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AFC - Match Report
match report 1933-34 fixture list
Div 1 (Old) 
Aberdeen 5 - 0 Queen of the South
Kick Off:  3:00 PM   Warnock 13, Mills 30, Moore 43, Mills 53, Beynon.        
Attendance: 11,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen

Improved Play by Half-Backs and Forwards.

Aberdeen registered their fifth successive victory with unexpected ease against Queen of the South at Pittodrie. The Dumfries team came north with something of a reputation - they had won their last five matches - but they did not live up to it, and but for a slackness in front of goal in the second half, Aberdeen might well have retired victors by oven a bigger margin than five goals.

The Leagues "babes" play is still modelled on Second Division lines. They biff the ball ahead and follow up with all speed, but against an Aberdeen defence which refused to become ruffled these tactics proved unavailing.

Sound Display.,/p> Aberdeen were superior in all departments, but the weakness of the opposition probably gave the impression that they were better team than they really are.
Nevertheless, the Dons are be congratulated on a sound display. There was a better understanding in defence, and the combination of the half-backs and forwards was on a much higher plane than that of Queen of the South.
Smith, in the Aberdeen goal, had one or two smart saves to his credit but, on the whole, he had a comparatively quiet afternoon. He was well protected by Cooper and McGill, both of whom played with confidence.
The play of the half-backs was improved compared with their form at Paisley the previous week. Fraser, at right-half, is especially worthy of mention. He kept a tight grip of Bell and McCall and lent Beynon and Warnock the best of support.
Falloon policed the centre of the field in his usual able manner, and Thomson, on the left flank, was good without being brilliant.

Dangerous Wing.

Beynon and Warnock, on the right wing, struck a happy combination and comprised the most dangerous wing on the field.
Moore, using head and foot with equal facility, distributed the ball splendidly, and his worrying tactics did much to upset the Dumfries defence.
There was no more clever forward afield than Mills, and he took both his goals smartly. Considering that he did not get the best support, Gall, on the extreme left, did quite well. It was from his crosses that two of the home goals were scored.
The Queen the South defence is to be congratulated on a gallant display in face of overwhelming odds.
The intermediate trio failed to get a grip of the Aberdeen attack, with the result that Fotheringham and his two backs were overworked, and it is to their credit that they fought back strongly until the finish.
Only Irvine, of the middle men, showed any enterprise.
The attack lacked a general. Their movements were disjointed, and except for the opening ten minutes, they caused the Pittodrie defence little trouble.
Anderson and Cumming, on the right, came into the limelight on rare occasions, and McGowan would have been dangerous had he been better supported. McCall and Bell, on the left, were seldom in evidence.

The Play.

Warnock laid the foundation for Aberdeen's victory in the thirteenth minute, when he netted from close in following a scrimmage between Moore and the backs.
The Dons had the better of the subsequent exchanges, but thirty minutes had gone ere Mills increased their total following a thrilling goalmouth melee.
Two minutes from the interval Moore connected with a fast Beynon cross and the ball flashed past Fotheringham a third time.
The homesters had the game well in hand in the second half, and within eight minutes Mills scored after Gall had made the running.
It was a case of the Queen of the South defence versus the Aberdeen attack for the most part and another goal was overdue when Beynon dashed in to meet a Gall cross and find the net.

Source: Press & Journal, 23rd October 1933

Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Smith, Cooper, McGill, Fraser, Falloon, Thomson, Beynon, Warnock, Moore, Mills, Gall.

Unused Subs:


Queen of the South Teamsheet:  Fotheringham; Savage, Culbert; Russell, Irvine, McDonald; Anderson, Cumming, McGowan, Bell, McCall


Referee: J. Thomson, Glasgow

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