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Third Lanark 0 - 2 Aberdeen

HT Score: Third Lanark 0 - 2 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Aberdeen scorers: McIntosh, Hume.

08/04/1912 | KO:

Aberdeen in Form - Great Goalkeeping by King

At Cathkin Perk, Glasgow. Aberdeen had the advantage of the gale in the opening half, and as a consequence the game lay mainly in home territory. Brownlie had lots to do aginst straight shooting from the Aberdeen attack, and did all well, particularly in saving a shot which glanced off Armstrong's foot. McEachern was first to get past his defence , and ten minute s later Hume followed with what was not so much a shot as a return from midfield. Towards the interval Third Lanark beat up well against the wind and Smith missed an exceptional opportunity of reducing arrears. Half-time:- Aberdeen, 2; Third Lanark, 0. Aberdeen made a better shape at counteracting the effects of the breeze than did their opponents in the previous half, and a sturdy defence and careful working of a lively ball on the part of the attack came very close to a division of the exchanges. King performed admirably in goal, and shared the responsibility for his side's ultimate success, the visitors holding their advantage until the finish. Result:- Aberdeen, two goals; Third Lanark, nothing.

Source: The Scotsman, 9th April 1912

A gale of wind raged when the Third Lanark and Aberdeen teams took the field and Cathkin yesterday. The coal strike and consequent idleness among many thousands of workmen in Glasgow, combined with the boisterous weather, kept the spring holiday crowd below normal time mentions, and there would barely be 2000 present at the kick-off. Third Lanark, whose secured all the points when they visited Aberdeen in August, turned out the strong side, while Aberdeen had the assistance of the Rev. C. V. A. MacEachern from at outside right.
20 minutes from the advertised time of kick-off is doubtful whether or not the game would precede, so violent was the wind. Referee Tom Dougary, and it's hell, decided that the game should go on, and the gates were accordingly opened.

Colman was lucky enough to win the toss, and naturally enlisted the assistance of rude Boreas. During the first half the wind was not such a great advantage as might be supposed, because the first tap the ball got from Wyllie sent its spending over the bar. Brownlie took the kick. The international custodian can generally send the sphere half the length of the field, but his powerful punt availed nothing against the blast, and the ball was blown straight back and just escaped going over for a corner. From the shy Wilson placed in nicely, and McIntosh headed over. Naturally, Third Lanark could not make headway, and Aberdeen tried all the new to force home their advantage. Wyllie tried a shot but Brownlie saved, and then the keeper cleverly disposed of a try by Soye. But the nearest a ball came from Ferguson, the home at centre half, as the ball glided off his leg and the wind carried it into goal, Brownlie being put to it to save.
Keeping up the pressure, Aberdeen forced two corners, but neither proved fruitful. Next walker tried to outwit Brownlie, but another capital saved was witnessed. Wyllie was down among his men trying to force the ball through, and only a capital saved by Brownlie thwarted a great shot by the centre half. Brownlie was again noticeable in dealing with are rare drive by walker, but had to acknowledge defeat when MacEachern centred the ball beautifully and the wind carried it into goal. Brownlie fisted it, but the wind brought it back, and McIntosh attended it through. All credit for the goal way with a right winger. Within 2 minutes the Thirds were down a second goal. Hume scoring from midfield. The ball raced away in the clouds from a punt by the back, and stotted past Brownlie. Play was freakish, to say the least of it. And one end of the park King sat on the palings chafing to some of the spectators, while at the other end Brownlie was busy repelling corner kicks.


Aberdeen commenced against the elements in promising fashion, Walker boring his way through until brought up by Thomson. The wind soon forced the Dons back, and Wyllie, Colman, and Hume were hard pressed. Two corner kicks proved unavailing, and then King caught complimented by Colman on the manner in which he saved a drive from Ferguson. Aberdeen were cleverer against the wind than Third Lanark, simply because the forwards had greater physical powers and the small statured Warriors. MacEchern got away finely on one occasion, but parted with the ball weakly. Brownlie, when taking a goal kick, sent the ball past King, but on the wrong side of the posts. After this the international custodian came out of his goal, who took up his stand 30 yards out. The result was that Aberdeen could not get past midfield no, has Brownlie snatched up the ball as soon as it came his way. McIntosh had a tussle with him, but Brownlie used his hands with great judgement. Colman was the master hand in the Aberdeen defence, his judgment and generalship serving the Dons in good stead. King, too, was really brilliant, on two occasions his saving bordering on the miraculous. Aberdeen were doing favourably, keeping the ball low and driving accurately ahead. Great praise is due the Aberdeen defence from goal out. The players presented a solid, unbroken front, and it was beyond the power of the Third Lanark forwards to penetrate the lines. With 10 minutes to go, Aberdeen still were masters of the situation, but Third came near scoring following a great drive from Ferguson, which was helped along by Rankine. The ball looked like going all the way when King threw himself at it and effected a wonderful clearance.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 9th April 1912

N.B. This match was played on a Monday
Third Lanark Teamsheet
Brownlie; Thomson, Orr; Fairfoul, Ferguson, Mainds; Rankine, Hosie, Smith, Schoullar, Prentice
Attendance: 2,500
Venue: Cathkin Park, Glasgow
Referee: Mr. Tom Dougary, Nitshill