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match report 1896-97 fixture list
Gershon Cup 
Victoria United 6 - 2 The Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Toman, Toman, Ritchie, Caie, Murison, Thornton       Milne, From Scrimmage  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
All the Aberdeen clubs should have been engaged in league matches on Saturday, but as that arrangement would have entailed the meeting for the third week in succession of the Aberdeen and Orion, the Orion agreed to free the Aberdeen, and the Lochee United acceded to a request by the Victoria United to postpone their fixture. It was then arranged that the Aberdeen and United should decide their first game on the Gershon Cup ties, instead of on the following Saturday, which day will be set apart for the playing of the postponed league fixtures. The conditions of the Gershon competition - which was initiated by Mr A. J. Gershon, who gives a handsome silver cup every year - are that the three leading clubs meet in home-and-home fixtures, and that the team having the largest number of points be awarded the trophy. Two points are given for a win and one for a draw. The Aberdeen and Orion should have met in the first game of these ties on the 7th last, but the qualifying cup competition prevented this fixture being played. The Orion unsuccessfully endeavoured to get the Culter to meet them in the semi-final round of the county cup competition on Saturday instead of 12th December, and the Cattofield eleven were consequently without a fixture, leaving the Aberdeen and United a free field. In consequence of the close game between, these clubs several weeks ago, considerable interest was aroused in Saturday's fixture, and the attendance was large. The Aberdeen had made two changes in their team. Smyth taking the place of Ritchie in goal, and McIntosh of the University superseding A. Smith, who WAS indisposed. The teams lined up as follows: Aberdeen - Smyth; Davidson, Gall; McIntosh, Smith, Thomson; R. Thomson, Milne, Cadger, Gray, J. Mackie. United - Gillespie; McConnachie, Grant; Morrice, Davidson, Annand; Murison, Toman, Caie, Thornton, Ritchie. Mr McIntyre, Clydebank, officiated as referee, and the linesmen were Mr Peter Simpson (United) and Mr C. W, Mackie (Aberdeen). While the game was a fast one, it was by no means brilliant, both teams lacking judgement in their play. The encounter resulted in a victory for the United by six goals to two, and while that score does not perhaps accurately represent the run of play, the United were decidedly the better team. Combination was not a distinctive feature in the play of either team, but there was a far better understanding between the United players than between the Aberdeen men. The early departure of Toman of the United, for Burnley made him the most interesting of the 22 players, and as if he were aware of the fact that all eyes were on him, be gave one of the finest exhibitions that he has done since he came before the Aberdeen public. It was fully twenty minutes after the start before any scoring took place. Both teams had visited the respective goals in turn, but had failed to find an opening. Ultimately, however, from a free kick, the United worked their way down, and, after some passes had been exchanged in front of the Aberdeen's goal mouth. Toman, with a swift slanting shot, put the United in the lead. Scarcely five minutes later he added another point. The Aberdeen did not, however, lose heart, and before half-time was called Milne obtained a goal. In the last 45 minutes the Aberdeen were completely out-played, Ritchie, Caie, Murison, and Thornton each scoring a point for the United. Just before the close, and when semi-darkness had set in, the Aberdeen managed to get a second point through a scrimmage. All the United's forward division played a capital individual game, but their combination was faulty. Annand was the best of the half-back trio, and accomplished some smart work. Morrice and Davidson were considerably "off colour." McConnachie was the better of the two backs, although Grant was by no means a failure. Gillespie proved himself a capable custodian. On the Aberdeen side the outstanding player was McIntosh. He was here, there, and everywhere, but his fine passes to the front quintette were not taken advantage of. The back division was the best part of the Whites' team. Smyth, in goal, was comparatively poor.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 30th November 1896

Victoria United Teamsheet:  Gillespie; McConnachie, Grant; Morrice, Davidson, Annand; Murison, Toman, Caie, Thornton, Ritchie


The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Smyth; Davidson, Gall; McIntosh, Smith, Thomson; R. Thomson, Milne, Cadger, Gray, J. Mackie


Referee: Mr. McIntyre, Clydebank

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