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AFC - Match Report
match report 1909-10 fixture list
White team 3 - 0 Black and Gold team
    Practice match
Kick Off:    Lennie, T. Murray, Lennie        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
In preparation for the coming football season a practice match was played at Pittodrie, Aberdeen, last night, between teams of players connected with the Aberdeen Football Club. There was a large crowd of spectators present when the teams took the field as follows:-

Whites team: Mutch; Colman, Hume; Davidson, Moffat, Miller; R. Simpson, Soye, T. Murray, O'Hagan, Lennie.
Black and Gold team: King; Hannah, Harper; Robertson, Macfarlane, Henderson; Hay, Towns, McKenzie, R. Murray, Jaffrey.
Mr. Peter Simpson, trainer, was the referee.

The game opened quietly, both sets of forwards having runs two wards the goalkeepers. The four backs were exceptionally strong, Colman and Hume played with their usual conference, and the Black and Gold forwards could not make anything of them. Hannah was the outstanding back of the Black and Gold eleven. Harper was cool and resourceful, but not so prominent as his partner. In Simpson and Soye he had a difficult pair to deal with. From the spectators' point of view play was very interesting, but it was apparent that the players were not exerting themselves. First one team would attack for a brief period and then the other. This sort of play continued for a time, some very smart work being done in midfield by the forwards, but when it came to shooting in the vicinity of the goal the forwards did not show up very well. The goalkeepers' abilities were not tested to any great extent. All the shots that came their way were of the soft order, giving them plenty of time to clear. Half-time was called after 30 minutes' play, and at the end of that. No goals had been scored.

The Black and Gold forwards had a promising run on the game being resumed, but, try as they could, they could not get past the cool and resource full backs of the white team.after 10 minutes' play Lennie scored a lovely goal. Lennie and O'Hagan formed the best wing on the field. Ten minutes later T. Murray scored from a cross by R. Simpson. The ball in its flight to wards goal struck Harper, and rebounded into the net. Shortly before time was called Lennie scored a third point for the whites, after a brilliant individual effort.

Although the match was interesting, and full of incident now and again, very little indication of the real playing merits of the new members of the club could be got. Both teams took matters easy. The goalkeepers', has already stated, were not put to any severe tests, the goals scored against King being all of the unsavable order. The backs were cool, and although Harper was not so conspicuous as Hannah, he gave the impression that he knew how to play in the back game thoroughly. He tackled well, but his placing could be improved upon. In regard to the middle line of the whites, little fault could be found with the work of Davidson and Miller. They played consistently all through. Moffat did not create a very favorable impression as far as his tackling was concerned. He did several very cute things, and was tricky at times, but beyond that he did not do anything of any consequence. He placed the ball to the wing men with accuracy, and it was very difficult to deprive him of the ball when in possession. The wings of the White team played very well, and little fault can be found with the work of Soye. He understands the game thoroughly. A good shot on the run, he makes a dangerous forward. D. Murray was not the centre of old. The half-backs of the black and Gold team were strenuous workers, Henderson in particular being conspicuous. Macfarlane was consistent all through, and much of Murray's non-success was due to the efforts of the centre-half opposed to him. McKenzie, the centre forward of the Black and Gold eleven, was like the centre forward of the Whites. He did not show up very well, but there was every indication that he would improve with more experience in the company in which he now finds himself. R. Murray and Jaffrey were the outstanding forwards for the Black and Gold team, Hay and Towns, on the opposite wing, being only fair.

A collection was taken on behalf of local charities, and amounted to 17 2s.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 11th August 1909

White team Teamsheet:  Mutch; Colman, Hume; Davidson, Moffat, Miller; R. Simpson, Soye, T. Murray, O'Hagan, Lennie


Black and Gold team Teamsheet:  King; Hannah, Harper; Robertson, Macfarlane, Henderson; Hay, Towns, McKenzie, R. Murray, Jaffrey


Referee: Mr. Peter Simpson, Aberdeen

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