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match report 1904-05 fixture list
Scottish Qualifying Cup Fourth Round 
Aberdeen 3 - 0 Inverness Caledonian
Kick Off:    McAulay, Low (Pen), McAulay.        
Attendance: 4,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
The above teams met in the fourth round of the Scottish Qualifying Cup at Pittodrie Park on Saturday. The weather was splendid, and there was a fair turnout of spectators, about 2500 being present before the start. Aberdeen had Ellis back in the centre forward position, this being the only change from last week. The Inverness club brought their strongest eleven - and unbeaten record for this season south with them, and a fine looking lot of men they appeared as they came on the field. The teams were as follows: Aberdeen -MacFarlane; Murray and McNicol; Halkett, Strang and Low; Robertson, G. McNicol, Ellis, McAulay, and Shiach. Caledonian - McDonald; Fotheringham and Ross; Grant, Mair, and Fraser; Cameron, McLean, Glass, Todd, and Sutherland. Referee - Mr Mackenzie, Dundee. Aberdeen lost the toss and kicked off eastwards, with the wind in their favour, a most remarkable decision of the Caley's captain, considering that the Inverness team had the sun as well as the wind in their faces. Aberdeen very nearly scored from the kick-off, McAulay dribbling through and skimming the cross-bar. From the goal kick, McAulay again got possession, but was lamed in encountering Mair, and his fine dribble proved abortive. Macfarlane had to clear a slow grounder from McLean, but Aberdeen were quickly back east, and Ellis mulled some lovely opportunities. A fine return by Halkett let Shiach get in his centre, but Ellis shot wide from a good position. Shiach put in some nice centres immediately afterwards, and the Aberdeen forwards fairly waltzed round the blues' defence, but when they came to close quarters and shooting, they were clean off. At last a grand header from Robertson went in the direction of the net, but McDonald saved well with Ellis on top of him. After an open goal had been missed by Ellis from a grand cross from Shiach, McAulay opened the scoring with a good shot from 30 yards out, McDonald being misled by Ross attempting to head the ball and missing it completely. A minute after the kick off Murray struck the cross-bar from a free kick, McAulay heading over from the rebound. Aberdeen pressed strongly, and from a corner Ellis kicked narrowly over the bar. A momentary excursion by the "blues" was cleared by Macfarlane running out, and from his punt McAulay broke away but his final effort went wide, Robertson and McAulay next had a try at close quarters, but their shots were luckily charged down, and from the scrimmage which resulted McAulay shot close past. Continual pressure by Aberdeen brought out some good defending by Fotheringham, who saved the situation several times. Fraser also played a fair game for Caledonian, but the forwards were completely lost against the local defence. Aberdeen as early as this started to try fancy tricks, but the gallery play was sternly vetoed by the spectators. Ellis missed a goal from six yards out with only McDonald to beat, and after he caught the return when he had banged the ball against the goalkeeper, sent wildly over the bar. A slight diversion occurred through the referee's whistle failing him, but one of the policemen came to the rescue with a whistle which emitted a peculiar sort of squeak in Mr Mackenzie's unpractised hands, and afforded much amusement to the crowd. A grand shot from Shiach was saved by McDonald at the expense of a corner, which proved abortive, and afterwards McNicol let slip a good chance by sand dancing in front of Fraser who robbed him very comfortably. How Aberdeen failed to score more goals was a mystery, as Inverness were seldom over the half-way line. An attack by the Caledonian through McLean was well met by McNicol and Co. and was soon driven back. At the other end from a run down and a corner, Ellis headed over from close in. McNicol from a throw-in skimmed the bar after grand work by the left wing, but all the wing forwards' efforts were rendered useless by what was now recognised as the hopeless incompetence of Ellis, who to crown all previous blunders headed over from right under the bar before the whistle sounded for half-time. Half-time - Aberdeen, 1; Caledonian, O.
A vastly improved attendance had assembled at the restart, fully 4000 being present. Aberdeen again got away from the kick-off, Fotheringham clearing finely. It was noticed that McNicol had gone centre forward, and Ellis inside-left, to the satisfaction or the crowd, and no doubt to Ellis himself. Todd and Sutherland had some spirited runs on the left, but McNicol or Murray always intervened and McFarlane was never troubled. Aberdeen came west like a whirlwind through a fine clearance of Low's, and McDonald cleared a good shot from McNicol, and directly after a header from the same player off a centre from Roberson. McNicol was tripped by Ross inside the line when going straight for goa1, and from the penalty kick awarded, Henry Low scored with a fast low shot. George McNicol was noticeable for fast forcible play later on, and the improvement in the centre forward position was apparent. A dash by Sutherland resulted in a good shot but McNicol got his head at it and saved McFarlane from exerting himself. A series of corners resulted for Aberdeen after McNicol had given McDonald a warm one, but though the "Caley" packing their goal prevented scoring, though the way in which some shots from McAulay, McNicol and Shiach were charged down was a mystery. Aberdeen, with about 20 minutes to go, slackened down considerably, and Murray was even occasionally seen having a run with the forwards, though the run seemed to be mainly for practice, as they never looked like scoring. "Caley" burst away on the left again, but Todd's shot, though well meant, missed the mark. McAulay dashed away with a clear field from the kick-off, and most unaccountably hit McDonald when close in - a much more difficult feat than scoring - and Ross, catching the rebound came about as near as McAulay, his shot grazing the post in his effort to get the ball clear. From the corner a succession of similar kicks were awarded Aberdeen, but they could not penetrate the packed goal. A run by Cameron relieved the monotony, but he was easily dispossessed by McNicol and Strang. Robertson racing away on the right gave Ellis a chance, but he shot hard against Fotheringham, corner after corner falling to Aberdeen. Duncan McNicol had a run and a shot, but the range was too long even for his muscular power. Shiach gave McDonald one or two hot ones to negotiate, but the range was also too long to be really dangerous. Sutherland tried hard to let the Caley forwards through, even though he received little support. On one occasion he gave McFarlane an opportunity of giving a fine gallery clearance from a shot from the corner flag. After another good run by the Inverness left wing, McNicol missed two goals with only McDonald to beat. However, McAulay made amends by scoring after a beautiful single-handed run five minutes from time. From now till the finish play was very slack, and a tame game concluded with the Inverness centre heading over the bar.
Final:- Aberdeen, 3; Caledonian, 0. The gate amounted to 97.

