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Aberdeen 0 - 0 Morton

HT Score: Aberdeen 0 - 0 Morton

Div 1 (Old)

07/12/1912 | KO:

Morton's Lucky Draw

At Aberdeen. Aberdeen were, on the whole, unlucky in failing to win both points. They had the bulk of the play all through, but their finishing left something to be desired. Their shooting was weak. Both defences were strong, and the Aberdeen backs were the better pair. Greig, in goal, was little troubled. Bradford, for Morton, had some fine saves. The Greenock forwards never got properly set agoing, and Morton owed their draw to the strength of their defence, which stood up well to repeated attacks.

Source: The Scotsman, 9th December 1912

There was little really good football seen at Pittodrie on Saturday. Morton were the visitors, and but for their defence and the inability of the home forwards to finish, they ought to have gone home pointless. They had much the worse of a goal was draw. Their own forwards were even feebler than the home quintette, who shaped decently enough until they got within shooting distance, and then could do nothing. Morton's attack, on the other hand, were rounded all through.

It was for the most part the duel between the defences. There, each side was well served. Bradford was not actually over-burdened with work, but he had a lot more to do than Greig, and did it in the best style. He was a prominent factor in sending Milne and Co. away empty handed. The backs were strong, with Colman and Hannah perhaps the better pair, though the latter occasionally found himself in a tight corner. The Greenock halves had to fall back off their that had the home trio. This was about the best division in the visitors' team. Stark and May, particularly the latter, played pretty football, and they have a worthy comrade in Wright, who is a lad with a future. By comparison Aberdeen's middle line did not suffer, all three making a good show. This much might be said, however, that so far as studied, methodical play was concerned, there was nothing all off for noon to equal the touch is shown by Stark and May, in playing to each other or pushing the ball ahead to a comrade. Forward, indifferently as Aberdeen shaped, they were a street are two ahead of the opposition, who, as indicated, were deplorable a weak all afternoon. Chalmers wasn't a patch on his usual form, and it was not that he did not get rope, for Wilson seemed to be hardly ever near him. It was surely one of his off-days. But all events, he never got his wings agoing, and when he tried to do anything on his own he failed lamentably. No; he wasn't within sight of concert pitch. There was nothing better than Main and Milne afield. Both were hard tryers, and it was not there blame that Aberdeen didn't win. On Saturdays form they were the only pair worth their place. There was a lack of understanding between the forwards that perhaps meant all the difference between the draw and a win. At least two thirds of the game were fought out within the Greenock lines, and Morton were lucky to go home to point to their credit.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 9th December 1912

Morton Teamsheet
Bradford: McLean, Fulton; Wright, Stark, May; Torrance, Bolton, Chalmers, Brown, Lindsay
Attendance: 7,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. A. Allan, Glasgow
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