chiefly due to the excellence of the respective defenders. A slipped by Hume gave McAtee a chance, and with a great write-food drive that player's shot was only saved by King tipping over with little to spare. Young had one great try at goal after this, but his shot was accidentally stopped by Wyllie. A second later McAtee got the ball from McNair, and, after running some distance, he drove for goal. Again the shot was saved, but soon after McAtee was once more in the picture. This time the outside right seemed to have King hopelessly beaten with a great shot, but fortunately for the custodian the ball when narrowly over. Celtic if anything were the more dangerous side, although in front the effect of Hamilton's absence was very obvious, especially near goal. 15 minutes from the finish the progress of the play favoured both sides equally, and a goal looked as likely to come from the one side as the other.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 1st May 1911

Celtic Teamsheet
Adams; McNair, McGregor; Young, Dodds, Hay, McAtee, Johnston, Kivlachan, Quinn, Hamilton
Aberdeen Teamsheet
King, Colman, Hume, Wilson, Wyllie, Millar, Soye, Murray, McIntosh, Travers, Lennie.
Attendance: 12,500
Venue: Celtic Park, Glasgow