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Aberdeen 0 - 0 Rangers

HT Score: Aberdeen 0 - 0 Rangers

Div 1 (Old)

22/09/1913 | KO:

Great Struggle at Pittodrie

After a keen struggle for supremacy, Aberdeen and Rangers had a draw of no goals in a Scottish League engagement at Pittodrie, Aberdeen, yesterday. Twenty thousand spectators witnessed a good game in which the honours were well divided. In the first half both goals had narrow escapes, but in that period Rangers were much the superior side, Greig having to clear dangerous efforts by Parker, Stewart, Paterson, and Duncan. For the most part the strong Rangers' defence kept the home attack well in check, and at the interval no score was recorded. There was a thrilling second half, in which the feature was the rally made by Aberdeen. For twenty minutes the Rangers unsuccessfully besieged the Aberdeen defence, but Colman, Hume, and Wyllie got in some telling work and baulked all the efforts of the visitors. After that Aberdeen suddenly took the game in hand, and the Rangers' goal underwent a series of remarkable escapes. Hempsey brought off some wonderful saves, and strive as they could, the Rangers could not shake off the determined attack. On one occasion Soye put the ball in the net but the point was disallowed for a foul on Hempsey. Up to the finish Aberdeen continued to harass the opposition, but the defence of the Ibrox team and especially that set up by Campbell was brilliant, and the game resulted in a draw of no scoring.

Source: The Scotsman, 23rd September 1913

After a grueling game, under Scottish League auspices, before 18,000 spectators at Pittodrie yesterday, Aberdeen and Rangers for the goal was draw. The game was full of incident and the feature was the great rally made by Aberdeen in the second half after it had appeared that they would be beaten.

Rangers won the toss, and elected to play towards the city. The Rangers' right invaded, but Hume and nipped in and returned the ball to midfield. Some nice play on the Aberdeen left followed, but Rangers' defence was firm. Rangers again made progress. Stewart tried a shot, but his effort was without pith, and the ball rolled out of play. Play continued in Aberdeen territory, but a foul brought relief to the home side. Aberdeen got away, and Main carried the ball through, but Hempsey saved. Play was transferred to the other end. Parker shot swiftly, but Greig saved and fisted out. The ball went to Stewart, who put the ball over the bar. There was an exciting minute or two for the Aberdeen supporters, but the ball was sent to midfield. Rangers returned to the attack, and when all seemed lost, Greig saved by clinging doggedly to the ball while lying on the ground. Aberdeen forwards got possession, and had a likely run, but Rangers were awarded a foul. A smart movement by the home front line brought them into close range, but offside was given against McIntosh. Rangers' turn again came, move and the Aberdeen goal had a narrow escape. Duncan did good work on the right, and centred, but Parker shot over the bar. The home forwards had a flying run, but could not pierce the defence. After some give and take play, McIntosh forced a corner for Aberdeen. From the kick the ball was headed in by Wyllie, but Hempsey saved. Rangers had a sparkling run, but Colman cleared. Hempsey had to run out, and saved easily with no one near him.
The exchanges were at this stage fairly equal, the ball travelling from end to end. A foul close in give Aberdeen a likely chance, but an offside ruling brought relief to Rangers. Logan had a grand shot for Rangers, but the ball struck the crossbar. The next minute Greig was called upon, but saved with ease. Play was now and Rangers' quarters, but only for a short time. Duncan, Stewart, and Parker were prominent in a hot attack on the Aberdeen goal, but Colman saved grandly. Rangers when near the goalmouth looked more dangerous than the home lot, but both defences were good. Wyllie blocked a shot which seem to be going straight for the net. Aberdeen had a swift run, and forced a corner, which brought them no advantage. Aberdeen gave promise of scoring in a run by Main and McIntosh, but the four were shot over the bar. Aberdeen pressed for a few minutes, but were ultimately repulsed. Duncan got possession after a smart run, but shot behind. Rangers again shot up well, and Paterson almost scored, but Greig was in the right place and saved well. Parker also had a shot, but Greig again proved the right man in the right place. Rangers were looking lively, but found the Aberdeen backs in good form. Accepting a pass from McIntosh, Wood tricked Campbell, and shot, but there was no power in his effort, and Hempsey saved without difficulty.
Aberdeen's defence had a few hot minutes, but ultimately play was transferred, and wood carried the ball along the wing and centred. Ormond cleared his lines, however. From end to end the player and. McIntosh shot for Aberdeen, but the ball struck the post, and rebounded into the field of play. Low next had a try, but the ball went wide. Rangers invaded and obtained two corners in quick succession. From the second Greig saved finely amid great excitement from a header by Parker.

On the restart Rangers made ground, but Hume broke up the movement by the right wing, and sent the ball to midfield. Aberdeen attempted to break away, but were repulsed a little beyond the half way line. A left wing movement by Aberdeen looked promising, but Wood made and weak pass Campbell's feet. End to end play followed.Stewart got the ball well within range of Greig, but was robbed just as he was about to shoot. After a brief period of play in Rangers' quarters, Ormond shone in an individual effort, but was overborne by force of numbers. Wood got clear away for Aberdeen, but fumbled with the ball, and was beaten by Campbell. Rangers pressed, and Logan shot, but the ball went high. From a shot by Parker Rangers got a corner, which proved fruitless. Aberdeen transfer of play. Ormond gave away a corner, but Soye kicked behind. Logon cleared in a rush by Aberdeen forwards. The home side maintained the attack. McIntosh shot, but Hempsey saved. Twice the ball was weakly sent behind by the Aberdeen forwards. Aberdeen hotly attacked, and Rangers' defence were well tested. Main almost got through, and eventually Wilson drove a fastball over the bar. Keeping up the pressure, Wyllie shot, but Hempsey saved at the expense of a corner. Aberdeen got a foul close in. Hempsey had again to save. The crowd were cheering Aberdeen lustily, and there was much enthusiasm. Rangers at length broke away, and Paterson tried a long shot, but sent the ball behind. Again Aberdeen returned to the attack and rushed the ball into the net, but the referee gave a file. The decision did not please the crowd, and there was much shooting and booing. Aberdeen were going great guns, and the sound of cheers by the spectators was almost continual. Rangers had a run, but play was again transferred. Colman had a shot, but the ball went over the bar. Another corner fell to Aberdeen, a Wyllie headed behind. Eventually the Rangers' forwards made progress, but sent the ball past. Ormond had a bad miss, and Soye carried the ball up and centred, but Rangers' defence bustled about and cleared their lines. Still another corner fell to Aberdeen, but Wilson kicked the ball over the bar. Wood almost brought about Rangers' downfall with a fast shot, but the ball went past the post. From a cross by Wood, McIntosh headed in but Hempsey saved. Paterson got away on the left wing and forced a corner for Rangers, but the ball was sent to midfield. No scoring took place when the whistle blew.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 23rd September 1913

Aberdeen Teamsheet
Greig, Colman, Hume, Wilson, Wyllie, Low, Soye, McIntosh, Main, Travers, Wood.
Rangers Teamsheet
Hempsey; Campbell, Ormond; Gordon, Logan, Hendry; Duncan, Stewart, Parker, Goodwin, Paterson
Attendance: 18,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. A. Allan, Glasgow