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AFC - Match Report
match report 1911-12 fixture list
A Team 1 - 3 B Team
Kick Off:    Dickson       Wood, Main, Main  
Attendance: 6,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
An attendance of fully 6000 witnessed the second practice match of the Aberdeen Football Club at Pittodrie last night. As on the previous occasion, mixed teams took the field, the League team players being distributed over both sides. The net result of the game was to strengthen the good opinions formed of the players' abilities on Tuesday evening, and the exhibition given was highly satisfactory. Considering that the occasion was only a trial match, the game was strenuously contested, and many original and entertaining passages were provided. The recruits all acquitted themselves creditably, and the improvement in the play of the League team forwards was marked. The cover the ground at a great pace while on the move, and let it be said that football was never sacrificed for dash, although especially in the case of the right wing, the latter quality was not absent. The left wing pair, wood and Lennie, have, considering their brief acquaintance shipped, become remarkably well suited to each other's play. Main, the new centre forward, was seen at the top of his game, and apart from scoring two goals, he performed extremely well, and his play was such as to imbue confidence in the belief that during the ensuing season the onerous position will be successfully filled. He dribbled very well, and placed the ball two advantage to his colleagues, while on several occasions he shot himself to be well acquainted with the art of meeting crosses. The defence performed in their usual consistent manner. Reserves all did well, and none better than Greig, the goalkeeper, who had many brilliant clearances. Walker, the inside right from the Seaforth Highlanders, enhanced the reputation so quickly made with his previous appearance, and in Dickson he has a partner with great speed and strong shooting capabilities. It was unfortunate that shortly after the start of the second half Hume should have received an injury to his ankle which necessitated his retiral from the game, and later Low also left the field owing to a mishap.


Play, especially in the first half, was a really high standard. The League forwards worked remarkably well, but Colman, Hume, and King, although hard pressed, held out well. A misfist by King, led to Wood heading through the first goal. Then Main was fouled in the penalty area, but missed the goal with the shot. Later, however, after some good dribbling, he scored twice, and on another occasion he had a brilliant try from a cross by Lennie. The reserve forwards, although they were speedy and worked well, were tightly held by the lead defence, and at half-time their side were three goals down.

At times during the second half play was of a highly amusing nature, and Wilson's zealousness for work and his tussles with Lennie and Wood did much to make the game entertaining. Walker accomplished some pretty work for the reserve forwards, but was singularly unlucky at goal. On one occasion he netted but was given offside. Wilson took a penalty kick, but Greig kicked clear, and before the finish Dickson scored a beautiful goal after Greig had defected some brilliant clearances.

The total sum collected at both matches on behalf of local charities is 30.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 11th August 1911

A Team Teamsheet:  King; Colman, Hume; Wilson, Watson, Edgar; Dickson, J. Walker, Campbell, W. Wilson, Neison


B Team Teamsheet:  Greig; Hannah, F. Low; Davidson, Wyllie, Millar; Soye, MacIntosh, Main, Wood, Lennie


Referee: Mr. J. H. Russell

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