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AFC - Match Report
match report 1931-32 fixture list
Div 1 (Old) 
Airdrie 2 - 4 Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Bertram, Johnston       Hill, Falloon, Yorston, Hill.  
Attendance: 6,000
Venue: Broomfield Park, Airdrie
DONS' ATTACK ON TOP. Hill Scores Twice at Airdrie
Before 7000 spectators at Airdrie, Aberdeen had an excellent win by four goals to two. They were the first to settle down after a spell of scrappy play on the part of both teams. When eighteen minutes had gone, following a corner kick, Hill opened the scoring, and a few minutes later Falloon got a second goal in a similar way. Then immediately afterwards Bertram reduced the lead. In the second half the Airdrie side showed more dash, and at one period crowded the Aberdeen goal, which, besides being well protected by Smith, had some narrow escapes. More than the equaliser was due the Airdrieonians at that time. Between them Love and Yorston had a clever movement, and the latter scored the third goal. Johnston reduced the lead, but Hill again widened the gap. Aberdeen deserved the points. They were far ahead of the Airdrieonians in the matter of combination between the forwards and half-backs. Love and McLean were fine wingers, and were kept going well by Yorston's clever distribution of the ball. Under pressure the Aberdeen backs were erratic, but any mistakes made by them were generally covered by Smith's capital goalkeeping. The play of the Airdrie side was ragged throughout, especially forward, where none of the five upheld his reputation. Paterson, McQueen, and Preston, and Sharp were markedly good. Aberdeen were the better balanced team.

Source: The Scotsman, 17th August 1931

In defeating Airdrieonians at Broomfield Park, Airdrie, Aberdeen gave a convincing display of teamwork in which every section played its part well. The half-backs were the most prominent players, as is indicated by the three goals scored by Hill and Falloon, and their all-round excellence made the tasks of the defence and the attack comparatively easy. Hill was the outstanding player in Aberdeen's side, and their left wing was more effective than the right. Yorston was a dashing leader, but McMeekin did not fit in well between the centre and Love. On the Airdrie side Paterson kept a fine goal, and Crapnell and McQueen gave a sound display, but the half-backs and inside forwards were unconvincing and erratic, so that Bertram, Armstrong, and Johnston lacked support, and only Armstrong paid his way.
Aberdeen got a grip of the game early, and opened the scoring in 21 minutes through Hill, Falloon adding a second goal three minutes later, and a goal by Bertram completed the scoring before the interval. Airdrieonians fought hard in the second half, but gradually Aberdeen asserted themselves, and scored two further goals through Yorston and Hill, in between which Johnstone counted for the home side.

Source: Glasgow Herald, 17th August 1931

In their first away match of the season Aberdeen accomplished a fine performance at Airdrie, where they defeated Airdrieonians by 4 goals to 2.
On a fine afternoon the match only attracted about 6000 spectators.

Play throughout was always more strenuous than brilliant; indeed there were times when both teams appeared to get into a rut, and there was much aimless kicking. Of the two Aberdeen were by far the better side, but although they won they did not cover themselves with glory.
There were periods, especially in the second half, when their defence was all at sea. They owed their victory to the speed and nippiness of their attack, and to superior combination between the half-backs and forwards.

Aberdeen Two Up.

Aberdeen had the better of the exchanges in the earlier stages, their forwards combining very nicely, and clever play resulted in McLean netting, only to have the goal disallowed for offside. Both goals had been visited, Airdrie's more frequently, before Aberdeen took the lead in twenty-five minutes. Smart play on the left culminated in Hill netting with a terrific Shot.
They kept up the pressure, and the Airdrie goal had several narrow escapes before Falloon found the net with a long shot, which Paterson would probably have saved but for being unsighted by Yorston.

One For Airdrie.

Aberdeen were concentrating on attack when Airdrieonians got an unexpected goal. McLaren lost possession in midfield, and Armstrong got away to shoot against the crossbar, and Bertram running in netted easily.
Until the interval Aberdeen had the better of the exchanges, but there was no further scoring before half-time, when the scores were: Airdrie 1; Aberdeen, 2.

Defence Harassed.

Aberdeen forced play in the second half, but after attacking in the earlier stages they were forced back on the defensive, and the rear division had a trying twenty minutes. Smith was kept busy, especially with balls from the wings, and repeatedly shots were charged down, but the defenders could not get in a decisive clearance.
Ultimately they shook off the pressure and Aberdeen got a third goal. All the forwards combined cleverly, and McLean, temporarily in the inside right position, had a fine shot, which Paterson at full length knocked out, but Yorston rushing in met the rebound and promptly netted.
After this Airdrieonians again attacked vigorously but Aberdeen's defence, although often in difficulties, put up a desperate resistance. With ten minutes to go Airdrie's attacking efforts were rewarded. Slackness on the part of the right defence allowed McDonald to send the ball across an open goal and Johnstone had little difficulty in netting from close range.

Another for Hill.

The reverse spurred Aberdeen to greater effort and only two minutes had elapsed before they restored their two goals' lead, Hill netting from close range after a great dash by all the forwards.
This appeared to knock the heart out of the home team and although they continued to attack with great determination they were well held, and in the end Aberdeen were deserving winners.
For Aberdeen the best were Smith, Cooper, McLaren and Hill (the latter playing a great game in attack and defence), Love, Yorston, and McLean. Airdrie were best served by Paterson, McQueen, Sharp, Preston, Armstrong, McDonald, and Bertram.

Source: Press & Journal, 17th August 1931

Airdrie Teamsheet:  Paterson; Crapnel, McQueen; Preston, Sharp, McKenna; Johnstone, Muir, Armstrong, McDonald, Bertram


Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Smith, Cooper, Jackson, Falloon, McLaren, Hill, Love, McMeekin, Yorston, McDermid, McLean.

Unused Subs:


Referee: R. Morrison, Falkirk

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