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match report 1895-96 fixture list
Gershon Cup 
Orion 2 - 3 Victoria United
Kick Off:           
Attendance: 5,000
Venue: Cattofield, Aberdeen
Triumph of the Blues
On a frost bound pitch, and before attendance variously estimated at between 4500 and 5000, these elevens met at Cattofield for a round of the Gershon Cup ties. The teams were the same as those which appeared in Saturday's "Aberdeen Journal," with the exception that Thom was on the outside right and Leggat the inside in the Orion combination. Mr Waugh, of Edinburgh, officiated as referee. Great interest centred in the game, and beginning to end the enthusiasm was maintained. The Orion won the toss, and Captain Low decided to defend the west goal. Both teams entered into the contest with comment able vigour, and soon the crowd was cheering for their respective favourites. As the ground was hard the ball travelled fast, and matters became lively. For some time after the start the Orion had by far the best of it, but soon afterwards the play was more equal. When two goals had been obtained for the Orion their supporters became sanguine of victory. Despite reverses, however, the United never flagged, and the game in consequence became even more exciting. At half-time the Orion's lead was reduced by 1 goal.

With the incline in their favour, the United, immediately after the restart, bore down on the Orion's defence, and for a short time the Stripes' goal was in imminent danger. Repulsed only for a brief period, the United returned to the attack, and soon the equalising point was gained. Gradually the Torry combination got the upper hand, and throughout the remainder of the game the visitors had the best of matters, although the Orion struggled hard to equalise. Result: United, 3; Orion, 2.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 23rd December 1895

To vanquish the Stripes on their own pitch, though only by one point, is a distinctly meritorious achievement, and one that proves the Victoria United tough cup tie fighters. Since the inauguration of the trophy two years ago, the Orion has won on both occasions, and the pill administered on Saturday must have tasted very bitter indeed, not only to the club itself, but to its large body of followers. As to the game, in the first half the home contingent had distinctly the best of the play, and only careless shooting and slow movements in the close kept them from scoring more points than they were credited with (2-1 in their favour). The visitors had the upper hand in the second period taken as a whole, and scored twice, but Thom lost a splendid opportunity of drawing the match. Getting the ball from a finely-placed pass by Leggat, Thom, who had taken centre position, cleverly gave the opposing defence the go-by, and getting right down on Gillespie, drove the ball straight at the custodian, and the latter, only partially clearing, the ball rebounded into play, and Thom had a second chance afforded him, but shot wildly over the bar amid the sighs of the Stripes' supporters. The play of the victors may not have been so pretty to look at as the losers?, but it was more earnest and sustained, and altogether deserving of success. Gillespie and McBain had about equal calls, but the former had a much safer defence in front of him, Anderson and Ririe showing a much bolder front than Ross and Mitchell. As to the halves, Annand was the hardest and most successful worker in both elevens. Dawson held Maconnachie well in hand, and now and again brought Forsyth up when he looked dangerous. Forward, Caie, Burnett, and Ritchie played a go-ahead game, but the honours in this department went to Leggat, while Scrimgeour and Clark played a fair game. Thom, it could easily be seen, was not in the best of health, and Stopani was tantalisingly off colour. As we have indicated, Maconnachie and Forsyth were so persistently shadowed that they had great difficulty in getting along together, but this didn't prevent them from putting in some capital Individual play. The "Gershon" is now a certainty for the Torry lads, and we all shout in chorus, "Well played, Blues !"

Source: Bon-Accord, 26th December 1895

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Referee: Mr. Waugh, Edinburgh

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