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AFC - Match Report
match report 1932-33 fixture list
Div 1 (Old) 
Ayr United 3 - 1 Aberdeen
Kick Off:  3:00 PM   Brannan, Merrie, Taylor       Love.  
Attendance: 6,000
Venue: Somerset Park, Ayr
DONS' FAILURE TO STRIKE FORM. Bad Falling Away in Second Half.
For the most part this match at Somerset Park, Ayr, was an affair of kick-and-rush, with brawn rather than science the ruling factor, and because Ayr United played that type of game better than their opponents in the end they deserved to win. In the first half the visitors played good football, with admirable combination among the forwards, who, however, lacked penetration, and they more than held their own towards the interval, being fully value their equality in goals then. But in the second half Ayr's haphazard attacking methods told. The Aberdeen defence became rattled, and there were incidents arising from frayed tempers which did not help matters. Two goals for Ayr in the closing minutes settled the issue.
While the Aberdeen defence held out, McGill and Falloon played well. Beattie and Love were the pick of the forwards but Moore made no impression on McLeod. The Ayr half-back, with Hepburn and Merrie were the pick of the home team, which lacked any forward plan.
Ayr opened the scoring in nine minutes when Brannan improved on an opening made by Merrie, Love equalising for Aberdeen in half an hour. In the second half Merrie charge Smith and the ball through the Aberdeen goal at the end of thirty minutes, and Taylor completed the scoring from a free kick three minutes later.

Source: Glasgow Herald, 29th August 1932



After their big victory over Kilmarnock at Pittodrie last Wednesday. Aberdeen were confidently expected to overcome Ayr United at Somerset Park, but they were sadly disappointed.
A vigorous go-ahead Ayr team upset the more methodical Dons, but, even so, the visitors might have drawn. All three Ayr's goals might have been saved.
Smith had a bad day, and is not likely to forget Somerset Park a hurry.

Aberdeen attempted to play football, and were fairly successful in the latter part of the first period, but in the second half they attempted to play Ayr at their own game - kick and rush - and at this type of play the Ayrshire men were vastly superior.
McGill was the better of the two backs, but the defence as a whole was too easily spreadeagled on occasion. Falloon was useful in defence, while Dickie and Fraser played hard in the first half, but faded away in the second.
The forward line worked too closely, and thus played into the hands of the robust Ayr defence. Love was the best attacker, while Beattie was forceful, but his passes too often went astray.
Ayr were best served in defence by Hepburn, Willis, and McLeod, and in attack by Merrie, the ex-Pittodrie centre-forward; McGrath, and Brannan.

How the Game Ran.

The Ayr team commenced their bustling tactics right away, and Merrie, after beating Falloon sent past. A shot by McCall was deflected for a corner, and from the flag-kick Smith saved from Brannan.
Aberdeen retaliated, and smart work by Love and Beattie saw Moore head against Hepburn.
After ten minutes Smith misjudged a header from Merrie, and the ball rebounded from the post to Brannan who easily netted.
Aberdeen were playing combined football, and Hepburn saved from Beattie and Fraser. McLean was twice stopped from going through by force of numbers.
The go-ahead Ayr team got going again, and, following a corner, Smith punched out from Brae, and held a surprise header from Brannan.
The United kept up the pressure, and the 'keeper saved at full length from Merrie. The Aberdeen goal had an escape when Smith left his charge to clear from Brae, and McGrath headed over an empty goal.
Forceful play by the Aberdeen wing halves had the Ayr defence at sixes and sevens. Hepburn held a good drive by McLean at full length, and tries by Moore and Love were cleared anyhow. The equaliser was long overdue, and it came as no surprise when, shortly before the interval, Love nodded home an adroit cross from McLean.
Until the interval Aberdeen pressed vigorously, but failed to take the lead.

Aberdeen Fall Away.

The visitors fell away in the second half. They bunched in front of goal, and their combination became inaccurate. The visiting defence was sorely pressed, but managed to hold out.
In an Aberdeen breakaway Hepburn saved a header from McLean and held a grounder from Beattie. Back swung the Ayrshire men, and Smith had to leave his goal to keep Merrie from counting.
Aberdeen got another fright when Ferguson and Brae got through, and the latter netted from a suspiciously offside position. A determined appeal by the visitors resulted in the referee chalking off the point after consulting his linesmen.
Fifteen minutes from the end disaster overtook the Dons. Smith jumped and held a high ball from McCall, and before he could clear Merrie bundled him over the line. A few minutes later the issue was put beyond doubt, Taylor netting from a free kick just outside the penalty area.
Aberdeen rallied towards the close, but were a beaten team.

Source: Press & Journal, 29th August 1932

Ayr United Teamsheet:  Hepburn; Willis, Fleming; Taylor, McLeod, McCall; Brae, McGrath, Merrie, Brannan, Ferguson


Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Smith, Daly, McGill, Fraser, Falloon, Dickie, Love, Beattie, Moore, Adam, McLean.

Unused Subs:


Referee: W. Webb, Glasgow

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