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AFC - Match Report
match report 1946-47 fixture list
Div 1 (Old) 
Celtic 1 - 5 Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Hazlett 85       Hamilton 39, Harris 47, Hamilton 48, Hamilton 59, Hamilton 71.  
Attendance: 25,000
Venue: Celtic Park, Glasgow
A Handsome Apology For Falkirk Debacle

IT'S inexplicable. The Dons one day suffer a crushing home defeat at the hands of Falkirk and the next they go to Parkhead and trounce Celtic 5-1. Aberdeen the team with the phantom form!

But there was nothing ghostly about yesterday's victory. It was a solid affair, built on sound teamwork.
Generous George Hamilton "first-footed" Parkhead with four goals and Tony Harris, as leader of the attack, entered into the spirit of things by contributing a single.
Celtic seemed to be suffering from a "hangover" from their Ne'er Bay same with Rangers. They played like a tired team.
The Dons made a "mistake" against Falkirk on Wednesday, but they "apologised" handsomely to their supporters yesterday. What pity an apology was necessary!
There was a big improvement in the play of defence and attack alike. There had to be if they were to win.
The only goal of the first half saw Hamilton glide home a free kick from M cLaughlin with his head.
It was in the second half that the Dons became really inspired. The inspiration was provided by two goals in the opening three minutes of the period.

A Dandy Goal

Harris got the first and a dandy goal it was. He chased a clearance by Watson and although closely pursued by Hogg, Lynch and McMillan he delivered his shot and the ball entered the net off the post.
A quick inter-change in the Pittodrie attack saw Williams cross from the right, and Hamilton, the ever-ready, was on the spot to shoot past Miller.
In fourteen minutes Harris smartly flicked the ball up the middle and again Hamilton was there to add the finishing touch.
Celts were bewildered and floundering in the face of this Aberdeen blitz, and the Pittodrie forwards proceeded to give them a lesson in skilled, combined football. In twenty-six minutes McLaughlin sent Kiddie away on the right and Hamilton headed home the winger's cross.
Five minutes from the end Hazlett put a slightly better complexion on things for Celtic by heading home a cross from the right.

Coolness of Veteran

The Aberdeen defence played confidently. Eighteen-year-old Frank Watson, who deputised for the injured Johnstone in goal, made a bright debut. He played with the coolness of a veteran. Well done, Frank! He deserved the congratulations of his team-mates at the finish.
Cooper and Cowie played soundly. The right-back had the measure of Hazlett.,and although Cowie would probably be a lot happier on the right, he put up a piuoky display yesterday.
Dunlop gave Airlie, the Celtic centre, no chance, and even when McAloon took over the leadership early in the second period he got change out of the Dons' skipper.
McLaughlin was the most forcing wing half-back afield and Taylor was always in the thick of the fray.
Williams and McCall played too closely in the first half, but after the change over they struck a bright patch.
Hamilton took the honours in the Aberdeen front line, but the heavy going seemed to suit Harris. His strength and weight had an upsetting effect on the Celts' defence.

Tempting Balls

Kiddie on the right got across some tempting balls. If only he could instil a little more "devil" into his play he would be international class.
Celtic had good defenders in Miller, Hogg and Lynch, but their attack lacked craft and only McAloon impressed.

Source: Press & Journal, 3rd January 1947

Frank Watson makes his debut in goal for the men from the Granite City.
Aberdeen's future Chief Scout, Bobby Calder, referees the match.
Celtic Teamsheet:  Miller; Hogg, Mallan; Lynch, McMillan, Milne; Evans, McAloon, Airlie, Gallacher, Hazlett


Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Watson, Cooper, Cowie, McLaughlin, Dunlop, Taylor, Kiddie, Hamilton, Harris, Williams, McCall.

Unused Subs:


Referee: R. Calder, Rutherglen

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