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match report 1950-51 fixture list
Scottish Cup First Round 
Aberdeen 6 - 1 Inverness Caledonian
Kick Off:  2:45 PM   Yorston 2, Baird 34, Delaney 53, Yorston 70, Yorston 87, Hamilton 89.       Jamieson 16  
Attendance: 22,000 (Visitors: 2,500)
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
The A Division League leaders were undoubtedly too powerful for the Scottish Qualifying Cup holders at Pittodrie on Saturday, but Caley's resourceful challenge earned them resounding applause from the crowd of 22,000. A notable feature of the much-awaited Cup-tie was the spontaneous welcome which the sporting Aberdeen spectators accorded to the Invernessians when the teams lined up, and their obvious pleasure when Caley's stern resistance kept the dashing Dons' forwards at bay during the first period. Good fortune was certainly not Caley's lot, for they were somewhat unluckily a goal down within two minutes. Undaunted, however, the Invernessians sprung a surprise on their more confident opponents and equalised with a goal which was in every respect of the picture variety. It was the culmination of the calibre of play which has won for the Invernessians the reputation of being the finest team in the Highland League at the moment, and the pity was that somehow or other the Caley forwards did not quite maintain that brilliant spell. They did not lack spirit and pluck, but perhaps it was just because they were outclassed in speed that the forwards could not combine with their customary craft. Aberdeen were clearly taking no chances, and the Caley's goal set them on a series of determined assaults on the Invernessians' citadel, which, thanks to the magnificent saving of Bruce, only fell once more before the interval. With their one goal lead at the restart, the Dons were rapidly on the move again and piled on another four goals. But it must be taken into account that two of these came in the last fifteen minutes, when Bolt, following a first-half injury, was compelled to retire after having led his men nobly. His loss was a disaster for Caley, who were beginning by this time to feel the strain of consistently strenuous effort. The finely balanced and well-trained Aberdeen team, as could be expected, lasted the pace better and gave the semblance of being as fit as when they started, although they, too, must have recognised that they had to go all out to get the mastery of a plucky and defiant opposition.

Caley's pace slackens

The scoring was opened by Yorston, who was one of the most dangerous raiders, in two minutes, but Caley fought back spiritedly. The ground was fairly hard on account of frost, and this was responsible for passes going astray. A great cheer rose from the huge crowd when Caley found the net in the 16th minute. It was a perfectly taken goal headed in well out of Watson's reach by Jamieson, who took Macbeth's cross with precision. The leading up movement by Mitchell was largely responsible for the goal. The match at this stage had reached the full dimensions of a thrilling cup-tie, and there was tremendous excitement when a continuous rain of shots for the Caley goal came from Yorston, Hamilton, Baird and Pearson. Bruce and MacGillivray played heroically in defence, but Aberdeen secured the lead in 34 minutes through Baird. Watson, in the Dons' goal did not have too idle a time, and he effected some smart saves, especially a long free kick from Bolt and other attempts by Macbeth and Jamieson to get the ball past him. Indeed Caley might, with luck, have had another goal. A deceptive low shot by Delaney 15 minutes after the interval increased Aberdeen's lead, and further goals by Yorston, who with two more completed his hat-trick, and Hamilton, brought the total up to six. Caley's full-blooded tactics slackened off considerably in the course of this period, and the forwards were inclined to wander. Bolt's absence was greatly felt in the last quarter of an hour, when Aberdeen were complete masters of the game. All the Inverness players acquitted themselves well, the chief honours going to Bruce for his scintillating performance in goal. A large contingent of spectators from Inverness, numbering about 2,500, who travelled by special train, buses and private cars, gave enthusiastic support to Caley. The gate drawings, which include tax and stand, amounted to 1,718, one of the highest all over Scotland.

Source: Caledonian F.C. Programme, 3rd November 1986

ALTHOUGH they were soundly beaten at Pittodrie, Inverness Caley did not do the reputation of Highland League football any damage. The reverse was the case. They are to be congratulated on their first half display.
If the Highlanders were disappointed with the result they would find a good deal of consolation in the size of their cheque. Their share the gate was 687.

Source: Evening Express, 29th January 1951

Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Watson, Emery, McKenna, Anderson, Young, Harris, Delaney, Yorston, Hamilton, Baird, Pearson.

Unused Subs:


Inverness Caledonian Teamsheet:  Bruce; MacGillivray, Mrowonski; Bolt, Mackinnon, Mackintosh; Macbeth,Jamieson, Mitchell, Mackenzie, E. Fraser.


Referee: Mr W.N. Graham, Paisley

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