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match report 1895-96 fixture list
Gershon Cup 
Victoria United 4 - 1 The Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Ritchie, ?, ?, ?       C. W. Mackie  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
The final round of these ties took place at Victoria Bridge Grounds between representative elevens of the Aberdeen and Victoria United. There was a large turnout of spectators. In the opening stages of the game play was pretty much on an equality, the balance being slightly in favour of the United. Both elevens worked hard to gain the first point, and ultimately C. W. Mackie placed his team one point ahead. Thoroughly roused at this unexpected reverse the United played for all they knew. For some time the Whites withstood the repeated onsets, until at last a well-judged shot from Ritchie baffled Smyth, and the game was drawn level. The Aberdeen's custodian was kept hard at work, but he discharged his duties faultlessly, Half-time arrived with each team having a goal to their credit. Not long after the restart the United assumed superiority, and for some time the Whites were confined to their own end. Several spirited attacks, led by Caie, who was giving a creditable exhibition, were made by the United. After averting numerous dangerous shots, Smyth was at last obliged to concede a second goal, and shortly afterwards a third point. In vain the Aberdeen endeavoured to raise their total. Before the whistle sounded the United had added a fourth goal. Result: Victoria United 4, Aberdeen 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 21st March 1896

The last match under the series arranged for the possession of the Gershon Cup came off at Victoria Bridge Grounds between the Victoria United and the Aberdeen. The result was an easy victory for the United by 4-1. The game was nothing more or less than a friendly, as the Vics have already gained a sufficient number of points to be declared the winners of the cup. The day was an ideal one for football. But oh, what a fiasco! The early stages gave promise of a good game, but once the Blues equalised there was only one team in it, and certainly not the Aberdeen. Without any fear of contradiction, we can safely say that we have never seen the Aberdeen so much "at sea" as they were in the second half of Saturday's game - even looking back to the time when they were beaten 13-1 by the Queen's Park in a Scottish Cup Tie. This may seem hard criticism, but it's a fact all the same. The United simply toyed with their opponents, and away from their goal the Whites could not get. An occasional long kick was made down the field, but it was only momentary.
Tom Smyth had a busy time of it. He got shots from all directions - high, low, fast, and all sorts, but Tom was here, there, and everywhere. At times his saving was really brilliant. Joe Davidson and Thomson worked hard to stem the tide of misfortune, but the odds were against them. C. W. Mackie was the only forward worthy of mention. As to the winners, Caie (centre forward) gave a class exposition. He fed his wings admirably, and shots for goal gave no end of trouble to the Aberdeen defenders. He was easily the best forward on the field, Forsyth, too, played a fine game, and was streets ahead of his partner, Maconnachie. A feature of Saturday's game was the smart backing up on the part of the cupholders' half-backs. They were continually on the move, and their "placing" had a great deal to do with the success of the front rank. Both Anderson and Ririe were very safe, the former kicking in grand style. The Vics introduced a new player in the half-back line, Smith of the 2nd XI taking the place of Gordon. He was a distinct success, and judging by his Saturday's form is an improvement on Gordon.

Source: Bon-Accord, 26th March 1896

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