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Aberdeen 3 - 1 Partick Thistle

HT Score: Aberdeen 2 - 0 Partick Thistle

Div 1 (Old)
Aberdeen scorers: Walker 8, Main 12, Lennie 61.
Partick Thistle scorers: Hamilton

21/10/1911 | KO:

Victory for Aberdeen - Partick Thistle Outplayed

At Pittodrie, Aberdeen. A small crowd witnessed Aberdeen starting against the wind. In eight minutes they opened their account, Walker snapping up a rebound from the crossbar off a shot by Main. Four minutes later Main made no mistake. He dashed clean through, and scored a lovely goal. Partick were shaping poorly so far, and Aberdeen were masters in every department. The backs played a spanking game, and the home team led deservedly at half-time. Aberdeen worked with a will on resuming, but rain made matters uncomfortable for players and spectators alike. Aberdeen were tricky at forward, and Lennie gave Campbell no chance with a great goal after sixteen minutes' play. Thistle were now hopelessly beaten, and did practically nothing. The home team deserved their victory handsomely. Hamilton scored just on time. Result:- Aberdeen, three; Partick Thistle, one.

Source: The Scotsman, 23rd October 1911

Aberdeen scored a convincing win over Partick Thistle in a Scottish League game at Pittodrie on Saturday when they triumphed by 3 goals to 1. About 6000 spectators witnessed the game, which was contested under adverse conditions. A strong wind prevailed throughout, and in the second. Matters were rendered worse by a heavy downpour of rain, which was general over the Scottish football centres. Taking the game as a whole, Aberdeen were easily value for their win. They held a 2-0 lead at the interval, and, although each side scored in the second half, Aberdeen were by far the superior combination, and the scoring in that period by no means represented the run of the game. Aberdeen were still without Wilson and Millar in the middle line, and McIntosh was absent forward. Partick, too, were below strength, the most notable absentee being Raisbeck, while they tried two new players on the left wing. The Thistle never struck anything like a winning game, and in all departments were outplayed. In the second half the Aberdeen forwards were in great form, and time and again their well-tried rushes nearly brought goals. The victory gave great satisfaction to the followers of the club, and at the close both sides were heartily cheered.


Aberdeen lost the toss, and played from the town end. Steele was near the home line, and centred beautifully, but the ball was cleared. Within 4 minutes the visitors' forward five again came down, and Hamilton sent out again to Steele, who, however, was too near the line, and sent behind. In 8 minutes Main struck the horizontal with a stinger, and Walker, catching the ball on the rebound, sent it well into the net. This piece of fine play was loudly cheered. The visitors came rushing down, and Colman cleared in splendid style. Aberdeen were having the best of matters at this stage, and Campbell on one occasion had to rush out to clear. The visitors' outside left the centred well, and Hume cleared magnificently. Sending the ball up the pitch, Hume followed, and getting it again he placed it within the Partick quarter line. Partick retaliated, but Low stopped them.
Four minutes after the first goal Main got the ball just beyond the half-way line, and, clearing all before them, sent the ball into the net, and made tremendous cheering. Excitement was running high, and every little bit of good play on the ground team's part was cheered to the echo. The Aberdeen forward five were a clever lot, and combined cleverly. Steele was dangerous, and sent in a high shot, which Greig just succeeded in fisting over before he was rushed. Nothing resulted from the corner, and Wood, from long range, sent in a "bull's-eye" which troubled Campbell, who however, managed to clear. The visitors secured a corner a minute later, which was useless to them. A foul against Aberdeen outside the penalty line was checked by Hume in fine style. Within 15 minutes of half-time, Davidson fell heavily on his face, and the game was stopped for a minute. He was able to proceed, however, without leaving the field. Cohan was coming away with great speed, but the ball rose, and Colman took charge of it for a second - just long enough to send dangerously near Campbell. Main had another long shot, which the wind carried past.
Lennie centred beautifully, and Campbell came out holding the ball. Before he could get rid of it, Wood kicked it out of his hands amid laughter. Lennie passed just a little too far forward towards Main, and but for that another point was almost a certainty. The wind had increased considerably by this time, and played strange pranks with the leather. Aberdeen were by far the superior team in this half. The Thistle, coming down, looked dangerous, but while Lowrie was putting the ball to suit himself, Davidson took it from him. Aberdeen then pressed, and had hard lines in not scoring. The Thistle forwards seemed to be demoralised, Steele many times finding himself near the centre. The thistle had a fast rundown, and Cohan took the ball to close quarters, but Colman proved a stone wall, and the effort was valueless.

After a few minutes breathing space, the game was resumed with rain falling heavily. Aberdeen began to press right away. Soye past beautifully to Main, who nearly scored. Campbell held well, however. The wind veered around a bit in favour of the Thistle, and with its assistance they were able on occasion to get two wards Greg. Main got hold of the leather, and in a fine run down passed to Lennie, to let it be taken from him. Aberdeen looked like scoring, but Main was given offside on several occasions when well placed. Aberdeen were at Campbell again, and Soye placed the ball right on top of the crossbar, and eventually it landed on the top of the net. Wood looked like scoring, but was filed when in the danger zone. The Partick backs were finding it hard work to repel the many attacks of the home forwards, but Bulloch and McKenzie played well, and on many occasions were successful. Soye got well down, and crossed to Lennie, who sent in a stinging ground shot which beat Campbell within 16 minutes from the restart. The Thistle, nothing daunted, showed good pluck. They were soon down at Greig, but could do nothing in front of goal. Soye again got a neat pass from walker, and nearly beat Campbell again. The game lost none of its fastness, and excitement was running high and Soye's brilliant performances. The Thistle got within the home quarters, and Lowrie had a try, but sent wide. The homesters then came down, Wyllie past well to Main, who was once more ruled offside. Soye forced a corner, but nothing resulted. The visitors pressed, but neither Colman no Hume was called upon, as the half-backs dealt with the attack. They did, however, get within shooting range, but could do nothing. Aberdeen then took a run to have a look at Campbell, and Main slipped, or assure goal would have been the result. Shortly afterwards Lennie brought Campbell to the ground to save the stinger. At the last stages Partick were pressing better than they had done the whole game, but it was all love no use; the home defence could not be pierced. In a rush at Campbell, Main collided with him, and both men held their heads for a time. Main sent a stinger over the horizontal, which Campbell touched. Soye kicked behind, however. Within a minute of time Partick got a corner, which was sent over the bar. Another corner was got off Wyllie, and a goal resulted, Hamilton heading in. The whistle blew with Partick pressing.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 23rd October 1911

Aberdeen Teamsheet
Greig, Colman, Hume, Davidson, Wyllie, Low, Soye, Walker, Main, Wood, Lennie.
Partick Thistle Teamsheet
Campbell; McKenzie, Bulloch; Wilson, Hamilton, McDonald; Steele, Elmore, Lowrie, Curtis, Cohan
Attendance: 6,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. R. J. Kelso, Hamilton