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Aberdeen 4 - 1 Albion Rovers

HT Score: Aberdeen 1 - 0 Albion Rovers

Scottish Cup First Round
Aberdeen scorers: Main, Soye, Scorgie, Main.

07/02/1914 | KO:

Aberden go Forward

At Aberdeen before 15,000 spectators. Aberdeen got a snatch goal through Main after two minutes. Thereafter the Rovers played extremely well, their individual cleverness nonplussing the Aberdeen defence, Archibald and Prentice being especially tricky; but they seldom got near to threaten actual danger. The second half completely favoured Aberdeen, and the Rovers? defence was unable to stand the severe strain. Soye scored a brilliant goal, and this was followed by others from Scorgie and Main. In the closing stages Prentice was carried off injured, and the Rovers played with ten men. Just on time Ralston reduce the lead, but Aberdeen were good winners. Result:- Aberdeen, 4 goals; Albion Rovers, 1 goal.

Source: The Scotsman, 9th February 1914

After a game in which there was little in the play to associated with a cup-tie, Aberdeen disposed of Albion Rovers, the Qualifying Cup holders at Pittodrie by 4 goals to 4. A crowd of 15,000 was present, and the fact there's testimony to the reawakened interest in the doings of the Pittodrie club. Play never rose to a very high standard, and if one of two passages in the second round be excepted, he could not be described as a fast game. The fact that the teams belonged to different grades and each necessarily adopted a different style of play from the other probably accounted for the comparative dullness of the game. In their particular class the Rovers gave a clever display, but, compared with Aberdeen, they were badly equipped physically, and to this fact the result was traceable in a large measure. At no time during the game was Aberdeen's stretched, and although individually the losers were a clever side, the specially in attack, they were collectively in a class for below that of Aberdeen, but did not aspire to anything great on the day's play. There was a general lack of excitement throughout, probably due to the prevailing opinion that the result was looked upon generally has a foregone conclusion for Aberdeen. Strength was given to this by the fact that Main put the home team on the lead after 3 minutes, and the advantage early gained kept down the excitement amongst the spectators. Although they opened the scoring so early and so easily, Aberdeen got no more goals in the period, and as they were defending without being in any great danger for the greater part of the half, it might be said they scarcely deserve their interval lead. Rovers attacked very cleverly and pluckily, the dribbling of Archibald, their diminutive inside right, and the runs and centres of Prentice, their outside left, supplying features of the play. The attacks were rather easily repulsed, however, but Aberdeen made little headway in reply.


In the second half the issue was soon put beyond doubt. Walker and Maine had both shot erratically from favourable positions before Soye, getting possession on the penalty line, dribbled past three opponents and then scored with a clever left foot drive. The goal supplied the turning point of the game, and from that time onwards the Rovers' defence was in difficulties. It did not stand up too well to the well-timed Aberdeen attacks, and, had the home forwards shown better marksmanship, the score might quite well have been greater. A blunder on the part of the goalkeeper allowed Scorgie to work through a third goal for Aberdeen. Further misfortune overtook the visitors when Prentice, the outside-left, was stunned, and had to be carried off. Following upon good work by Wright and a miss by D. Ewing, Main scored a further goal for Aberdeen. Near the close, the Rovers broke away and R. Ewing scored from a free-kick. There was no further scoring, and Aberdeen won in easy fashion.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 9th February 1914

Aberdeen Teamsheet
Greig, Colman, Hannah, Wright, Wyllie, Low, Soye, Walker, Main, Travers, Scorgie.
Albion Rovers Teamsheet
Harrigan; Trainor, D. Ewing; Ralston, R. Ewing, Smith; Galbraith, Archibald, Martin, Watson, Prentice
Attendance: 15,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. J. Kilbride, Polmont
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