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Dundee 0 - 1 Aberdeen

HT Score: Dundee 0 - 0 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Aberdeen scorers: Wyllie.

01/01/1914 | KO:

Rough Game in the Mud - Fouls and Free Fights

There were 12,000 spectators at Dens Park, Dundee. The weather was fine, and the ground, although heavy, was in fairly good order. Aberdeen opened well, and Soye shot behind. Dundee replied with strong pressure. A shot by Smith was luckily got rid of, and a grand effort by Hogg was saved by the crossbar. Dundee's goal had a narrow escape when Lyall failed to clear a shot from Travers, who endeavoured to follow up the chance, but was held off by Kelso. Play was keen and evenly divided. Both sets of forwards were weak at close quarters. There was no scoring at the interval. Fifteen minutes after the resumption Wall, the Dundee left half-back, was ordered off the field by the referee, Mr Humphrey, Maryhill, and the subsequent stages were contested under great excitement amongst the spectators and the players. Fouls occurred frequently, Lyell saved finely from Soye, and Greig held a fast shot from Hogg. A free kick against Barbour led to Aberdeen getting the only goal of the match. Wilson too the kick, and the ball went out to Wyllie, who headed into the net, Lyell being completely surprised. Dundee made great efforts to equalise, and in the last minute Skene just failed to get a goal. Result:- Aberdeen, 1 goal; Dundee, 0.

Source: The Scotsman, 2nd January 1914

Followers of the fortunes of the Aberdeen Football Club had every reason to be satisfied with themselves yesterday, because a dual victory fell to their lot. In a Scottish League match at Dens Park, the first team defeated Dundee by 1 goal to 0, and thereby gained their third league victory of the season and their first away from home. Under the less important Highland League auspices at Pittodrie, the reserve team was equally successful, and gained a merited victory by 4 goals to 2. Because of the fact that the Scottish League victory was at the expense of Dundee and in view of the great rivalry between the two cities, which is not confined to sport, the Dens Park triumph was all the more welcome. The game was fought - and literally it was a fight - on a pitch, which, hard underneath, was soft on the surface after the "fresh," and afforded treacherous holding. In consequence, the play at times was over broken nature, but it was so equally on account of the almost fierce rivalry between the teams and the tremendous excitement which prevailed. The day itself was ideal for football, and it was a reflection on previously disappointing results obtained by both teams that on the occasion of the meeting of two such rivals there were slightly less than 8000 spectators. But if the numbers were fewer than usual, it cannot be said that the game was robbed of any of the stirring scenes or thrilling moments of previous encounters between the soccer teams of the third and fourth cities. On the contrary, judging by the din and enthusiasm, there might have been twice the number present. Over 400 Aberdeen supporters took advantage of a holiday excursion to the Jute City, and they made their presence felt in no uncertain manner. Seldom has such fierce rivalry the manifested on the field and amongst the spectators as characterized yesterday's memorable game.
He fights were common around the arena, and it was a matter of regret that in the game itself there were many incidents quite divorced from the rules of football and true sportsmanship. For a time the game, so far as the ground conditions would allow, had some slight claim to be characterised as a scientific contest, but latterly, as the teams warmed to their work, and the spirit of rivalry asserted itself, the play degenerated into what might be vulgarly cold and dog fight. In the second. The specially the man was too frequently substituted for the ball, and the excitement of the moment led to many ugly incidents. Hard knocks were ruthlessly given and taken, certain of the players were frequently in fighting attitudes, and besmirched as they were with mud from head to foot, the sound of the whistle that ended hostilities was probably never more welcome and it was to the 20 well-nigh exhausted and sore-limbed players who wended their way to the pavilion at the close.


The game was one bitter feud from start to finish. Aberdeen won and deserved to but many moons may come and go before they have to strive so hard for the victory as they had in this case. He played the better football, and all along were the more convincing side, both in attack and defence. Their wing play was much ahead of that of their opponents, and although their paper superiority is but represented by the only goal of the match, that by no means reflects the real merit of their victory. The all-important goal that decided the issue was in its way a gift goal, and although the Dundee team had a ball that hit the crossbar in the first half, and missed two practically open goals in the second half, Aberdeen's superiority was not in the least detracted from. They, too, had their passages in which space and lack of opportunism thwarted them, but and feat Croft, generalship, and combination they were the better team, and so deserved to win.
Shooting for goal was practically a lost art, but in the later stages at any rate no player got time to settle since the match was then more a test of physical strength and of football and brains.