Source: Aberdeen Free Press, 17th October 1904

Inverness Caledonian met Aberdeen at Pittodrie in the fourth round of the Scottish qualifying cup competition. The Invernessians had the choice of grounds, and for a consideration of 50 they agreed to play the match in the Aberdeen. About 3000 spectators lined the enclosure when the teams lined up as follows at the call of Mr. McKenzie, Dundee: -
Aberdeen: Macfarlane; Murray, McNicol; Halkett, Strang, Low; Robertson, G. McNicol, Ellis, McAulay, Shiach.
Caledonian: Macdonald; Fotheringham, Ross; Grant, Marr, Fraser; Cameron, Mclean, Glass, Todd, Sutherland.
Aberdeen won the toss and made their opponents face the sun. The home got a nice run up the field, McAulay's shot just skimming the bar. From the goal kick Inverness bore well down, getting a foul off Macaulay which proved of no avail. It was early seen that the Invernessians were completely outmatched. A little amusement was caused at this point by Henry Low, who, in his endeavour to get the ball, knocked over the linesman. From the throw-in a beautiful pass was sent across the goalmouth by Shiach and Robertson headed in, but the goalkeeper neatly saved. Midfield play raged for a short time but Aberdeen gradually bore their opponents back, and from a fine pass by Robertson, McAulay opened the scoring for Aberdeen, the game having been in progress for fifteen minutes. Two fouls followed in quick succession. From the latter, Murray struck the cross-bar with a capital shot. The ball rebounded into play, but McAulay headed over. Play centred for some time round the Inverness goal, and Aberdeen secured a corner. Robertson kicked nicely in front of goal, but Ellis sent the leather over the bar. A minute later another corner fell to Aberdeen, but McAulay just failed in gauging the wind and kicked past. A free kick to Aberdeen was well taken by Murray, but McAulay unfortunately shot wide of the goal. After a spell of ten minutes' open play Shiach secured the ball from a throw-in and passed to Ellis, who, with an open goal in front of him, kicked into the goalkeeper's hands. The faintness of the referee's whistle caused the players and spectators some annoyance, and the linesman was cheered when he presented the referee with another whistle. This, however, proved little better than the first and a third was forthcoming. Up to half time the Invernessians were kept well into their own territory, and but for the poor shooting of the home forwards the Aberdeen's score should have been increased. Inverness, however, were well served in their back division. Another corner fell to Aberdeen. Robertson took the kick, but Ellis headed wildly over the bar. A minute later, McNicol had a grand chance in front of an open goal, but he failed to find the net. For the Caledonian, the most prominent players were Macdonald the goalkeeper, Fotheringham and Ross, the backs, and Mair, the centre half, while the pick of the Aberdeen forwards were McAulay and Robertson, the backs and half-backs as usual playing a good game.

During the interval the spectators freely commented on the poor play of the Aberdeen forwards, Ellis, Shiach, and McNicol coming in for the largest share of adverse criticism. The second half opened well, the Caledonian putting a vim into their play which was lacking in the first half. Aberdeen soon, however, asserted themselves, and bore down in a body on the Inverness goal, but McNicol when in the act of shooting was fouled within the penalty line. The referee granted a penalty kick, And Henry Low was requisitioned to do the needful with the usual result. Aberdeen were thus two up. From the restart the Caledonian by good play got down the field, and for the first time really tested the Aberdeen defence. The backs, however, were equal to the task imposed on them, Murray punting well down the field. Three corners fell to Aberdeen in rapid succession, but the stripes failed to convert on each occasion. Play on to the close of the game proved very mediocre, McNicol indulging in some of his funny tricks. Towards the close McAulay by a clever piece of dashing single-handed play scored his second and Aberdeen's third goal. Several corners then fell to the Aberdeen team, but the opportunities were lost in a most aggravating way. Result - Aberdeen three goals; Inverness Caledonian 0. The gate amounted to 90.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 17th October 1904

Aberdeen Teamsheet:  MacFarlane, Murray, McNicol, Halkett, Strang, Low, Robertson, McNicol, Ellis, McAulay, Shiach.

Unused Subs:


Inverness Caledonian Teamsheet:  McDonald; Fotheringham, Ross; Grant, Mair, Fraser; Cameron, McLean, Glass, Todd, Sutherland


Referee: Mr Mackenzie, Dundee

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