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match report 1907-08 fixture list
Aberdeen 4 - 1 Arsenal
Kick Off:    Simpson, Lennie, O'Hagan, Dalgarno.       Lewis  
Attendance: 4,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Woolwich Arsenal played the third much of their Scottish two last night when they oppose to Aberdeen at Pittodrie. There was an attendance of over 4000, and the teams lined up as follows:-

Aberdeen: Mutch, Coleman, Millington, Halkett, McIntosh, Low, McDonald, Simpson, J. Dalgarno, O'Hagan, Lennie.
Woolwich Arsenal: Johnstone; Gray, Bassett; Bigden, Theobald, Low; McLaren, Lewis, Hoare, Mordeau, Neave.
Referee - Arthur Watt, Aberdeen.

Aberdeen won the toss, and Woolwich kicked off towards the west goal, against the fair breeze and the sun in their eyes. The homesters broke away at the start, and Dalgarno had a shot, which rebounded off Johnstone, and Simpson, catching on had no difficulty in opening the scoring two minutes from the start. Shortly afterwards O'Hagan added a second goal, after a combined run by the home van. Willox then took matters in hand, and for a time Mutch was kept anxious, but Millington cleared finely. Lennie and O'Hagan were brilliant, Simpson got the ball at midfield and had a good run, but Bassett relieved. Lennie forced a corner, which was cleared. Aberdeen's left combined grandly, keeping the ball low. So far there had been only one team in the game, but a breakaway by McLaren looked dangerous. Dalgarno was again prominent in the centre, and from the pass Macdonald forced a corner, which Lennie returned into goal, but Theobald cleared. The game, so far as the Aberdeen were concerned, had been purely an exhibition one. Woolwich then got off, and Mordeau had a shot, which went past. The homesters were simply playing with the Woolwich, and this at times bordered on the farcical. Millington hesitated, and McLaren broke through, but Colman cleared. Halkett cleared after all seemed lost, and then Lewis had a good shot, which went over. Dalgarno then had a run, but his pass to Lennie ended in that player putting behind. From a breakaway Neave forced a corner, but Colman cleared. Try as they would Woolwich could not settled down to a passing game, the home halves being everywhere. Simpson livened up matters by giving Johnstone a hot one to hold. Macdonald was not proving a success on the home right, and many fine movements initiated by the other forwards were nullified by him. From a pass by Macdonald, Lennie shaw, and Johnston saved at the expense of a corner, from which nothing came. From a breakaway by Hoare, Mcintosh cleared finely. Dalgarno, who was proving and decided success, initiated a grand forward movement, but macdonald's cross went behind. A listless first half, in which Aberdeen were easily the superior side, ended - Aberdeen 2, Woolwich Arsenal 0.

On resuming, after some midfield play, Hoare broke through, but Colman came to Millington's assistance. McLaren then forced a corner, which McIntosh cleared. Play was now being confined to Aberdeen territory, and Neave sent a long shot behind. Aberdeen then got off on the right, but Macdonald was penalised for unceremoniously bringing down Bassett. Woolwich were now proving aggressive, and Neave gave the home defence some anxious moments. After a spell of pressure, Lewis got the ball outside the penalty area and scored through a crowd of players. Dalgarno then had a smart run, and outwitting several players en route he sent to Lennie, who shot behind. Matters now livened up, and Dalgarno was again prominent, his passing to the wingers being all that could be desired. O'Hagan was making rings round the opposing defence, and on one occasion, after outwitting four opponents, he passed to Dalgarno, who hesitated, and his shot was blocked by Theobald. Woolwich then had two successive corners, but nothing accrued. Gray then had a long shot, which went behind. Simpson was cheered for a class dribble and a good shot, which went over. Millington was not seem to so much advantage this half, and Colman had on several occasions to come to his eight. O'Hagan, after some manoeuvring, gave to Dalgarno, who took a low shot and beat Johnstone from 20 yards out with what proved to be the best goal of the match. Aberdeen continued to press, and Lennie had a great shot which went behind. Johnstone did not impress one with conference by the way he gave away a corner from a weak shot by Lennie. Mutch's goal then had a narrow escape, keeper just saving, on the post, a shot from Mordeau. At the other end Dalgarno had hard lines in not increasing his sides lead, Johnstone just saving in time. Lennie caught up a pass from Dalgarno, and beat Johnstone from outside the penalty area with a swift grounder, footing Aberdeen three up. Woolwich pressed towards the end, and Mutch had to save from Hoare and Lewis, the game ending with Woolwich pressing. Gate 90.

Taking the game all over, there was only one team in it, and the football shown by the Aberdeen forwards and half-backs was at times brilliant, although the former, after scoring the first two goals, did not exert themselves, and were content to play an exhibition game. O'Hagan was positively brilliant, and the way he glided the ball through the whole Woolwich defence was marvellous. Dalgarno, at centre, who hails from Mugiemoss, was a huge success, and is easily the best local junior Aberdeen as yet tried. Millington, the left back, who hails from far so, but has also played for Saint Mirren A at Paisley, was sound in the first half, but fell away two wards the finish. Under which side Gray, at back, was the outstanding man, while the half-backs were weak trio. Forward they were best served by the extreme men, McLaren and Neave. Four, at centre, was too well held by McIntosh to shine.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 24th April 1908

Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Mutch, Colman, Millington, Halkett, McIntosh, Low, McDonald, Simpson, Dalgarno, O'Hagan, Lennie.

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Arsenal Teamsheet:  Johnstone; Gray, Bassett; Bigden, Theobald, Low; McLaren, Lewis, Hoare, Mordeau, Neave


Referee: Mr. Arthur Watt, Aberdeen

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