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Aberdeen 2 - 0 Dundee

HT Score: Aberdeen 1 - 0 Dundee

Scottish Second XI Cup First Round
Aberdeen scorers: McKenzie 21, MacFarlane 60.

11/02/1928 | KO: 15:00

Aberdeen 'A's Cup Victory

The second eleven have shown their senior brethren the way to win cup-ties. Dundee "A" wnt down before them at Pittodrie by two clear goals in the first round of the 2nd XI Cup, and even although the margin of superiority is not a large one, the dividing line was substantial all the same.
It was a hard game, but not by any means a clever one. McKenzie sent a low swerving shot past the Dundee goalkeeper in the first half, while McFarlane's goal, resulting from following up when the opposing defenders hesitated to clear, was the only additional score in the second half, when a crop of goals should have been the homesters toll.
Against weak Dundee halves the home inside forwards were quite good in the outfield, but once they came in contact with the pair of backs, they spoiled all their chances. There wasn't a really sound marksman in the whole five. They were all sinners, for the number of openings given them should have at least produced a goal apiece.
The home defence was steady, with Cooper once again in the limelight. The halves were pretty much on the same plane, but of the forwards only Lawson and Falloon played to form. The wingers were far from responsive.

Source: Bon-Accord, 18th February, 1928

If the display they gave against Dundee A in the first round of the Second XI. Cup competition at Pittodrie on Saturday can be accepted as a criterion for their future ties, then Aberdeen "A" are going to give a good account of themselves in the competition. To use popular term, they were "all over" Dundee. Very early in the game it was apparent that the visitors were fighting a losing game. Aided by backs and half-backs who played with that confidence begat of an easy mastery over their opponents' attack, the Aberdeen quintette kept the Dundee defence at full stretch all through the half. For a while their shooting was innocuous - long range tries that rarely troubled Robertson, though Edward and McKenzie each made the goalkeeper dive to save rare drives. So well and securely were the Dundee forwards held, especially the inside men, that fully twenty minutes had passed ere McSevich was called into action. The danger to his goal came from the most likely quarter - the wings. Farrell, on the left, eluded Edward and sent a rare ball over into the centre. Hunter, the inside-left, tried to get it with his head, but the ball was too high for him. Godfrey, however, had closed in, but McSevich realising the danger, rushed out and smothered the wing man's shot. It was a narrow squeak for the Dons, for the first goals means much in cup-tie, and had it fallen to the Dundonians there is saying what effect it might have had on their subsequent play. As it was, Aberdeen put more pep into their attacks, and a minute later went ahead, McKenzie scoring with a low drive from the left, the ball entering the net off the far goal-post. How much of the aggressive work the Dundee side did can be gauged from the fact that McSevich had only one save to make during the rest of the period, while his vis-a-vis was constantly in action. The second half was fought along exactly similar lines. Dundee attacked oftener than they had done in the first, but their shooting was deplorable. That of Aberdeen's, on the other hand, was more deadly, though the forwards were inclined to dribble too much and to play too closely. Fifteen minutes from the re-start, McFarlane scored a great goal. Hotly pursued by the backs, he broke through, but was overtaken. Not to be outwitted, the centre-forward dribbled past Nicol, slipped the ball to the left of Atkinson who had closed in, and just as the back was going kick it out, he pushed his leg round and gently steered the ball into the corner of the net. With a two-goal lend, the young Dons to give an exhibition of tricky close passing football that lasted until the game finished. All the forwards did well, though Wilson, McFarlane, and McKenzie were outstanding. Edward was the rick of the half-back line that was more successful as a breaking-up force than a constructive one. Cooper and Bruce, the backs, did well, and McSevich did not lack confidence.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 13th February 1928

Dundee Teamsheet
Robertson; J. Nicol, Atkinson; Kearney, McGarry, Nicol; Godfrey, Hunter, Pirrie, Taylor, Farrell
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: J. Hendry, Perth
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