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match report 1895-96 fixture list
Scottish Qualifying Cup 
St. Johnstone 3 - 1 Orion
Kick Off:    Riley, Riley, McFarlane       Thom  
Attendance: 1,800
Venue: St Johnstone Recreation Grounds, Perth
Accompanied by Councillor Glass, president, and Mr Wm. Walker, vice-president, the Orion travelled to Perth and played off their Scottish Cup tie with the St Johnstone, of that city. The weather was splendid. It was estimated that there were between 1500 and 1800 spectators round the ropes. The Orion were the first to appear on the field, and they got a fairly good reception, but when the St Johnstone stepped on the field the shouting continued for several minutes. The following were the contestants: Orion - Morrison; Mackay, Ross; Stopani, Low, Currie; "Campbell," Robertson, Thom, Leggat, Clark. St Johnstone - Tulloch; Robertson, Dakers; Watson, White, McEwan: Cairncross, Riley, Waddell, McFarlane, Campbell. Referee: Mr Allison, Port-Glasgow, linesmen: Mr Banks, Perth and Mr Edwards, Aberdeen.

The toss was won by the ground team, and they elected to defend the south goal. With a gentle breeze and a strong sun against them, the Orion set the ball in motion. From, first to last, the luck seemed to be against them. During the opening 15 minutes, the St Johnstone only twice succeeded in crossing mid-field, the Orion hemming them in at every point. Had the Orion front rank been in anything like form, two, if not three, goals could have been registered within the first twenty minutes. Fully twenty minutes from the kick-off, the home eleven, by a splendid piece of play on the part of Campbell and McFarlane, got well down the field. A foul fell to them near the Orion's goalmouth, and Robertson, who was entrusted with the kick, sent in a shot which landed in the net. As none of the players touched the ball the goal was void. This was the commencement of the St Johnstone's attacks. The excitement of the spectators became intense as the ground team Again bore down on their opponents. Another foul was conceded to the St Johnstone, and, amidst terrific cheering, Riley, out of a scrimmage, succeeded in beating Morrison. For a few minutes the Orion seemed to waken up, but they lacked sufficient dash. With one goal of a lead, the St Johnstone now began to introduce combination into their play, and for a time they carried the ball dangerously near the Orion's territory. Mackay and Low always came to the rescue, fortunately, and the Perth men were repeatedly driven back pointless. It was evident that they meant business, however, and, the Aberdeen men's goal was often in jeopardy. After a determined attack on the part of the St Johnstone a foul felt to them about four yards from the strangers' goal line. Watson took the kick, and passed to Campbell, who shot, and Riley rushing in sent the ball past Morrison for the second time. Nothing more was done however, and at half-time the game stood: St Johnstone, 2 goals; Orion, nil.

A hope that the Orion would yet prove victors still lingered in the breasts of their followers, but within 30 seconds of the restart Cairncross got the ball, and before the Orion were aware, had crossed to McFarlane, who banged it through. After somewhat improved play on the part of the Orion, Thom, from a pass from Robertson, sent in a shot which beat Tulloch. Although the Orion this cheered them a little, their chance was gone, and when the whistle sounded they had to acknowledge themselves beaten. The scores were: St Johnstone, 3 goals; Orion, 1 goal. The drawings amounted to 11 12s. As the Orion received only half of the money they will lose 1 at least on the match. At the close of the game, Low, as captain of the Orion, lodged a protest on the ground that fourteen yards from the south goal there is an uncovered iron water-hydrant about a foot square, which, it is averred, was dangerous to the safety of the players.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 30th September 1895

From what we saw of the St Johnstone the previous Saturday at Torry, we had bright hopes of the Orion being able to emerge on the right side even at Forth. We were doomed to disappointment, however, as, after having the greater part of the play, they were defeated by 3 goals to 1, through that old fault of theirs - looseness in front of goal. In the open our lads made rings round the Saints, but some of the forwards were painfully nervous on getting Close down on Tulloch, failing to convert time after time in the most irritating and feeble fashion. In some quarters Benzie gets the biggest share of the blame, but we are informed some of the passes given him were not altogether masterpieces of accuracy, and, what is more, when he did commit the faults he was playing out of his place. One critic suggests that Benzie should get a rest, and cries out in anguish of spirit - "What about Moultrie?" We should say let him moult, if we are to lose the ex-Renown lad. If we were to be asked the cause of the defeat, we would say bad luck, for have not our opponents even given in that the northerners had the best of the game, bar a few mistakes near the close of the first half. The Orion protested on the ground that a hydrant cover in the centre of the field was a source of danger to the players.

Source: Bon-Accord, 3rd October 1895

St. Johnstone Teamsheet:  Tulloch; Robertson, Dakers; Watson, White, McEwan: Cairncross, Riley, Waddell, McFarlane, Campbell


Orion Teamsheet:  Morrison; Mackay, Ross; Stopani, Low, Currie; "Campbell," Robertson, Thom, Leggat, Clark


Referee: Mr. Allison, Port Glasgow

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