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AFC - Match Report
match report 1947-48 fixture list
Div 1 (Old) 
Rangers 4 - 0 Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Rutherford 20, Gillick 29, Gillick 57, Thormton 87        
Attendance: 25,000
Venue: Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow
Pittodrie Revival Flickers Out

THE Pittodrie revival flickered out against a Rangers team that carried a knock-out punch in attack.

If there was single redeeming feature about the Dons' display, then I failed to see it.
It's impossible to apportion the blame to any player or department. The whole team played badly, with the exception of Johnstone.
Rangers had a plan, and they possessed the players capable of putting it into operation. There was method and purpose about their scheme of attack. The result was they got four goals.
The Dons had no winger with the fleetness of foot and directness and drive of Rutherford. Nor had they a forward with the nimbleness of mind and body of Thornton. If there is a better centre forward in Scotland this season I have yet to see him.
But for cool, calculating football shrewdness Gillick must be awarded the prize. He can do more damage in twenty minutes than many players do in ninety, and he does it with an unhurried, almost nonchalant air.
Aberdeen's defence and attack must equally share the blame for Saturday's failure. There was surely no need for the amount of passing back to the keeper indulged in by the Pittodrie defenders. It is necessary in an emergency. Sometimes it may be sound policy, but with the Dons on Saturday it became a habit.
That wasn't the only criticism that could be levelled at the defenders. To me they seemed far too fond of adopting the short-passing game near their own goal. It doesn't pay. Rangers didn't use it.
There were two players who didn't join in these tactics - Dunlop and McKenna. They were too busy coping with Thornton and Rutherford.

Brown Wasn't Busy

Just how impoverished was the play of the Aberdeen forwards may be judged from the fact that I can recall Brown, in the Rangers goal, making only one notable save from a direct dangerous shot, and that was from Hamilton in the second half.
Woodburn was the controller of the champions' defensive plan, and that the marking of the centre half and his team-mates was effective is exemplified in the fact that the Dons failed to get the ball in the net.
The real turning-point of the game came when Brown saved that shot of Hamilton's. The ball went right downfield and landed in the net for Rangers' third goal.
The Light Blues got their first goal in twenty minutes. In attempting to clear Cowie sent against Thornton and, quick as a flash, the centre put Caskie in possession. The winger crossed the ball, and when Johnstone stumbled and fell pushing it out, Rutherford was on the spot to send into the net.
The second goal nine minutes later did not reveal the Aberdeen defence in a good light. Thornton, out on the bye-line, beat Dunlop. In went the ball to Duncanson and the inside left's ground pass found Gillick ready and waiting. Before McKenna could tackle him the ball was in the net.

Curtain for Dons

Six minutes after the start of the second half it was curtains for the Dons. It was a clever third goal that Rangers got. When Rutherford broke clear on the right and sent the ball along the ground Thornton coolly steeped over it. Gillick took it in his stride and gave Johnstone no chance.
The final goal came in the closing minutes. Johnstone nipped from his charge to prevent Duncanson delivering his shot and before he could recover Thornton dashed in to net.

Source: Press & Journal, 15th December 1947

Rangers Teamsheet:  Brown, Cox, Shaw, McColl, Woodburn, Rae, Rutherford, Gillick, Thornton, Duncanson, Caskie


Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Johnstone, Cowie, McKenna, Waddell, Dunlop, Taylor, Millar, Hamilton, Williams, Harris, McCall.

Unused Subs:


Referee: J. Calder, Edinburgh

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