It was one of these happenings which is always to be regretted that in the course of the second half Wall, the left half-back of Dundee, was ordered off the field for alleged abuse of the referee following upon an incident of play for which the official had occasion to remonstrate with the player. In the closing stages Philip, the Dundee centre half-back, and also to withdraw from the game owing to injury, and at the finish Dundee were battling with nine men.


Dundee had the assistance of a slight breeze in the first half, and Smith and Barbour threatened Greig's charge, but Barbour failed to centre. A promising move by the Aberdeen right allowed Travers between the backs, and he had a shot, which Lyall cleared with the greatest difficulty. Aberdeen kept up the attack, and Soye twice sent narrowly past. Thomson miskicked, but Aberdeen failed to make good the opportunity. Dundee then attacked, but the wins were badly knitted together. Adams forced a corner, and after Hogg had placed finely, his partner had a shot blocked in the goalmouth by Colman. On two occasions Greig was slow to clear loose balls, and once Skene and Adams nearly forced them over the line with the ball and his grasp. Aberdeen shown some pretty movements, and Main twice had good runs which were deserving of reward. Soye, too, nicely served by Walker, had several promising runs, and a swift cross by him was missed by Walker, Maine, and Scorgie in the goalmouth.


The next minute Aberdeen and even a more fortunate to escape. Hannah had been keeping Hogg well in check, but the forward got the better of him on this occasion by a neat dribble and shot, which rebounded off the crossbar. He attempted a similar dribble immediately afterwards, but back-heeled to Low instead of his partner. It was at this time that feeling commenced to creep into the game, and it was in vain that the referee, by administering several cautions, attempted to check it. Kelso, Scorgie, Hogg, Hannah, Wilson, Wall, and Soye all figured in unpleasant interludes, and gradually what little science there was disappeared from the game. Each side obtain several corners, but no advantage accrued. Scorgie, main, Soye, and travers had tries for Aberdeen, but the first half, in which Aberdeen have been missed from the team, ended Dundee 0, Aberdeen 0.


The second period was minutes old when Wall was talked to by the referee for his treatment of Soye, and the rivalry between the teams, keen before, developed in intensity. George was met by charge, but too often the man on the ball had defeat went from below him or was unceremoniously bowled over. In this respect both teams transgressed, but certain of the Dundee team were the worst offenders. For quite a lengthy period Aberdeen attacked, and Soye, Travers, and Walker all had efforts, which Lyall saved, while he did well to hold a tricky back-header from Main, who disconcerted the Dundee backs by his rushing tactics. Hannah and Hogg were at loggerheads, but the referee separated them, and then followed the ordering off of Wall. He and Low figured in an incident, and as a result the Dundee half-back was ordered out of the contest.


A fine run by Adams and Skene nearly brought disaster to Aberdeen. Greig rushed out and took a flying kick at the ball but jumped over it. Skene fastened on, but he just sent wide of the untenanted goal. Aberdeen replied with a goal almost immediately. Wilson, from a free-kick, planted the ball in front of goal, and Wyllie just got his head on the ball which rolled past Kelso and Lyall into the net. It was a simple-looking goal, and the ball did not appear to be beyond the reach of either of the two Dundee players named. The goal proved a revive are to Aberdeen, whose movements had some pretension of decision. Philip was injured in collision, and Hogg went centre-half, the injured player going outside right for a time until he finally retired from the game.


Skene and Smith rushed through the Aberdeen defence, and between them their lost a splendid chance of beating into a gaping goal. Aberdeen held the upper hand in the closing stages, and deservedly gained their second league victory on Dens Park.

Source: Evening Express, 2nd January 1914

Dundee Teamsheet
Lyall; Kelso, Thomson; McIntosh, Philip, Wall; Hogg, Adams, Skene, Barbour, Smith   Wall
Aberdeen Teamsheet
Greig, Colman, Hannah, Wilson, Wyllie, Low, Soye, Walker, Main, Travers, Scorgie.
Attendance: 8,500
Venue: Dens Park, Dundee
Referee: Mr. Humphreys, Maryhill
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