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AFC - Match Report
match report 1949-50 fixture list
Div 1 (Old) 
Aberdeen 2 - 3 St. Mirren
Kick Off:  3:00 PM   Emery (Pen), Kelly.       Lapsley 10 (pen), Crowe 30, Martin 88  
Attendance: 17,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Tonic Start - But Bitter Pill at End
Aberdeen Have Not Learned Last Season's Lesson

ABERDEEN'S narrow escape from relegation last season was largely due to their inability to collect points at home. They have apparently not learned their lesson, and a 3-2 defeat at the opening League game was a nasty knock to officials and supporters alike.

There can be no excuses. It isn't often that a team gets a tonic start with a goal in less than a minute. That's what happened to Aberdeen, but, instead of taking command of the game, they gradually petered out and allowed St Mirren to dictate the trend of play.
The Dons' troubles were not confined to one department, and it will be surprising if there are not changes for the game with Clyde this week.
By comparison, St Mirren didn't look a championship side, but they were most compact in defence and had more thrust in attack when they did get going.

Blunted Attack

Most disappointing was the play of the Aberdeen attack. It was difficult to believe that this was the line which had dazzled against Celtic less than a fortnight ago. Exempt from criticism is Tommy Pearson, who did all that one man could do to retrieve the side's falling fortunes.
It was galling to see the left winger hit his best form, and have all his work nullified by the weakness of others. Pearson was easily the best forward afield, but St Mirren must have been pleased with the display of Blyth, an outside right, who gave McKenna loads of trouble.
This enterprising newcomer was much more effective than Kiddie, his opposite number in the Aberdeen team. In fact, Kiddie and his partner, Yorston, will want to forget this game.
The lack of "bite" on this flank was pin-pointed when Martin, the left back, was able to go well into Aberdeen territory and hit the winning goal in the closing minutes.

Enterprising Emery

Admittedly it was a lucky goal, but earlier on St Mirren seemed justified in their complaint that Kelly had pushed a defender before he headed Aberdeen's second goal. Apart from Curran and Emery, the Dons did not inspire confidence in defence. The hefty Welshman kept Lesz remarkably quiet, and there were numerous occasions when his long-range clearances did more to put Aberdeen on attack than the work of wing half-backs Anderson and Harris, both of whom can do better.
Roy was not at all confident against Crowe, who gave him more trouble than any other centre for long time. St Mirren have been lokine for new leader, but thev could do worse than give Crowe an extended trial on this form.
Spectators had hardly settled when Martin conceded a penalty in stopping a header from Smith. Emery made no mistake with the spot kick, but in ten minutes Lapsley showed that he was equally adept at this sort of thing by beating Curran after Crowe had been brought down.

Kiddie at Last

After Aberdeen had pressed for a spell with little result, St Mirren went ahead in half an hour. Roy was slow to tackle Crowe, and the little centre wheeled to hit the ball hard and high past Curran.
Twenty-three minutes of the second half had gone when Kiddie at last got an inviting ball into the goalmouth. Kelly headed it home near the post, and the score stood despite St Mirren's appeal that the centre had fouled a defender as the ball was in flight from the wing.
Two minutes from time Martin threw a bomb into the Aberdeen camp. He had moved well upfield and took a pot shot at goal. Curran appeared to have the ball covered, but it hit a defender and was diverted into the other side of the goal.

Source: Press & Journal, 12th September 1949

Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Curran, Emery, McKenna, Anderson, Roy, Harris, Kiddie, Yorston, Kelly, Smith, Pearson.

Unused Subs:


St. Mirren Teamsheet:  Miller, Lapsley, Martin, Drinkwater, Telfer, Reid, Blyth, Deakin, Crowe, Davie, Lesz


Referee: H. P. Anderson, Edinburgh

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