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match report 1894-95 fixture list
The Aberdeen 5 - 3 Cowlairs
Kick Off:    Reith, Taylor, Gray, Gray, Mackie       McTair, Thorburn, Thorburn  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
More miserable weather conditions for football than those of Saturday could hardly be imagined. Rain fell heavily during the afternoon, and the previous showers had converted the pitches into puddles. Despite the bad day a large crowd assembled at Chanonry to see Aberdeen play Cowlairs, The strangers brought a strong team, but Robertson, their best man, could not accompany them. The elevens were as follows: Aberdeen: Smythe; John Davidson, Gall; Morren, Jos. Davidson, Thompson; Reith, Taylor, Mackie, Gray, Allott. Cowlairs: Duff; McBlane, Maxwell; McFarlane, McFotridge, Lamont; Lynch, Thorburn, Davidson, Spence, McTair. Mr W. S. Brown acted as referee.

Mackie kicked off for Aberdeen, but the advance of the homesters was promptly checked by Davidson. McTair got on the ball, but drove past. Lynch and Thorburn again pressed, and John Davidson missed at a critical moment. The bungle nearly spelt disaster. Good tackling by Thompson and Morren, however, kept the right wing of Cowlairs from doing anything dangerous. McTair had a good chance, and accepting a pass from the right beat Smythe. Luck now changed. Taylor led Aberdeen's attack but missed. Reith immediately afterwards sent in a long, low, slow shot, which Duff went out confidently to meet. He kicked wildly, missed, and the first goal was scored for Aberdeen. Ten minutes of interesting play followed, but in the end Aberdeen came away. Taylor was more successful this time, and scored the second point for Aberdeen. Cowlairs showed more compact forward play, but they could not outwit the Aberdeen backs. A splendid charge by Jos. Davidson, Allot, and Gray was the last feature of the first half worth recording, and when the whistle sounded the scores were: Aberdeen 2, Cowlairs 1.

Darkness and rain were descending when the second half began. Almost at the very start Thorburn equalised. Aberdeen replied sharply. Reith passed Maxwell,and centred, and Gray ran in and scored. A minute afterwards, by a similar piece of play, the same forward added another point to the Aberdeen score. Cowlairs now made a valiant attempt to retrieve their position, but they were too late. Smythe was equal to every demand made upon him, and was well supported by the backs, while the half-backs fed he forwards well. The whole side were now playing a winning game, and when once more Aberdeen got near, Mackie easily beat Duff for a fifth time. A good run by Thorburn ended in the lead of the home side being reduced by one. Little else of note occurred, and a capital game terminated in a victory for Aberdeen. Result: Aberdeen 5, Cowlairs 3.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 5th November 1894

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Smythe; John Davidson, Gall; Morren, Jos. Davidson, Thompson; Reith, Taylor, Mackie, Gray, Allott


Cowlairs Teamsheet: 


Referee: Mr. W. S Brown

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