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St. Mirren 1 - 3 Aberdeen

HT Score: St. Mirren 0 - 3 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
St. Mirren scorers: Kyle
Aberdeen scorers: Main, Main 20, Soye 44.

28/10/1911 | KO:

Aberdeen's Brilliant Victory - Great Rally by St Mirren

At Paisley, before an estimated attendance of 6000. The first goal for Aberdeen was taken by Main ten minutes form the start, and the same player soon afterwards added a second. These reverses seemed to impel the Saints to make a greater effort, but although they showed up better for a brief period, they were at no time dangerous. On the other hand, the visitors took advantage of every opportunity that came their way, and Soye had no difficulty in adding a third goal. The interval was reached without further scoring, and found Aberdeen still pressing. In the second half Kyle scored for the home team. Result:- Aberdeen, three; St Mirren, one.

Source: The Scotsman, 30th October 1911

At paisley on Saturday the Aberdeen football team accomplished a brilliant performance by defeating Saint Mirren in a Scottish League match by 3 goals to 1. The game attracted about 6000 spectators, and these were treated to a thrilling exhibition in the first half by Aberdeen, and in the second by the home side, whose remarkable revival in that period to some extent redeemed their indifferent display previous to the interval, when Aberdeen held a commanding lead of 3 goals to 0. The feature of the match was the brilliantly taken goals, all of these being amongst the finest efforts seen on the Love Street ground. Aberdeen on play well deserved their victory, yet in their magnificent rally the losers promised to make a great bid to get level, and probably would have done so but for their muddling near goal, and the truly superb defence of the Aberdeen goalkeeper, backs, and centre half. Aberdeen took some time to settle, and this first stages greatly favoured Saint Mirren. Maine's brilliantly taken goal was the signal for an irresistible display by the northerners for the remainder of the period, and up to the interval their superiority was never like being challenged. In the second period Saint Mirren made a drastic rearrangement of their side, with the result that the whole aspect of the game was changed. On several occasions they were within an ace of scoring, and when Kyle found the net with a superb effort they redoubled their vigour. Then it was that Aberdeen's defence was sorely tried. As the game progressed the Saint Mirren forwards tired, and Aberdeen in the last 20 minutes of the game fully held their own.

Up at the start Saint Mirren made the pace, but mixing up by the forwards lost them opportunities. Aberdeen were, however, first to show anything of a really smart attack. The Aberdeen halves were not long in getting the ball off, and a nice pass to the centre saw the visitors make for the home goal, but Kyle and White intercepted, and returned. The Saints next broke off on the left, but Low proved too many for Husband, and the sphere went into touch. Lennie was next away on the left, but his pass was too far back, and Robertson cleared. The Saints after this had more say in the game, and twice in succession Williamson tricked his opponents nicely, and one of his shots which might very well have told was blocked by Hume. Lennie at the other end was at the top of his form, and his slipping of Milne and Reid was a distinct feature of the game. At the same time, when it came to forward movements, the Saints showed more headiness, and when they got off Paton and Husband were always dangerous. The finest shot of the game, however, came from Wood, who, right from the touch-line, squared the ball into Duncan's hands. A minute later Main, who had been watching his chance, got off, and beating White, scored a fine goal. The effort was worthy of success.
As the game went on, Aberdeen's front rank improved considerably, so much so, in fact, that for quite 5 minutes they gave the local defence a gruelling time. The forwards from the north were full of running, and their aggressive work was a sore trial to the perspiring Saint Mirren players.
Main score the second goal after 20 minutes' play, after good work on the left.
After this success, Aberdeen had a trying time, the home team applying the pressure in no uncertain measure. Greig had many difficult shots to negotiate, but it was really on Colman and Hume, along with the halves, that the brunt of the work fell. Husband had some fine tries for the Saints, and from one of these Paton curled the ball just past the post. So far, both teams were playing well, and Aberdeen were playing with a purpose. They never hesitated to shoot when near goal, and their second reward was due to play. At this stage the home team were outclassed, and the points were safe for the northern club. At the same time the game was by no means uninteresting, the display of the Aberdeen fully compensating for the shortcoming of the home lot.
As half-time drew near, Aberdeen gave the game new life, and Main raised hopes of further success when he beat White, but Reid caught the ball in time, and Duncan cleared. Greig had only one really dangerous shot in half an hour, and he cleared well. Soye, a minute or so from time, added a third goal.

The Saints had numerous chances in the second half, and for 5 minutes Colman and Hume had more work to do than they got throughout the entire first portion. So much were the home team in evidence that Greig had twice to run out to clear. The Saints appeared to have taken a new lease of life, and did all the forcing play. Wyllie could not get his club mates in motion, or set his forwards off.
Excitement reached a high level as the prolonged attack continued, but through it all Greig and his backs remained imperturbable, and relieved the pressure time and again. So keen were the players that twice halts had to be called to allow of Davidson and Colman being attended to. It was seen that the Saints' attack must tell, and after the ball had hit the cross bar, Kyle, by a lovely shot, reduced the leeway, and still they pegged away, Aberdeen defending, Saint Mirren attacking. Morrison got through, beat Hume, and then Wyllie, when Colman, like a Trojan of old, gained the upper hand, and cleared what looked a certain goal. Aberdeen were hard pressed at this stage, but still they defended well, and were worthy of all praise for their stubborn defence. It is rare that such excitement takes place in such a short period, and Aberdeen's supporters would have admitted that had their goal fallen twice in succession, it would only have been Saint Mirren's due. Aberdeen at this stage were frequently brought up for infringements. The whole of their forward play was lacking in the sting of the first half, the best movements being always a accounted for. The players, feeling the effects of the strenuous game, slackened their efforts in the later stages, when play was more of an even nature, and both sides alike were near to scoring.


Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 30th October 1911

St. Mirren Teamsheet
Duncan; Reid, Whyte; Milne, Robertson, Weir; Cunningham, Williamson, Paton, Kyle, Husband
Aberdeen Teamsheet
Greig, Colman, Hume, Davidson, Wyllie, Low, Soye, Walker, Main, Wood, Lennie.
Attendance: 6,000
Venue: St Mirren Park (Love Street), Paisley
Referee: Mr. J. Bell, Dundee
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