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match report 1914-15 fixture list
Robertson Cup 
Dundee 1 - 0 Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Macdonald        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Dens Park, Dundee
Aberdeen were at Dundee, and lost the first home-and-home game for the Robertson Cup. The same clubs will meet at Pittodrie on Saturday.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 26th April 1915

Dundee and Aberdeen did not put very much life into the Robertson Cup tie at Dens Park. It was pretty much a go-as-you-please encounter, but at times there were touches of clever and even exciting play. Both sides missed many chances, and while Dundee might have won by more than a single goal, Aberdeen were greatly handicapped by an injury to Cail. Useless for a portion of the first half, Cail did not resume after the interval, with the result that the Dundee defence had an easy task against the disorganised Aberdeen front rank.
The outstanding feature of the game was Macdonald's goal, scored from long range with a dandy shot. Dundee's defence was strong, and in the mid-line McIntosh's exhibition of the finer points of the game was remarkably fine. Hogg, when he cared, was Dundee's best forward, with McCulloch a good second. Brown showed all his customary enthusiasm, but failed to get his usual goal, despite many opportunities. Steven fed Fisher well, but the little winger did not respond to the best of his ability.
Anderson kept a splendid goal for Aberdeen, and Munro was more nimble at back than Donald Colman, who, however, did not exert himself unduly. Wyllie, the Aberdeen centre half, put in some great work with his head. A wonderful head is Wyllie's, there is the strength of a kick in many of Wyllie's headers. McLauchlan tackled well, and in the front line Soye and Walker were best. W. Wylie, the ex-Dundee player, did smart things occasionally.

Source: Dundee Courier, 26th April 1915

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