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Raith Rovers 1 - 1 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Raith Rovers scorers: McNeill
Aberdeen scorers: Lennie.

18/11/1911 | KO:

Return match at Kirkcaldy, before 5000 spectators. The home team were slow to settle, and in the early stages Aberdeen engineered many dangerous attacks, which were only frustrated by sound defence on the part of Philip and Cumming. Lennie and Wood had likely looking tries at goal, which were saved, and in one of the few home team's visit to Greig, Gourlay struck the cross-bar. The play generally favoured Aberdeen, but at the interval neither side had scored. The second half saw a great revival on the part of Raith Rovers. In the first minutes they were worthy of a goal, and, as a matter of fact, they did get the ball into the net, but the point was disallowed owing to off-side. From a breakaway, Lennie opened the Aberdeen account, and before five minutes had elapsed McNeill had equalised. Thereafter the home team took the game in hand, and right on to the end it was a great battle between the Raith forwards and the Aberdeen defence. The visitors were completely mastered, and were lucky to take away a point. Result:- One goal each.

Source: The Scotsman, 20th October 1911

Aberdeen were Kirkcaldy on Saturday, and before 8000 spectators participated in a draw with Raith Rovers, each side securing a goal. The game throughout was strenuously contested. Aberdeen were easily the cleverer team in the first half, but in the second period this order was reversed, and, as it proved, Aberdeen were fortunate to be equal at the close.


Aberdeen won the toss, and played against the sun. Almost from the kick-off Soye had a nice run down and squared, but the defence cleared, and the attack ended in a bye. Then Lennie beat Philip and shot just past the post. Main got offside, and from the free-kick McNeill torched Millar very cleverly, but was stopped by Hume when getting a way. From a throw-in, J. walker got the ball, and shot, Cumming muddling in attempting to stop it, but McLeod picked up and cleared. Ritchie got the ball, and, running up, centred to Gourlay, who returned to Ritchie. The latter centred close in, and again Aberdeen cleared. The next feature was a lovely combined run by Lennie and Wood, the latter finishing with a shot close past the post. The Rovers and no attacked, and after some exciting play Ritchie shot into the side of the net. Aberdeen made for the other end, and Lennie gave Walker a glorious chance, but the latter's shot was feeble and wide. Cumming made a great clearance from Walker, but the Aberdeen right wing were going strong, and Soye shot over the bar. Slack tried several times to get away, but Colman was keeping him well in hand. Again the Aberdeen right got down, and Soye shot over. Philip stopped a movement by Lennie and wood, but McNeill's pass to Ritchie went out. Wood and Lennie were again conspicuous, the latter shooting into McLeod's hands. Gourlay got away, and passed out to Slack, who ran up the line, and shot for goal. Chalmers rushed in, and netted the ball, but was penalised for handling, and the goal did not count. Aberdeen shook off the attack, and troubled the home defence, which was unusually shaky at times. Snoddy tackled Soye, and cleared smartly. A finely executed Raith attack looked promising, McNeill slipping Hume and giving to Ritchie, but the latter dropped a long ball on the top of the net. Aberdeen repulsed the attack, and Main had a fine shot at McLeod's charge, which narrowly missed. McNeill was trying hard to lead his mates away, and gave Gourlay a fine pass, but the Raith centre was ruled offside at a critical juncture. Then Wood shared the same fate when he and Lennie looked like getting through. Aberdeen were the superior team, the forwards moving very systematically, and Soye squaring beautifully time and again. From one of these, Lennie foozled a shot, and Cumming cleared in the nick of time. Snoddy put the ball forward, and Chalmers and Slack tried a run, but Colman was all they are. And the other end Main made a nice opening for Wood, which parting shot almost grazed the bar.
Colman beat off another attack by Slack and Co., and McLeod had to look strive to stop a good shot. Chalmers and Slack again rushed to the other end, the former finishing with a good shot, which narrowly missed its mark. McNeill had another tricky run, and passed to Ritchie, who centred grandly, Wilson bringing off a great clearance in front of Greig, with Slack rushing him.
The rovers pressed for a short time, the home halves doing good work. Wyllie cleared, but said his forwards off. Soye got well down, dodging Snoddy neatly, and centred to Main, who made a mess of the shot. Again the Aberdeen right sprinted down, and Main got another fine ball from Soye, but once more he shot feebly behind. The Aberdeen forwards were playing a very cool and clever game, and were most aggressive, but their finishing at goal left a lot to be desired. From a corner by Soye, Main headed past - a good effort. The Raith defence was stubborn, and beat off the attack. The Rovers made off, Chalmers and Gourlay made ground, and the latter put in a shot which raised shouts of "Goal," but had missed by inches. Again Aberdeen attacked, and Main steered for goal, but McLeod came out and blocked him.

Right from the start the Rovers dashed away, Gourlay driving in a splendid shot. Greig tackled, but did not get into way smartly, and Chalmers dashed in and stopped his clearance, but handled. Almost immediately after, Greig fielded a hard shot from Ritchie, and stumbled with the ball in his arms, McNeill being penalised for obstructing him. Again the Rovers rushed down, Ritchie squaring and Gourlay shooting hard. It was almost through again when Greig threw himself full length, and diverted the ball round the post.
Aberdeen and once dashed for the other end, and Lennie rounded off a find forward run by shooting into the net, McLeod throwing himself full length, but a fraction late. From the centre-kick, Raith Rovers set up an attack, during which Slack swung the ball over to Ritchie, and the right winger shot wildly over. Play was very fast, and the Rovers greatly improved. Hume cleared his lines, and Main swung the ball out to Lennie, who centred. Walker fastened on, and shot into McLeod's hands, the custodian clearing comfortably. Aitken gave McNeil a fine ball, and of it'll inside right was getting away beautifully, when Wyllie pulled the legs from him. The Rovers attacked strongly, McNeill being conspicuous, and causing Greig to exert all his powers to save his charge, one shot slipping from his hands, and narrowly missing the net. Slack let the Raith right away, but Ritchie hung on the ball until Hume got his kick in and put it out.


Rovers got a free-kick almost on the penalty line, and Snoddy placed it to Slack, who squared. A determined attack ensued, during which the tricky McNeill diddled the defence and popped the ball past Greig, drawing the game level and made tremendous excitement. Raith were almost irresistible at this stage, and it looked as if anything might happen. Both sets of backs were defending grandly.
The rovers did get the ball in the net through Chalmers, but the point was adjudged to be off-side. There was an appeal for a penalty against Hume in the last minute, but this was not allowed.


Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 20th November 1911

Raith Rovers Teamsheet
McLeod; Philip, Cumming; Gilmour, Aitken, Snoddy; Ritchie, McNeill, Gourlay, Chalmers, Slack
Aberdeen Teamsheet
Greig, Colman, Hume, Wilson, Wyllie, Millar, Soye, Walker, Main, Wood, Lennie.
Attendance: 8,000
Venue: Stark's Park, Kirkcaldy
Referee: Mr. J. S. Muir, Crosshill
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