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Queens Park 2 - 5 Aberdeen

HT Score: Queens Park 1 - 2 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Queens Park scorers: Barbour 20, Barbour
Aberdeen scorers: Main, Walker, Lennie, Soye, Main.

11/11/1911 | KO:

Queen's Park have experienced in their career many reverses of fortune, but it is questionable whether they ever lost a match that they more deserved to win than that against Aberdeen at Hampden. They had three fifths of the play throughout the game, and yet they lost by five goals to two, and in apportioning the blame for the reverse, it is impossible to exonerate Porter, the goalkeeper. With a more alert custodian, the Amateurs would have won without difficulty. They had the upper hand of their opponents all through the first half, but Porter allowed a slow ball to slip out of his hands. Previous to this Barbour had opened the scoring for the home team, who consequently had the stimulus of a goal lead to encourage them. It was Main who equalised with a clever shot, and the visitors got a second point through Walker, the score at half-time being - Aberdeen, two goals; Queen's Park, one goal.
After the interval the Queen's gave their supporters great hopes of a victory, but the superior defence of the visitors, coupled with not a little luck, prevailed against the Amateurs, who, while having most of the play, could not add to their score. For Aberdeen, Lennie ad Soye both beat Porter, and than Barbour scored a second goal for Queen's. Soon after Main scored again, and the home team, though playing pluckily and strongly to the finish, failed to reduce the leeway against them. Result:- Aberdeen, five goals; Queen's Park, two goals.

Source: The Scotsman, 13th November 1911

At Hampden Park, Glasgow, on Saturday, Aberdeen administered a 5-2 defeat to Queen's Park in a Scottish League Match. When the game started a heavy fog enveloped the ground, and it was difficult to follow the play. After ten minutes the fog lifted, and the conditions generally were quite good.
Main kicked off for Aberdeen, but Barbour intervened and transferred to Drummond. The latter returned and Barbour shot for goal, but Greig caught and cleared confidently. Clark then looked like bursting through, but Colman nipped in and cleared timeously. Wyllie and Millar were prominent in checking the eager Queen's forwards. Then Clark got a chance for Queen's, but finessed too much for position, and was beaten.
Although Aberdeen had to withstand considerable aggressive work during the first 10 minutes, their initial breakaway nearly furnished the first goal. Wyllie past forward to Wood, who shot just over the bar. Then Hume endangered his side a giving away a corner rather unexpectedly, but Wyllie's height enabled him to clear. We'll then wood broke clean passed Logan, but the ball bobbed so captiously on the Hearts' offers that he failed to gather it. Under pressure, the home backs did not please greatly, and Wood again had a chance, but shot wildly past.
Queen's Park became very dangerous after this, and nearly scored. The ball came in from the left, and bounced out of Greig's hands. Barbour was rushing in to clinch the chance, when Hume cleared.
Twenty minutes after the start, and just as the fog lifted, Drummond sent in a hotshot, which bounced the deceivingly in front of the goal. Greig rushed out to palm away, but Barbour threw himself at it, and landed the ball in the net. Aberdeen did not leave are long at a disadvantage, as Main burst away on his own, and to the accompaniment of cries of "offside" by the crowd, completely beat quarter with a swift, low shot.
It was a meritorious effort indeed. The Aberdeen forwards were playing up well to the home backs, and Lennie and Wood diddled are McKenzie and Logan nicely, but the outside man kicked the ground as he attempted to place the ball into goal. It was a finely contested game, and see-sawed in exciting fashion. Queen's had another innings, Anderson putting in a lofty centre. Colman and Greig both went to clear, and fell in a heaped together, but managed to get the ball over the line for a corner. This was cleared.
A splendid centre on the run by Drummond, saw Barbour outwit Colman by tipping the ball into the goalmouth, and the Queen's Parker was rushing in to "mak siccar" when Wyllie intervened and cleared. The Aberdeen forwards had no got the measure of the amateurs' backs. Soye dash down the wing and centred nicely, but Main was charged as he headed the ball, which otherwise would have found the net. Then Walker emerged from a scramble in front of the home goal, and tested Porter with a beauty. Lennie was the next man to test the Queen's defence, and he put the ball so accurately across the goalmouth that to miss was nearly impossible, yet Main did so, but Walker did not, the inside right tipping the ball into the net, and putting the Aberdonians one up. Near the close of the first half the queen's defence was sorely harried Main had a point-blank shot which Porter saved, and then Wood dashed in and struck the outside of the net. Lennie next was prominent, but after beating several defenders he was fouled, and the kick came to nothing. Aberdeen attacked in great style, and justly deserved to lead at the interval.

Queen's Park shaped as if they could early retrieve their first half falling off. Drummond outwitted Millar and Hume in succession, but the centre was easily cleared by Colman. Taking footwork was displayed by walker and Main in a combined run, which instigated a hot attack on Porter's goal. This was not forced home, and the Queen's were soon busy at the other end. Anderson got across a fine centre, and Barbour made a most commendable attempt to score, but lifted it over the bar. Aberdeen replied, and Main looked like scoring, but Porter ran out and blocked a shot, the ball going behind.

It was soon made manifest that the visiting forwards were far too clever and strong for the home defence. Soye and Walker commenced a raid, and in attempting to repair it the home backs made repeated blunders. Walker took advantage of their weakness to slip the ball across the goalmouth. Porter only partially cleared, and Lennie, after a short struggle with the custodian, had no difficulty in scoring a third goal, thus putting the destination of the points out that doubt.
The Queen's rallied again, and Anderson nearly scored.
The Queen's supporters had reason for feeling agreed when Aberdeen got a fourth goal, porter dropping a ball from Soye very slackly. Aberdeen were thus three goals to the good. The Queen's forwards were as good as their backs were weak, and the gave the Aberdeen defence a great tuning up, but Colman and Hume stood up to it in a manner which Logan and Craigie should have emulated. Repeatedly Queen's were within an ace of scoring. Anderson sent into Greig's hands, and then Barbour scored with a long drive. Near the finish Main scored a fifth goal for Aberdeen, who were deserving winners.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 13th November 1911

Queens Park Teamsheet
Porter; Logan, Craigie; R. McKenzie, H. McKenzie, Laughland; Drummond, Ramsay, Clark, Barbour, Anderson
Aberdeen Teamsheet
Greig, Colman, Hume, Wilson, Wyllie, Millar, Soye, Walker, Main, Wood, Lennie.
Attendance: 4,000
Venue: Hampden Park, Glasgow
Referee: Mr. Ferguson, Falkirk
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