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AFC - Match Report
match report 1894-95 fixture list
Gershon Cup 
Orion 6 - 0 The Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Benzie, Benzie, Thom, Thom, Thom, Leggat        
Attendance: 4,000
Venue: Cattofield, Aberdeen
These teams met at Cattofield to play off a round of the Gershon Cup ties. The weather was all that could be desired, and the ground was in excellent condition. Teams: Aberdeen - Smyth; John Davidson, Gall; C. W. Mackie, Jos. Davidson, Thomson; Turner, Taylor, Toman, Gray, Mackie. Orion: "George"; Mackay, Ross; Wight, Low, Currie; Gloag, Benzie, Thom, Leggat, Dawson. Referee, Mr McQuaren, Clyde F.C.

The Orion won the toss, but chose to play against the sun and wind. Kicking off before an audience of over 4000 the Aberdeen attempted a run, but Thom got the ball and sent it well down the field. It was, however, returned by John Davidson. Taylor, with a low swift shot just missed the goal by about three inches. Favoured by a slight wind, and a strong sun at their back, the Aberdeen began to press their opponents until Thom broke away, and passed to Dawson, who touched back to Low. That player shot, but Gall returned. The Whites had a splendid run down and Gray sent in a stinging shot which was grandly saved by "George." The Aberdeen continued to press and C. W. Mackie, who played perhaps the finest game he has done since he commenced football, sent in a beautiful shot, which graced the crossbar. Benzie made a fine run, but, passing to Gloag, that player had not time to get possession, and the ball rolled past the upright. The Stripes again broke away, and Thom with a lightning run was soon at the Whites' goal and shot, but Smyth was equal to the occasion. Benzie got possession, and with a well-judged kick sent the leather into the net, lowering the Whites' colours for the first time. Shortly after the kick off a corner was conceded to the Whites, but they failed to improve their position. The Aberdeen had another fine run initiated by Toman, Turner got the pass, and headed the ball across to Taylor. The latter re-turned to Toman, and that player shot, but the Orion goalkeeper saved grandly. The Orion pressed their opponents hard for a considerable period, Thom and Benzie making some beautiful runs, but they failed to raise their total. At last, Ross with a beautiful well-placed kick sent the leather into the Whites' goalmouth, and Benzie, who was waiting for it, had no difficulty in beating Smyth for the second time. The Stripes were soon in their opponents' territory again, and Thom, with a capital run, passed to Benzie, who crossed to Dawson. That player, however, missed the opportunity, and immediately half-time was sounded with the Orion leading by 2 goals to nil.

In the second half the wind had subsided a little, but a strong sun was still shining. This looked bad for the Whites, and fears were expressed that they would retire heavily beaten. Kicking off, Thom with a fine dribble got within; shooting distance, but a rash kick sent it over the crossbar. The Orion still kept pegging away at the Whites' goal, and Thom passed to Benzie, who shot. Thom followed up, and finished by lowering the Whites' colours for the third time. The Stripes never allowed the Aberdeen to pass mid-field, and were practically shooting for goal. Dawson passed to Thom, who with a capital run landed the leather in the net for the fourth time. C. W. Mackie was making himself conspicuous by his strong and well-judged kicking. Another corner to the Orion, which was kicked in by Dawson, ran along the crossbar, but landed on the opposite side. The Stripes hemmed in their opponents on all sides. The leather was headed right along the front rank from Gloag to Leggat. The latter shot, and Thom finished the fifth goal for the Stripes. The Orion continued to press, and all the front rank had a try at goal, but failed to land the leather in the net until Leggatt, through Smyth deserting his charge, had no difficulty in tipping it through, thus gaining the sixth point for the Orion. The game at this point began to lose all interest. The Stripes were still pressing their opponents when time was called, and the game ended: Orion 6, Aberdeen 0.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 22nd April 1895

In their Cup tie with the Orion at Cattofield on Saturday the Senior Club was outwitted, tricked, and beaten at every point. Indeed, we cannot remember ever seeing the Whites cut up so badly. A beautiful afternoon, there was a fine crowd in attendance, but though the ground team treated to an all-round performance of excellent merit, the game partook too much of


to please even the supporters, of the winning side. Six goals to nil didn't represent the play either, as had the Stripes taken advantage of all the golden openings a double figure might not have stopped them. The beauty of the Orion's play was the tactics of the halves, who not only tackled with eminent success, and fed those in front with consummate judgment, but they followed up so closely that the Orion invariably had the benefit of eight forwards. They all did well. The forwards worked together in capital order. Thom was in dashing form, and showed the critics what he can do


as a dribbler, passer, and shootist. Benzie's play was finished to a degree and scrupulously fair. Leggat, as lively as a kitten, slipped round the defence at will, while Dawson acted admirably in the open, time and again popping the sphere well in front of Smith, but in the close his judgment was faulty. Gloag fed Benzie to a nicety, but was too often off-sides, the only fault to be found with him. The backs were infinitely superior to their compeers on the other side, Ross for choice; and "George," though he had an easy task in goal compared with Smyth, saved the few dangerous ones that came his way in fine style, but we noticed he


which, unless curbed, may lead to a degeneration In his play. The sorry exhibition of the Whites was really too awfully bad to be true, and they may perhaps do something more worthy of the reputation of Chanonry to-day (Saturday), when they again face the Stripes. One, and one only deserves mention, namely - Charlie Mackie at half. There wasn't much finish about his work - this will come with practice - but there was any amount of strength behind his toe, and he fought gamely to the end.

Source: Bon-Accord, 27th April 1895

Orion Teamsheet:  "George"; Mackay, Ross; Wight, Low, Currie; Gloag, Benzie, Thom, Leggat, Dawson


The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Smyth; John Davidson, Gall; C. W. Mackie, Jos. Davidson, Thomson; Turner, Taylor, Toman, Gray, J. Mackie


Referee: Mr. McQuaren, Clyde F.C.

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